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70 phrases of affection about personal relationships

70 phrases of affection about personal relationships

July 19, 2024

The phrases of affection that you will find below They are part of a selection of reflections and aphorisms that investigate all those vital experiences related to our way of loving and being loved. And it is that throughout history there have been many thinkers, artists and writers who have left memorable statements about it.

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70 phrases of affection

The human being needs a series of affective expressions to feel linked to the rest of humanity. In this process there are various forms of contact and coexistence. The importance of living our emotions fully allows us to obtain a pleasure and a feeling of protection that reaffirms us in this world.

In this selection of phrases of affection the feeling of various celebrities is summarized, and they show us that moving side of our existence.

1. Many people go through our life but only very few come to occupy a great place in our hearts (Adam Smith)

This phrase of affection, tells us about the relationship we have with certain people.

2. The proof of a pure affection is a tear (Lord Byron)

Crying as a sign of a manifestation of intense emotion.

3. The happiest moments that my heart knows are those in which it spills its affection on a few esteemed people (Thomas Jefferson)

On the pleasure of sharing positive emotions towards our loved ones.

4. Do you know what makes the jail disappear? Every genuine and deep affection. Being a friend, brother, lover, is what frees us from prison. Without these affections, one is dead. But every time these affections are revived, life is reborn (Vincent Van Gogh)

Affection as medicine to overcome bitter situations.

5. He who nobody likes, usually does not like anyone (Isaac Newton)

When we refrain from offering signs of affection or sympathy to others on a permanent basis, we do not receive them back.

6. The deepest principle of human character is the longing to be appreciated (William James)

It is a fundamental need.

7. The wounds caused by those who love you are preferable to the deceiving kisses of those who hate you (Solomon)

It is always good to prefer an honest criticism to a malicious caress.

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8. Almost all the good things that happen in the world, are born of an attitude of appreciation for others (Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso)

Affection as the source of benevolence in the world.

9. Only by force of favors conquer the petty spirits. Generous hearts are won with affection (Xenophon)

... since they find the value of honesty in each expression.

10. All our lives began with human affection as the first support. Children who grow up wrapped in affection, smile more and are nicer. They are generally more balanced (Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso)

Affection is like vitamins for strengthen the management of emotions from early ages.

11. What we are we owe to the affection. The days of our existence occur thanks to love (Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso)

A source of vitality.

12. Before the people of light spirit we are ashamed to show deep affections (Madame de Staël)

Since probably they do not find a due valuation to this expression.

13. It is possible to get something after three hours of fighting, but it is certain that it can be achieved with just three words impregnated with affection (Confucius)

The power that affection has in complicated situations.

14. You can have, in the deepest part of the soul, a warm heart, and yet, it may be that no one comes to him (Vincent Van Gogh)

A phrase of affection, which gives us to understand that not everything is what it seems.

15. Charm is a quality of others that makes us more satisfied with ourselves (Henri-Frédéric Amiel)

... since it is highly valued and estimated by most people.

16. Better a plate of vegetables with affection, that full of meat with rancor (Anonymous)

A popular saying about the importance of this element in our relationships.

17. It's hard for me to take affection, I only get to love people who seem the same as me (Anaïs Nin)

This phrase of affection shows us a closed posture about affective relationships .

18. An unbridled man can not inspire affection; is unsociable and closes the door to friendship (Sophocles)

There are people who close to this experience.

19. One should never direct people towards happiness, because happiness is also an idol of the market. One should direct mutual affection towards them (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

Real love shows can mean small steps to happiness.

20. It was all affection, so far from the rancor, that sometimes he did not remember why he had tied the thread on his finger (Miguel Delibes)

In allusion to the character of his novel Lady in red on gray background, Miguel Delibes showed us a woman who, above all unpleasant emotions, was very affectionate.

21. I have met many men who were not half as affectionate as the monkeys (Eduardo Punset)

One of those phrases about affection that bring us closer to the idea that not everyone has the same way of expressing what we feel, thus reflecting the diversity of the human being.

22. All a man can do, certainly, is to give his affection to a single being or to a few human beings (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

A reflection that encourages the use of this form of expression.

23. Can we close the heart against a deeply felt affection? Should we close it? (James Joyce)

A phrase that questions resistance to the expression of an emotion.

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24. True love is not the one who forgives our faults, but the one who does not know them (Jacinto Benavente)

A phrase by this Spanish playwright that addresses the subject of affect by validating how it is expressed.

25. The fact is that people are good. Give them affection and security and they will give you affection and they will live safely in their hearts (Abraham Maslow)

In this sentence, Maslow lets see his theory that aims, in this case, to satisfy needs that are fundamental for the self-realization of the human being .

26. Affection is due to 90 percent of all solid and lasting happiness (Clive S. Lewis)

It offers intense moments of tranquility and protection.

27. No matter how much wealth a man possesses and no matter how great the health and comforts he enjoys, he does not feel satisfied if he does not count on the esteem of others (Blaise Pascal)

Affection is as necessary as the rest of the goals that we strive for day by day.

28. Bravo lion, my heart has appetites, not reason (Alfonsina Storni)

The poet expresses her need to feel loved. One of the most elegant phrases of affection .

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29. Tenderness is the passion of repose (Joseph Joubert)

A nice phrase of affection for this French essayist.

30. The great model of human affection between human beings resides in the feeling shared by parents and children (William Goodwin)

The first model we have in our lives usually comes through the family.

31. A calculated affection was never trustworthy (John Irving)

... since it must be spontaneous and free of control.

32. Love: intense affection for someone or something. Querencia dictated by the laws of nature (Fred Vargas)

Fred Vargas excellent way to conceptualize love.

33. The more simultaneously concurrent causes aroused an affect, the greater this is (Baruch Spinoza)

... and it becomes stronger.

34. Since then they were linked by a serious affection, but without the disorder of love (Gabriel García Márquez)

Phrase that touches a light emotion, from the pages of the novel A Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

35. His friends were those who had his blood, or those he had known for a long time; his affections grew with time, like ivy, and did not imply any inclination for the object (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Those affects that transcend to create categories of group identification.

36. It is amazing that, at that age, at thirteen or fourteen, one values ​​so little the fact of being an object of affection, that one (even when he is loved) feels totally alone (John Irving)

When it depends on our personal maturity how we interpret these expressions of affectivity.

37. The stale air of warm love and camaraderie seems to envelop the room. Despite the mattresses that awaited them in front of the television, in the living room, this suddenly seems very mature and exciting (Tabitha Suzuma)

A way to describe the contexts that surround the affect.

38. As she pleases him, as the pleasure she gives him is inexhaustible, he has ended up taking her affection. He believes that, to some degree, that affection is reciprocal. Affection may not be love, but at least it is his cousin (J. M. Coetzee)

Affection can be confused with love.

39. Write as the last thing I'm getting. Also the affections. Always (Ernesto Sabato)

About the intensity that we put to an activity that we are passionate about.

40. Affection does not work that way. (...) You can not close it like a tap. Especially if you are a father (Cassandra Clare)

On how to approach from your emotions the role of being a father or mother .

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41. It's funny how you do not miss the affection until it's offered to you and, as soon as that happens, you never have enough (Libba Bray)

It is never enough when we rest in your arms.

42. The man enters through sex and reaches affection and the woman enters through affection and reaches sex (Walter Riso)

This phrase brings us closer to this therapist's perspective on this topic.

43. I am firmly convinced that a man who does not feel a certain affection for the totality of the other sex is incapable of loving one of its components properly (Laurence Sterne)

Fragment of the novel Sentimental Journey of Sterne. Give a different look about the lack of affection.

44. Propose every day to be better and kinder than the day before. Say every morning: today I want to do something that can praise my conscience and please my father, something that increases the esteem of this or that partner, the affection of the teacher, my brother or others (Edmondo De Amicis)

How much we want to reach the affection of the other.

45. Caresses, expressions of one kind or another, are necessary for the life of the affections as the leaves are necessary in the life of a tree (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

There are several codes with which the affection becomes valid.

46. ​​The affection of the people makes my heart vibrate every time as if it were the first one (Ella Fitzgerald)

In the end, a few seconds they represent happiness .

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47. Affects and beauties I have lost that will be intense memories when age blinds my eyes (Taylor Coleridge)

And those are memories.

48. Do you know what it means to be sensitive? It means, certainly, to feel affection for all things; see an animal that is suffering and do something about it, remove a stone from the path because it transits many bare feet, lift a nail from the road because someone's car could puncture a tire ... Being sensitive is to feel sorry for people , of the birds, of the flowers, of the trees - not because they belong to one, but simply because one is awake to the extraordinary beauty of things (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

Affection as a reflection of the emotional state.

49. One word will be enough to give me hope and make me happy. You do not know what effect the love I feel has on me. It gives me new courage, a courage I had never felt before. It has transformed me into a new being, now I dare to face the world without fear (Naguib Mahfuz)

That shot of energy and will that gives off feeling loved.

50. The life of a woman is a story of affection (Washington Irving)

For Irving, the woman has more knowledge on this subject.

51. We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. While passion can tighten our bonds of affection, you should never break them. The mystical strings of memory will resonate when they feel the touch of the good angel we carry inside (Abraham Lincoln)

Lincoln revives the bonds that we are forming through time.

52. The happy man is the one who lives objectively, the one who is free in his affections and has broad interests, the one who ensures happiness through these interests and affections that, in turn, make him an object of interest and the affection of many others (Bertrand Russell)

Affection phrases where Russell lets see the consequences of this.

53. Nothing will happen to you because you unarmed gave your affection in the gallop of the heart. I will take you on the four enclosed balconies of the heart (Oswald de Andrade)

A great load of poetry and addresses the psychological impact of affection .

54. There are many ways of saying "I love you" in this cold, dark and silent universe. So many, like stars twinkling (Ken Liu)

Another phrase with a poetic touch.

55. He loved her because he loved him, and if someone is loved, he loves in return, otherwise he is a fool (Stig Dagerman)

And it is in this way that many advance in this life.

56. You, more than anyone in the whole world, deserve your love and affection (Buddha)

With a transcendental message to reflect on self-love.

57. I want to be close to someone I respect and admire, and have someone feel the same for me. (Richard Bach)

The longing of many people in this phrase of Bach.

58. Do not talk about lost affection, affection is never lost (Henry Wadsworth)

Ideal phrases for when the anguish that we lose the affection of someone seizes us.

59. Most people prefer to give than to receive affection (Aristotle)

Since the pleasure that is experienced is very sublime.

60. Interest is the enemy of all true affects. (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Since it corrupts your pure intention.

61. I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it (Audrey Hepburn)

In this sentence we see how sensitive this theme is for the actress.

62. Jealousy is the tomb of affection (Mary Baker)

While we are alive we can not waste time going behind Artificial and obsessive worries related to jealousy .

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63. A mixture of admiration and compassion is one of the safest recipes for affection (Arthur Helps)

Two very important elements for Helps.

64. Every gift that is given, despite being small. is really big, if it is given with affection (Pindar)

And that is what really counts.

65. Love can not be bought, and affection is priceless (Saint Jerome)

Free of any interest that may arise.

66. The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog (Ambrose Bierce)

A statement full of irony and that, however, suggests an image full of tenderness.

67. The affection of young people is as fast growing as Juanito's magic beans and reaches the sky in one night (William Makepeace Thackeray)

It is equal to the energy with which they move around the world.

68. The affections are like a lightning bolt: you never know where it will hit until they have fallen (Lee Lacocca)

And we are all vulnerable to them.

69. As the feet carry the body, so the affections lead to the soul (St. Catherine of Siena)

... since they are needed to exist.

70 There are no good friends or bad friends, only people you want to be with, you need to be; people who have built their house in our hearts (Stephen King)

A house built on the basis of respect and affection.

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