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71 phrases of lack of love and complicated relationships

71 phrases of lack of love and complicated relationships

July 18, 2024

The lack of love is, perhaps, the worst moment that we have to spend in this life, and, unfortunately, for which every human being has experienced. Some people wear it better than others, but when our first love breaks our hearts, it takes us a while to recover from this ups and downs.

Love can go wrong

Our emotions do not let us sleep or think clearly , and some individuals even lose the desire to eat. Severe cases of heartbreak can lead some people to suffer a depressive and obsessive process, and the acceptance of the march of that person we have wanted so much is necessary to move forward. That is, to continue living.

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The 71 best quotes about heartbreak

Love and indifference have inspired many novels, poems, movies and songs, since they arouse great interest from the public. That's why today, from Psychology and Mind , we have prepared an article that you will like. Then you can enjoy the best phrases about the lack of love:

1. You have to learn to leave the table when love is no longer served (Nina Simone)

The only way to overcome the lack of love is to accept that it's over . Otherwise, it will be difficult to manage the situation and the damage will not let you live.

2. It is hard to forget someone with whom you have imagined spending the rest of your life (Unknown)

The hardest thing to overcome in a breakup is those memories of the other person. But if you had high hopes and you saw him or her the rest of your life, putting your feet back on the ground is really complicated.

3. The absence of the one we love is worse than death and frustrates hope more severely than despair (William Cowper)

There are psychologists who claim that heartbreak can be more painful than someone's death . Why? Because death has a grieving process that ends with acceptance. There are cases, but, for example, the other person can live nearby or make your life impossible, so that suffering lasts for a long time.

4. Sometimes a simple "I miss you" changes everything (Unknown)

Pride can lead us to spoil a beautiful love relationship , because communication disappears and there is a barrier between both actors. But there are situations in which the dialogue could have ended differently, and when we tell someone we miss him, it is much better than fighting.

5. Missing someone special brings tears to your heart, but remembering all the good times brings a smile to your face (Unknown)

The good times you have shared with someone should be a great memory . But when someone leaves and you think you can not be with that person, sadness floods you.

6. Continue to share your heart with other people even though they have broken it. Do not treat your heart like an action doll wrapped in plastic (Amy Poehler)

It is common that when we break our hearts we close in band and it costs us to open it again to other people. The sooner we get over it, the sooner we feel better.

7. When you miss someone, time seems to move more slowly, and when I fall in love with someone, time seems to pass more quickly (Taylor Swift)

Love makes us euphoric and in full swing thanks to neurotransmitters like dopamine. On the other hand, when we miss someone, sadness invades us.

8. Missing someone is your heart reminding you that you love him (Unknown)

When we talk about the heart in love, we are really referring to the head . Therefore, when we miss someone, it is our memory that reminds us of that person.

9. Nothing makes a room emptier than wanting someone to be in it (Unknown)

When that person we love so much is with us, we are in heaven . On the other hand, when that person for whom we are sighing is far from us, we feel in absolute solitude.

10. Not to be loved is a simple misfortune, the real misfortune is not to love (Albert Camus)

Not being loved is hard , but it is more sad not to have loved anyone in life or to know how beautiful love is.

11. The opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference (Elie Wiesel)

When we hate someone we have loved, actually we still feel love for that person . Therefore, it can not be said that we no longer love her. When love leaves, indifference appears.

12. Because love when it does not die, kills.Because loves that kill never die (Joaquín Sabina)

Joaquín Sabina makes a play on words in this part of his song. He comes to say that when they leave us and we continue to love, we die of love, because real loves never die .

13. The worst way to miss someone is to be seated next to them and know that you can never have them (Gabriel García Márquez)

You can accept that they do not love you and get away from that person for a while until they get better. But when you continue to see that person, and still remain someone close, it becomes a real ordeal .

14. Love is so short and oblivion is so long (Pablo Neruda)

There are loves that, because they are ephemeral and intense, it takes a lifetime to forget them , says the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda with this phrase.

15. You can forget the one you've laughed with but not the one you've cried with (Gibran Jalil Gibran)

When you meet that person who is able to reach you deep in the heart ... then it's hard not to remember it.

16. Sores are not cured, and all life lasts (popular saying)

This phrase compares heartbreak as a sore that does not heal . When the love of your life breaks your heart, the wound may remain open for a long time.

17. Offering friendship to the one who asks for love is like giving bread to the one who dies of thirst (Ovidio)

This phrase states that it is impossible to be friends with someone you love . When there is love, there is, and when not, no. It is simple.

18. Do you know the best of broken hearts? That can only really be broken once. The rest are scratches (Carlos Ruiz Zafón)

There is nothing like the first love, that which elevates us to the highest . The fall is so strong that, when we recover, nothing is the same anymore. Then you love, but in another way.

19. The most difficult is not the first kiss, but the last one (Paul Géraldy)

Give the first kiss to the person you want is one of the most extraordinary experiences of which the human being can enjoy. But the last kiss, the one that says goodbye, is the opposite: hell.

20. There is no love in peace. It is always accompanied by agonies, ecstasies, intense joys and deep sorrows (Paulo Coelho)

Great loves always have a high degree of intensity , not only in moments of intimacy, but also in conflicts. In addition, there is another phrase that says, close love is the most loved. Is it true?

21. I do not know what I prefer: to hate me with my heart ... or to love me without love (Ricardo Arjona)

To hate you by heart means that deep down he loves you . On the other hand, loving you without love is that it is with you but it does not love you.

22. Love is like a war, easy to start, hard to finish, impossible to forget (Henry-Louis Mencken)

As we have already said, love tends to have moments of intense conflict due to the great feeling that floods the hearts of the two lovers. The truth is that when it has been a true love, it is almost impossible to forget.

23. He who does not love you as you are, does not deserve to be remembered (Niki Lauda)

This phrase comes to say that you do not waste your time and energy on someone who does not think about you or value you . So you have to accept it when it's over. .

24. We are easily deceived by those we love (Molière)

When we love someone with all our strength, we become vulnerable . It does not matter if we are strong people, nobody gets rid of love towards that person.

25. Kisses that come laughing, then crying they leave, and in them life goes away, that will never return (Miguel de Unamuno)

And the joy of the first kisses is accompanied by crying and sadness if love is over. To think that you will never kiss those lips again is not easy to accept.

26. Where the lovers break forever there is the monument of their farewell. They will see it again intact and marbled as many times as they pass through this place (Ramón Gómez de la Serna)

A reflection on love that can make us think of several things.

27. The worst pain is being unloved (John Lennon)

The mythical guitarist of the Beatles left us this phrase full of truth. Loneliness is the worst condemnation .

28. Loves are like empires: when the idea on which they have been built disappears, they also perish (Milan Kundera)

A beautiful metaphor of the great romantic writer Milan Kundera.

29. A man who has not passed through the hell of his passions, has never overcome them (Carl Gustav Jung)

The psychoanalyst reflects on the ability to overcome internal conflicts.

30. How many things were lit, even in the depths of my soul, how many lights you left burning, I do not know how I'm going to turn them off (Chavela Vargas)

A phrase of poetic indifference of the great Mexican singer Chavela Vargas.

31. Where water was, sighs remain (Anonymous)

An anonymous appointment to free interpretation.

32. You can forget the one you've laughed with but not the one you've cried with (Khalil Gibran)

Good times can stay a long time in memory, but the unique moments can also be a torrent of emotions .

33. Love is like a war, easy to start, hard to finish, impossible to forget (Henry-Louis Mencken)

A beautiful phrase that contains a great reality. Forgetting a love is practically impossible .

34. He only spent ten minutes with the love of his life, and thousands of hours thinking about him (Paulo Coelho)

There is no doubt that we are very vulnerable with those people we love. That is why we are so affected by sentimental ruptures .

35. Do not mourn a love that died for lack of interest (Danns Vega)

Even in relationships, self-interest still exists. In this reflection, emphasis is placed on the need to remember what is appropriate for oneself.

36. One day they will realize that they lost a diamond while playing with worthless stones (Turcois Ominek)

One of the things that most hurts the separations has to do with the blow to the self-esteem that can result. But nevertheless, it is good to keep in mind that over time things look differently .

37. Nothing in the universe can stop you from going and starting over again (Guy Finley)

Understanding separations as a new birth is possible.

38. Sometimes, life separates people so that they realize what they mean to each other (Paulo Coelho)

This is one of the phrases about lovelessness that focus on the positive, on the future possibilities that are created with a separation.

39. Never love someone who treats you as if you were normal and ordinary (Oscar Wilde)

Oscar Wilde portrays the passionate and sentimental nature of relationships.

40. Monotony makes a bad trio in love (Danns Vega)

Routine can be one of the elements that hinder the healthy evolution of a relationship.

41. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Love and relationships are, after all, a way to live life intensely. This phrase about breakups and complicated relationships is a reminder of that.

42. The heart is made to break (Oscar Wilde)

There are many ways to interpret this Oscar Wilde quote . One of them is to think that it expresses a pessimistic vision of love, although it could also refer to our ability to move forward despite having broken our hearts.

43. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional (M. Kathleen Casey)

This reflection tells us that we have the possibility of preventing pain from becoming suffering . Very useful in the field of difficult relationships.

44. Some believe that it is to endure what makes us strong; but sometimes it's letting go (Anonymous)

Discarding old habits and ways of relating is something that, at times, makes us freer and more self-sufficient.

45. Hottest love has the coldest ending (Socrates)

One of the phrases of lovelessness of Socrates, refers to the relationships that initially are based basically on the passions.

47. Love is unconditional, but relationships are not (Grant Gudmunson)

An apparent paradox based on the difference between love and the relationships on which it is based.

48. I do not miss him, I miss who he thought he was (Anonymous)

A reflection to take into account: in love it is very easy to have a false image of the other person , due to the way in which you can idealize someone.

49. The loss of a love is not as painful as our reluctance to accept that it has occurred (Tigress Luv)

The pain produced by ideas as abstract as the loss of someone can be worse than not seeing that person. One of the phrases of heartbreak that call our attention to the possibility of attending to the way we think after a loss or a break.

50. Sometimes, we have to realize that certain people can remain in our hearts, but not in our lives (Sandi Lynn)

Living with a person's memories is a way of not feeling so separated from her.

51. Who has not lived, has not loved. Who has not loved, has not lived (Unknown)

Love and lack of love, although they may be painful at times, they are unique experiences that make us feel alive .

52. Love is over, but never the memory (Unknown)

Whoever has had a great love knows that, although they have not seen each other for years, the memory remains forever.

53. Where there was fire left ashes (popular saying)

In the line of the phrases of previous lovelessness, an authentic love rarely falls into oblivion.

54. Never give anyone the opportunity to waste your time twice (Unknown)

We can stumble once, but not twice with the same stone. A lesson for life and for love.

55. Behind a great woman, she is always herself (Unknown)

A phrase to vindicate the courage of women.

56. Those who are in a hurry to get away are those who never intended to stay (Unknown)

If someone goes to the first exchange, is that maybe he never wanted to be with you for real.

57. Asking for forgiveness is from intelligent people. Forgiveness is from wise people (Unknown)

Forgiveness is always painful, but it helps us move forward.

58. It all started with a smile, followed with a kiss and ended in a story (Unknown)

The cycle of falling in love and love . Little by little, what was simply a gesture, became a beautiful love story.

59. Does the one who waits more always suffer than the one who never waited for anyone? (Pablo Neruda)

Mythical prayer of the Chilean poet. Is it worth having love stories, even though they can go wrong? Each person must answer this uncomfortable question.

60. I love, you love, you love, we love, you love, they love. I wish it were not conjugation but reality (Mario Benedetti)

A play on words that expresses tenderness and sadness at the same time.

61. Poetry is born of pain. Joy is an end in itself (Pablo Neruda)

A phrase to free interpretation for both moments of disappointment as for when we started a courtship.

62. Some things of the past disappeared but others open a gap to the future and are what I want to rescue (Mario Benedetti)

A melancholy phrase but at the same time rescues positive thinking.

63. Trust in time, which tends to give sweet exits to many bitter difficulties (Miguel de Cervantes)

Phrase applicable to love, heartbreak and life in general.

64. Those who suffer because you love: love even more; to die of love is to live (Víctor Hugo)

The love disappointment can be seen in a positive way, as something that stimulates us to feel and live.

65. The passions are like the winds, which are necessary to give movement to everything, although they are often the cause of hurricanes (Bernard Le Bouvier de Fontenelle)

The most feared problems in life are born of the most longed for passions . A great reflection of the French writer.

66. We never forgive more than those we have an interest in forgiving (Jules Renard)

The French playwright recognizes an uncomfortable reality: we only forgive people who, for some reason, are useful to us.

67. If you cry for having lost the sun, tears will not let you see the stars (Tagore)

The Indian writer gives us this precious metaphor.

68. Love is like wine, and like wine too, it comforts and destroys others (Stefan Zweig)

Another subtle metaphor that shows us the benefits and defects of love . Some people feel great, and others are left on the floor.

69. When a love is not reciprocated, close that door so that a window can open (Unknown)

It is not worth it to be blinded with only one possibility. If someone denies us their love, other options will arise, soon.

70. Knowing how to forget, more is said than art (Baltasar Gracián)

A matter of luck, that of being able to easily forget the people who have marked us.

71. First love is a little madness and a great curiosity (George Bernard Shaw)

Spend the years that pass, the first love is never forgotten, it always remains in the most sacred of memories.

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