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70 spiritual phrases to return positive energy

70 spiritual phrases to return positive energy

April 28, 2024

Throughout the centuries, many authors, especially gurus or spiritual leaders, have spread their reflections and ways of understanding reality through what can be called phrases about spirituality . Normally, the objective of these can be summarized in transmitting the positive attitude to face the adversities that life presents to us.

In this busy world, these phrases are inspiring and awaken our motivation to be happy.

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Spiritual phrases you should know

In the following lines you can find a list of spiritual phrases that will help you connect with you and to find inner peace.

1. Your body is both material and immaterial. You can choose to experience your body as a physical or as a network of energy, transformation and intelligence

Although our body is chemical, there is something that goes beyond simple connections between neurons.

2. When people get married because they believe in their love story, they will divorce quickly, because all love stories end in disappointment. Marriage is an acknowledgment of a spiritual identity

When we connect with someone, sometimes it is difficult to explain by rationality.

3. Physical force can not permanently withstand the impact of spiritual force

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, the spiritual force moves the world.

4. Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as you can

In reference to personal development, we must have dreams and let them guide us.

5. If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should see enough pain and suffering to disarm the hostility

There is nothing good in reveling in the emotions of anger and revenge.

6. Your body forms an inseparable whole with the universe. When it is perfectly healthy and intact, you feel in a state of expansion

An appointment on the spiritual theory of Deepak Chopra .

7. Happiness can not be possessed, earned, possessed or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude

The present moment is the best way to connect with oneself.

8. The greatest mystery of existence is existence itself

Asking us about our existence is, without a doubt, one of the most frequent existential questions.

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9. You are not just a physical body with which you identify yourself by habit. Its essential state is a field of infinite possibilities

We have control over our lives, so we must do our part to change what we do not like.

10. The search for spirituality is not an added benefit to our life, something you embark on if you have time and inclination. We are spiritual beings on an earthly journey. Our spirituality builds our being

A profound reflection of John Bradshaw that invites the reader to reflect.

11. The intellect is something cold and a merely intellectual idea will never stimulate thinking in the same way as a spiritual idea

Spiritual intelligence is something that some theorists have talked about, especially Howard Gardner.

12. Spirituality is the opposite of spiritual pettiness. It is the ability to understand that each war is lost and won by both. And that someone else's pain is as significant as yours

Spirituality is above defeats and cuts.

13. We stumble and fall constantly even when we are enlightened. But when we are in spiritual darkness, we do not even know what we have fallen into

An interesting reflection by Thomas Merton.

14. Love in its essence is spiritual fire

The great philosopher Seneca, reflecting on the strength of love and how it directs our behavior .

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15. A risk-free life is far from being a healthy life

Sometimes it's hard for us to take risks, but it's the best way to grow.

16. He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world

When one finds inner peace, the world seems to turn around.

17. Man can not live without pleasure; therefore, when he is deprived of true spiritual pleasure, he must become addicted to carnal pleasures

We all seek happiness and pleasure, but to transcend these states you have to connect with yourself.

18. Maturity is the ability to think, speak and show your feelings within the limits of dignity. The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you are during your frustrations

Emotional maturity is what allows us to be happy , and transcends rationality.

19Everything we experience as material reality is born in an invisible realm beyond space and time, a realm consisting of energy and information

A way to criticize materialism and its repercussion in our life.

20. The miracle is not to fly in the sky or to walk in the water, but to walk on the ground

A great Indian proverb that makes a lot of sense.

21. A mother can see her newborn as a wonderful and respectable person and, through her perception, this child will grow up to become a wonderful and respectable person, which is one of the mysteries of love

When you put all your effort into raising children with a healthy mentality, time rewards you. The influence of parents in the development of a child is undeniable.

22. To experience spirituality every day, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending some time in a human body

In a society like ours, to be spiritual beings, it is good to have the will to be one.

23. Friendship has always belonged to the center of my spiritual journey

Henri Nouwen gives us a few words about the importance of friendship.

24. Each of us has our own life evolution and each one goes through different tests that are unique and challenging. But certain things are common. And we learn things from the experiences of others. On a spiritual journey, we all have the same destiny

Life is a spiritual journey in which we must remain connected with ourselves to be happy.

25. For me, to grow in spiritual maturity is to be less aware of oneself and to be more conscious of God

Mark Batterson exposes his ideas what is spiritual maturity?

26. Spiritual awareness develops when you are flexible, spontaneous, detached and kind to others

When we connect with ourselves and with the present, then we can talk about spirituality.

27. A person does not have to be behind bars to be a prisoner. People can be prisoners of their own concepts and ideas. They can be slaves of themselves

There are people who, despite being alive, do not enjoy their life as they should.

28. Whether you like it or not, everything that is happening to you right now is a product of the decisions you have made in the past

The present does not cease to be the result of other present moments that have already occurred.

29. Life gives you a lot of time to do what you want if you stay in the present moment

Living in the here and now is the key to happiness, as Deepak Chopra reminds us.

30. Humility is not cowardice. Meekness is not weakness. Humility and meekness are in fact spiritual powers

When one surrenders with body and soul to oneself, one is not a weak person, but quite the opposite.

31. Our decisions determine our future. Therefore, it is good to reflect without obsessing

A very wise spiritual phrase to prevent anxiety from owning our lives.

32. God, instead of being an immense imaginary projection, has turned out to be the only real thing, and the whole universe, in spite of its immensity and its solidity, is a projection of the nature of God

A spiritual phrase that deals with God and its immensity, pronounced by Deepak Chopra.

33. Just as a candle can not be burned without fire, men can not live without a spiritual life

One of the mythical phrases of Buddha.

34. Happiness depends on what you can give, not on what you can get

Being altruistic is beneficial , because it helps us to be at peace with ourselves.

35. Flow with whatever happens and leave your mind free. Accept what you are doing

When one is in a state of flow, time does not seem to pass.

36. The spiritual journey is individual, personal. It can not be organized or regulated. It is not true that everyone must follow a path. Listen to your own truth

The spiritual journey has to do with the desires of oneself, with connecting with one's own essence.

37. Jump from the circle of time to the circle of love

A word from Rumi, the famous Muslim mystic poet.

38. When the spiritual mystical eye opens, its physical eye closes; he sees nothing but god

Another deep reflection of a Muslim scholar named Abu Sulayman Ad-Darani.

39. It is the true spiritual awakening. When something emerges within you that is deeper than you thought

Connecting oneself is a journey that many people do not know.

40. He who knows others is wise. The one who knows himself is enlightened

A beautiful and wise words associated with Tao Te Ching.

41. Reality is flexible and subject to modifications. Reality is the product of perception, which is a selective act of attention and interpretation

Our reality is subjective and our beliefs influence it.

42. Realization is simply giving life to something within ourselves

Self-realization can only happen when you know yourself and pursue your dreams.

43. In uncertainty we will find the freedom to create whatever we want

Although many fear uncertainty, it is a good opportunity for change and for growth.

44. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion

Compassion is one of the basic principles of a spiritual life.

45. Yoga holds the promise of keeping us focused in the midst of turmoil and confusion

Yoga, which has its origin in Buddhist philosophy , is a practice that encourages spirituality.

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46. ​​The spiritual relationship is much more precious than the physical one. The physical relationship without the spiritual one is like the body without a soul

The spiritual life, logically, needs material life.

47. The greatest of all delusions is the conviction that knowledge is not a delirium

A phrase by Tripura Rahasya that invites the reader to reflect on his existence and his thoughts.

48. Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your happiness

The values ​​we have and our beliefs largely determine our happiness.

49. There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way

We should not obsess about achieving happiness, because we have to enjoy the present to have it.

50. People only see what they are willing to see

Our beliefs influence how we interpret the world around us.

51. You have to grow from the inside out. No one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher, but your own soul

To be happy, you have to have a rich and full inner life .

52. Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become words. Keep your words positive because your words become your acts. Keep your positive acts because your actions become habits. Keep your positive habits because your habits become values. Keep your positive values ​​because your values ​​become your destiny

In summary, our thoughts determine our behaviors and, therefore, it is necessary to think positive.

53. Real values ​​can have meaning for man only when he is on the spiritual path, a path where negative emotions have no use

Negative thinking leads us to a path that only brings discomfort.

54. Do not try to reach God with your thinking mind. It will only stimulate intellectual ideas, activities and beliefs. Try to reach God with your heart. It will awaken your spiritual consciousness

There is something that goes beyond the thoughts themselves and that some people interpret through religiosity.

55. The fundamental purpose of yoga is to integrate all the planes of life: the environmental and the physical, the emotional, the psychological and the spiritual

Yoga is a philosophy that allows us to connect with oneself and the nature that surrounds us.

56. Great men are those who see that spirituality is stronger than any material force, that thoughts govern the world

Ralph Waldo Emerson pronouncing some words that pretend to highlight the importance of spirituality

57. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

What really causes us discomfort is not the pain itself , but how we relate to him.

58. The agitation of body and mind breeds discomfort and accelerates aging. Deep rest of body and mind reverses the biological age

Spirituality comes many times from the hand of relaxation and inner peace.

59. True happiness can not be found in things that change and pass by. Pleasure and pain alternate inexorably. Happiness comes from the self and can only be found in the self. Find your real self and everything else will come alone

True happiness is in oneself, in connecting with the path he wants to follow.

60. Love and spirituality are an inseparable connection

Spirituality manifests itself through love, which is often inexplicable.

61. Every moment that you do not follow your inner guidance, you feel loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual loss

The map of happiness is not outside, but inside oneself.

62. Music is the mediator between sensual and spiritual life

The great Ludwig van Beethoven pronounced this phrase about the connection between music and spirituality.

63. If you do a good job for others, you heal yourself at the same time, because a dose of joy is a spiritual cure. It transcends all barriers

Again, a few words that speak about altruism and how it benefits us and our mental health.

64. The secret of physical and mental health is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future or anticipate problems, but to live the present moment with wisdom and seriousness

The present moment, if lived with intelligence, leads to happiness.

65. Man is lost and is wandering in a jungle where values ​​have no meaning. Real values ​​have meaning only when you enter the path

When you do not connect with your own essence, it is like a boat adrift.

66. This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; there is no need for complicated philosophies. Our own mind, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness

For the Dalai Lama, the true religion is to pursue the essence of oneself and do good.

67Man has two spiritual needs: One of them is forgiveness, the other is kindness

Billy Graham reminds us of two fundamental values ​​to achieve a full and satisfying life.

68. The secret of human freedom is to act well, without attachment to results

Acting from the heart without expecting anything in return is what will lead us to enjoy greater happiness.

69. The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers

When we are afraid to open up to others, the more we suffer the consequences

70. You are looking for the silence of the mountain, but you look for it on the outside. Silence is accessible to you right now, within your own being

The outer peace is born within oneself, in its own inner peace.

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