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70 phrases of morality to raise your philosophy of life

70 phrases of morality to raise your philosophy of life

June 12, 2024

Everything we do and say is influenced, in part, by the principles of life we ​​follow to decide what is right and what is not. In this article you will find a selection of moral phrases , perfect for reflection and inspiration, written or pronounced by great thinkers, artists and relevant historical figures such as Socrates, Confucius or Marcel Proust.

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70 moral phrases

In the world we know, there have always been rules of behavior that govern any action that has an impact on the lives of others. Philosophers, religious leaders, artists, poets and politicians They have addressed this issue through moral phrases that describe a social group with all its customs and values. Next we will see some of the most outstanding and inspiring.

1. Good conscience is the best pillow to sleep (Socrates)

This phrase tries to tell us that the best moral reference we can have is a "clean" conscience.

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2. The examination of conscience is always the best way to take good care of the soul (Saint Ignatius of Loyola)

For San Ignacio de Loyola, this exercise helps us to review our actions and the repercussions of these.

3. He who has peace in his conscience, has everything (Saint John Bosco)

It is a merit that costs a lot to reach.

4. Everything is lost when the bad serve as an example and the good ones of mockery (Democrat)

This phrase brings us closer to how we perceive the moral damage we can cause as a society.

5. After many years of studying ethics, I have come to the conclusion that all of it is summarized in three virtues: courage to live, generosity to live together, and prudence to survive (Fernando Savater)

A phrase with a valuable wisdom that helps to guide us correctly through life.

6. Morality is the science that teaches, not how we should be happy, but how we are to become worthy of happiness (Immanuel Kant)

In this moral phrase, Kant tries to tell us that the path we take to do the right things It does not always give us happiness.

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7. Legislators certainly need a moral school (Simón Bolívar)

It is well known that to govern a people, in freedom and democracy that safeguards the rights of all, the representative must be prepared to make decisions in relation to an accepted model.

8. Integrity is the foundation on which all other values ​​are built (Brian Tracy)

This quality guarantees the total performance of all the values ​​that a person with good morals can possess.

9. Be more concerned about your conscience than your reputation. Because your conscience is what you are and your reputation is what others think of you. And what others think, is their problem (Bob Marley)

This moral phrase invites us to assess our experiences first-hand.

10. To the pure all things seem pure (St. Paul)

... and always approach them under that concept.

11. Moderation, tolerance and justice govern the heart and disarm discontent (Francisco de Paula Santander)

They are the tools with which many wills are conquered.

12. Morality is a private convention; decency, a public issue; any license too visible has always made me the effect of a bad-law ostentation (Marguerite Yourcenar)

Only we know the origin of that motivation that moves us to make decisions that will mark our lives.

13. It will easily be happy and calm that, really, has a clear conscience (Tomás de Kempis)

This phrase of morality confirms to us again that positive effect that the fact of have a conscience free of guilt .

14. Conscience is the best moral book we have. And the one that should be consulted frequently (Blaise Pascal)

... since there lies our actions and our intentions.

15. Consciousness is the compass of man (Vincent Van Gogh)

It is the one that traces the way to important decisions.

16. The conscience is like a glass, if it is not clean it will dirty everything that is thrown into it (Horacio)

This phrase lets us see the consequences of not "cleaning" our conscience as it can reach new circumstances.

17. We think that Apple has a moral responsibility to keep pornography out of the iPhone. People who want porn can buy an Android (Steve Jobs)

This phrase of Steve Jobs, contains a message of social and moral responsibility regarding the subject of adult content.

18. The depth and strength of a human character is defined by its moral reserves.People reveal themselves completely only when they are thrown out of the usual conditions of their lives, because only then do they have to resort fully to their reserves (Leon Trotsky)

This phrase gives space to the principles with which we outline our lives and how vulnerable we can be to situations that try to remove them.

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19. Consciousness is the light of intelligence to distinguish good from evil (Confucius)

This whole phrase sums up the concept of morality in some way.

20. Consciousness reigns, but it does not rule (Paul Valéry)

So there are many elements that guide us in the way we act.

21. The conscience of ridicule is often more annoying than the conscience of sin (Amado Nervo)

This moral phrase goes directly to make us see that we value more the expert look before the look inside.

22. The arm of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice (Martin Luther King)

And in this lies its value.

23. A young man of frequent confession and communion impresses his companions more than any sermon (Saint John Bosco)

In this sentence of San Juan Bosco, the message he wants to give us is to be consistent between what we say and do, as well as correct religious behavior.

24. Morals and lights are our first needs (Simón Bolívar)

For Simón Bolívar morality was the basis of our path through life.

25. A good conscience is worth a thousand swords (William Shakespeare)

The value that is attributed to the conscience is used as a weapon in favor of preserving morality.

26. If there is joy in the world, man with a pure heart possesses it. And if in some place there is tribulation and anguish, it is where the bad conscience lives (Tomás de Kempis)

When morality determines our position in life.

27. If you carry out a shameful action, do not expect to keep it hidden. Even if you managed to hide it for others, your conscience would know where it is (Isocrates)

Do not be dishonest with ourselves It's fundamental.

28. Living in contradiction with one's own reason is the most intolerable moral state (Leo Tolstoy)

This phrase invites us to live in full contact with our principles and values.

29. Fear is the mother of morality (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Because to avoid falling into error we trace a moral route for our behavior.

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30. Morality is not only about being good, but about being good for anything (Henry D. Thoreau)

This moral phrase brings us closer to the scope that morality can have in our lives.

31. We are all equal before moral duty (Immanuel Kant)

And so it is regulated before the whole society.

32. Moral indignation is envy with a halo (H. G. Wells)

According to this phrase of morality, this can hide adverse feelings in relation to something that is elusive.

33. Consciousness is worth a thousand witnesses (Quintilian)

... because before her the naturalness of our position is the weapon that holds us before others.

34. It is advisable that each year there be a general examination of our conscience (Saint John Bosco)

This phrase, under religious morals, encourages the activity of review our actions and intentions every so often

35. Let us strive to do right: here is the principle of morality (Blaise Pascal)

This phrase shows the best face of morality.

36. As soon as one is unhappy he becomes moral (Marcel Proust)

For Proust, morals trace the path of the unfortunate.

37. Preaching moral is easy; much easier than adjusting life to the morality that is preached (Arthur Schopenhauer)

It is not enough to talk about what should be done, you also have to practice it.

38. The first punishment of the guilty party is that he can never be acquitted by the court of his conscience (Juvenal)

Y that punishment is usually one of the heaviest to face.

39. Submission and tolerance is not the moral path, but often the most comfortable one (Martin Luther King)

For Luther King defending a value or common good supports the morality of an individual.

40. The ethics of a free man has nothing to do with punishments, nor with prizes distributed by authority, be it human or divine, which for the case is the same (Fernando Savater)

The human being must consider less the consequences of his actions or what he may receive for an action and more the satisfaction of what he has done in relation to his values .

41. What is the use of having intelligence, if we do not learn to use conscience (Rubén Blades)

Many focus on intelligence; Let's go a little further.

42. He who does not use his morality but as his best clothes, would be better off naked (Khalil Gibran)

For Gibran, morality is the best we can get to worry about.

43. For many, morality is nothing other than the precautions that are taken to transgress it (Albert Guinon)

This phrase brings us closer to a different way of perceiving it.

44. Moralists are people who scratch themselves where others are stung (Samuel Beckett)

On several occasions he has left to see the moralists as people who care excessively about the affairs of people.

Four. Five.The sole foundation of civil society is morality (Maximilien de Robespierre)

And on it is judged the behavior of its members.

46. ​​The most important persuasion tool that you have in your entire arsenal is integrity (Zig Ziglar)

And it will manage to win many instances where it requires.

47. In acting out of sympathy, compassion, charity, there is absolutely no morality (Immanuel Kant)

This moral phrase, Kant delimits morality.

48. We call dangerous those who have a spirit contrary to ours, and immoral those who do not profess our morals (Anatole France)

From this perspective, morality is shown as generalizing and in some way excluding.

49. But conscience assures me, it is a good escort that makes man frank under the protection of knowing himself pure (Dante Alighieri)

A moral phrase, where Dante Alighieri shows us how man has made morality an emblem where he can redeem himself.

50. Moral values ​​are lost buried by economic ones (José Luís López Aranguren)

It is well known cases where morality is sometimes negotiated under the table.

51. If there is any conflict between the natural and the moral world, between reality and consciousness, conscience is what reason must lead (Henri-Frédéric Amiel)

This phrase brings us closer to the value that Amiel gives to the conscience over many things.

52. The university political leader will have more moral authority, if he is also a good university student (Salvador Allende)

Since the background paper that is represented is very well played.

53. For men of state there is a small moral and a big moral (Napoleon)

For this important character, morality was as important in politics as in war.

54. Two things fill the spirit of admiration and respect, always new and growing the more the reflection persistently and more persistently deals with them: the starry sky that is above me and the moral law that exists in me (Immanuel Kant)

How important was the moral issue for this philosopher.

55. Consciousness is not more than other people within one (Luigi Pirandello)

Formed by ideals and values of people who preceded us or considered us venerable.

56. Morality is the science par excellence: the art of living well and being blissful (Blaise Pascal)

For Pascal it was a requirement for fullness.

57. Morality is often the passport of slander (Napoleon)

Since it exposes us a lot to judge constantly.

58. There is a feminine moral and a masculine moral as preparatory chapters of a human moral (Henri-Frédéric Amiel)

Making a preconceptual difference for Amiel was important in determining the whole.

59. My conscience has more weight for me than the opinion of the whole world (Cicero)

When we got to know each other we managed to get the power of self-confidence .

60. To more conscience, better decisions (Robin S. Sharma)

When we have gone beyond the intelligence.

61. A good conscience is a permanent party (Robert Burton)

Since it guarantees tranquility.

62. Work in a manner congruent with your true personality. Work with integrity Let yourself be guided by your heart. The rest will come by itself (Robin S. Sharma)

This phrase is confirmation of the importance of practicing values ​​that relate to your principles.

63. Science as such can not generate an ethic and an ethical conscience is not obtained through scientific debates (Benedict XVI)

The position of this character that represents the values ​​and morals of the Catholic Church.

64. Strive to think well; here is the principle of morality (Blaise Pascal)

An important feature to assess morality.

65. There are two "eses", sensitivity and common sense, which should be obvious, that should almost be taken for granted, but unfortunately they are increasingly scarce (Antonio Gala)

A Gala phrase with an air of disappointment and regret for a past that was better.

66. If you want to succeed in this world, kill your conscience (Count of Mirabeau)

... since in this world there are several obstacles that many times you have to do certain type of business.

67. Work to keep alive in your chest that little spark of celestial fire, consciousness (George Washington)

This phrase teaches us that we must take many actions to achieve an awareness with which we feel at peace.

68. Eternal youth is impossible; even when there were no other impediments, introspection would make it impossible (Franz Kafka)

Since it grows and evolves constantly.

69. Consciousness is an activity of transcendence (Frantz Fanon)

Yaque gives a different look towards life and that It predisposes us to make important and healthy decisions .

70. An unethical man is a wild beast released to this world (Albert Camus)

This phrase of Camus teaches us the importance of ethics in our lives and how it forges us to transcend.

Optimistic Nihilism (June 2024).

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