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70 poetic phrases full of sensitivity

70 poetic phrases full of sensitivity

May 7, 2024

The poetic phrases selected in the following lines they are perfect examples of the way in which words can be used to express sensations and emotions that go far beyond the theoretical limits of language. And is that if something has characterized the human being over the millennia, is its ability to use the simplest resources to connect with others.

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70 poetic phrases full of elegance

Camus, Benedetti, Nereida, Cortázar ... there are many artists and thinkers who have filled the history of humanity with ways of express feelings and emotions through words .

There are situations in which what is important is not the literal content of what is said, but the mental impact that this has when recited. The poetic phrases that not only have beauty, but also great messages that go beyond the logical and syntactic rules.

This selection of poetic phrases is an example of how it is possible explore deep emotions through the use of the word.

1. True generosity towards the future consists in giving everything to the present (Albert Camus)

This poetic phrase invites you to enjoy present moments.

2. I'm knitting a pair of wings, I know you'll leave when I finish ... but I can not stand to see you without flying (Andrés Castuera- Micher)

Perfect to describe free relationships, where autonomy is valued.

3. One day, looking back, you will realize that these years of struggle have been the most beautiful in your life (Sigmund Freud)

This perfect phrase to assess everything you had to travel to reach success .

4. The years run, they simulate that they stop and run again, but there is always someone in the middle of the dark perspective who raises a torch that forces us to see the intimate side of the hours (Mario Benedetti)

We always have someone who helps us close the circle and give us a complete vision.

5. I was not able to discuss it with anyone because I felt, without being able to explain it, that my reasons could only be valid for me (Gabriel García Márquez)

Sentence of deep intimacy with oneself.

6. Love is the only thing that grows when it is distributed (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

A beautiful phrase to value every moment of love delivered.

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7. She became so sincere in the deception that she ended up consoling herself with her own lies (Gabriel García Márquez)

When we are victims of our own tricks.

8. The optimistic hope of finding the passable bridge between limits and infinity still awaits me (Alejandra Pizarnik)

This phrase accompanies an anguished soul.

9. Never miss an opportunity that makes you happy, even if others do not like it (Oscar Wilde)

... since nothing satisfies your true needs.

10. Happy the one who does not insist on being right, because nobody has it or everyone has it (Jorge L Borges)

When alone we focus on the essential and useful in life .

11. To err is human, to forgive is divine (Alexander Pope)

Very famous phrase that never loses that little wisdom that calls for reflection.

12. I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul (William Ernest Henley)

This phrase can accompany a moment.

13. The forest is beautiful, dark and deep. But I have promises to make, and miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before sleeping (Robert Frost)

A very allegorical way of saying that it is important to give a considerable space to rest.

14. This is how the world ends, not with an explosion, but with a lament (T. S. Eliot)

An interesting reflection of a phrase that can accompany that feeling of disappointment.

15. Step gently, for you tread on my dreams. (W.B. Yeats)

Excellent phrase to reaffirm.

16. Strive, search, find and not give in (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

This phrase help in times of anguish .

17. It is better to have loved and lost than to have ever loved (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

It is always better to value the emotions that we are collecting.

18. Because I could not stop because of death, He kindly stopped for me (Emily Dickinson)

A poetic phrase that keeps much mystery.

19. My lady's eyes are nothing like the sun (Shakespeare)

This appreciation has a clear lyrical power.

20. The goodies are excellent but the liquor is faster (Ogden Nash)

A curious way to invite someone to toast with us.

21. A little learning is dangerous (Alexander Pope)

This phrase shows us that learning can be a powerful armory, so we must take it.

22. The correct study of humanity is man (Alexander Pope)

Because this way we will get to know ourselves.

2. 3.To be or not to be: that is the question (Shakespeare)

One of the most famous poetic phrases , by far, in charge of one of the most reputable and talented writers in history.

24. Beauty is true, truth is beautiful (John Keats)

This poetic phrase of Keats addresses the valuation of truth.

25. I am the distance that you put between all the moments that we will be (Leonard Cohen)

This phrase is perfect to accompany a frustrated heart before an impossible love.

26. Do not forget that what we call reality today was imagination yesterday (José Saramago)

A very intimate and intense message to end a relationship.

27. Man is the only animal that eats without hunger, drinks without thirst and speaks without having anything to say (Mark Twain)

Curious and great analogies of Mark Twain.

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28. Love is one of the answers that man has invented to face death (Octavio Paz)

This phrase is used by many brave people.

29. I have been happy almost every day of my life, at least for a little while, even in the most adverse circumstances (Roberto Bolaño)

About him value the small details .

30. I do not know how long / there are facts that are not subject to the common measure of time (Jorge L. Borges)

And in that feeling and intensity of time makes it valuable.

31. If you are going to leave my life, I only ask you one thing: once you have left and you see that I am well, do not you dare to return (Mario Benedetti)

This poetic phrase is perfect to close cycles.

32. There are times when a man has to fight so hard for life that he does not have time to live it (Charles Bukowski)

This poetic phrase confronts us with the presence of time in all this.

33. It is easier to deceive people, than to convince them that they have been deceived (Mark Twain)

This phrase makes us reflect on what we believe.

34. Your defects will be later for the others your qualities, as long as you insist (Jean Cocteau)

Since only the constancy can convert them that way.

35. The fact that you do not fish anything does not mean that there are no fish out there (Tom Waits)

If you have not yet decided to take a step, it does not mean you can not walk.

36. Man is the animal that asks. The day we truly know how to ask, there will be dialogue. For now the questions take us away from the answers (Julio Cortázar)

A way to understand our nature.

37. When our ideas clash with reality, what has to be revised are the ideas (Jorge Luis Borges)

Nothing can be absolute.

38. Normally we only see what we want to see; so much so, that sometimes we see it where it is not (Eric Hoffer)

When we force circumstances to meet our needs with something that does not exist.

39. Heal sometimes, relieve often, always listen (Luis Pasteur)

Listening is almost the same as a hug, a way to connect emotionally .

40. If we cross our arms we will be accomplices of a system that has legitimized silent death (Ernesto Sábato)

This poetic phrase keeps a content that draws attention to social events.

41. Curiosity got more than fear and I did not close my eyes (Jorge L Borges)

Another phrase for daring.

42. I never believed that we could transform the world, but I believe that every day things can be transformed (Françoise Giroud)

This phrase invites to adopt a beautiful attitude to life .

43. When everyone left and we both stayed between empty glasses and dirty ashtrays, how beautiful it was to know you were there (Julio Cortázar)

To save the depressing scenes with sweetness and love was the talent of Cortázar

44. I think we all have a bit of that beautiful madness that keeps us going when everything around is so insanely sane (Julio Cortázar)

About spontaneous expressions.

45. Suddenly / while you were going with me / I touched you / and my life stopped (Pablo Neruda)

Neruda bringing us magical places.

46. ​​All things have their mystery, and poetry is the mystery that all things have (Federico García Lorca)

And that makes it irresistible.

47. Even if they force me, I will never say that all time past was better. Tomorrow is better (Luis Alberto Spinetta)

A positive vision of life.

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48. The bad thing about life is that it is not what we believe / but neither is it the opposite (A Pizarnik)

A phrase that accompanies more than a phrase, in fact is a poetic expression.

49. In the sensation what is arrived is taken, in the feeling is intervened (Antonin Artaud)

A way to start the revolution of feelings.

50. I hear the wind go by, and I think that just to hear the wind pass, it's worth being born (Fernando Pessoa)

When we value intensely every detail of life.

51. Love is the only thing that grows when it is distributed (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

This is the moment.

52. We walked without looking for us but knowing that we were going to meet (Julio Cortázar)

That poetic phrase establishes a paradox about some personal relationships .

53Every time I leave you I retain in my eyes the radiance of your last look ... (Alfonsina Storni)

For difficult moments.

54. I can not shut up when my heart screams (Fiódor Dostoievski)

An artistic way to capture the strength of emotions.

55. Death does not come with old age, but with oblivion (García Márquez)

And it is one of the most difficult forgetting.

56. Never be seduced by the idea that what does not create profit has no value (Arthur Miller)

Sometimes the value is in the smallness of our courage.

57. Never so close lashed far (César Vallejo)

And in one way or another this had to be felt.

58. Happiness is realizing that nothing is too important (Antonio Gala)

... and subtract the importance they do not need.

59. When the world pulls down, it is better not to be tied to anything (Charly Garcia)

Since you become the standard bearer of the cause.

60. Anger is a poison that one takes waiting for the other to die (William Shakespeare)

And it always aims to destroy.

61. No new continents are discovered if one does not have the courage to lose sight of the old shores (André Gide)

This phrase encourages us to turn the page.

62. After all, you are the only wall. If you do not skip, you will never take a single step (L. A. Spinetta)

One can be the obstacle that prevents evolution.

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63. Poetry can not be found anywhere when it is not carried inside (Joseph Joubert)

One is poetic and only gives the value we have in demand

64. Every day I am less interested in being a judge of things and I prefer to be his lover (José Ortega y Gasset)

Be part of the facts that have to play.

65. One must be careful when choosing enemies because one ends up looking like them (Jorge Luis Borges)

Somehow our enemies resemble us.

66. You can caress people with words (F Scott Fitzgerald)

Reach the people appealing to your most sensitive side .

67. Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark (R. Tagore)

We always need to accompany our campaigns.

68. The smaller the heart, the more hatred it harbors (Victor Hugo)

Contradictory but true aspect.

69. Have the courage, knowing previously that you are going to be defeated, and go out and fight: that is literature (Roberto Bolaño)

It is the courage to step on a mined road and not live out of it.

70. After a certain point there is no return. That is the point to reach (Franz Kafka)

A point that is equal to transcendence.

African American playwright Ntozake Shange passes away (May 2024).

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