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8 benefits of doing sit-ups that maybe you did not know

8 benefits of doing sit-ups that maybe you did not know

February 2, 2024

Physical exercise brings many benefits to our health, both physical and psychological.

However, there are many people who simply decide to do programmed physical activity to improve their physical condition. Nonetheless, the practice of physical exercise should always be focused on the well-being and with the aim of improving our general health.

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The reality of training the abdominals

The abdominals are a muscle group that is in the middle of the body and that affects much of our movements. Working this area indirectly affects the rest of the body and improves, for example, our body posture. Working your abs helps prevent injuries, aches and pains.

Obsessing with the abs is not a good option , because this can cause us to overreach that area. For those who want to work their physical appearance, if they really want to mark the core area, it is useless to spend hours working that area. The best results appear when a mixed training is done, that is, strength and aerobic.

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Benefits of doing crunches

But far from impact that our abdominals can have on our body image, developing this part of the body can help us in our day to day and our daily life.

Surely you will ask yourself: What are these benefits? What is it that gives me abdominal work, besides a nice body? Below you can find the answer to these questions.

1. Reduces back pain

Strong abdominals are beneficial for the back, especially the middle and lower back. When we have a little worked abs We are forcing our backs to work harder and bear more weight . That is why it is essential to work the core for any daily activity. For example when bending over to catch something.

If we distribute the weight towards the abdominal area, we will have less risk of feeling ailments in the back. The abdominal work helps this muscle can lift more weight and fatigue less.

2. Improved posture

Therefore, one of the most important benefits of working this area of ​​the body is to strengthen the abdominal muscles, which helps maintain a good position and relieve tension in the back. The strong abdominals improve good posture , which decreases the wear of the spine.

Poor posture is a problem because it can lead to complications such as herniated disc and, with age, it can happen that the wear of certain areas of the spine causes the natural posture to be deviated, causing the body weight to be distributed in a way inadequate and, in turn, other problems appear .. In addition, a good posture makes us physically more attractive.

3. Help prevent injuries

As you can see, abdominal work not only helps reduce back pain, but the correct posture when doing any daily work prevents injuries. Either, as discussed in the previous point, to prevent complications such as a herniated disc or to avoid lumbar pain By making a bad gesture, strong abdominals help us prevent the appearance of serious physical problems and ailments.

4. Improve the balance

Working the abdominals improves the control of the corporal balance, because these are the support of our trunk, and if it's not these muscles that do that work, it's going to be another part of our anatomy , that is, the back. The results of this can be disastrous for this part of the body. And is that almost every move we make comes into play the lower back and, consequently, can cause the latter to develop much more than the abdominal area.

To find the balance and balance, it is necessary to do a specific job of abs, because otherwise problems such as scoliosis or lordosis could appear. Balance comes into play every day : if you walk on an irregular surface or when you take a false step on a curb.

5. Breathe better

Physical training and breathing training go hand in hand. The development of stronger respiratory muscles, such as the diaphragm and the intercostals , translates into a better core strength, according to a study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. At the same time, a stronger core allows for easier and more accurate breathing, so if we get used to it, we will perform better by maximizing the amount of oxygen we get.

6. Improve sports performance

All sports use the central part of the body for stabilization and action. Either to catch a ball, throw it or turn the torso when swimming, the function of the abdominal area is key .

All these movements emanate from the strong abdominal muscles and, in addition to avoiding injuries, this helps recovery and healing them. The training of the abdominal area has an indirect effect on sports performance. For example, it helps us to kick harder, to swim faster or to jump higher.

7. Work functional strength

The functional force is the necessary force to carry out the activities of the day to day, that is to say, it is the force that you use to carry out the tasks that you usually do. It is normal, since this group of muscles intervenes in an enormous variety of movements and tasks. Working the abdominal area you will notice the results in your daily activities, not only when practicing a sport .

8. Protected organs

Among the benefits of having strong abdominals we find that they protect our organs. The abdominal area is a part of the body where most of the vital organs of our body are found, so it is important that there is a thick layer that keeps them well isolated from the environment. The abdominals act as a shield to protect them .

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