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8 benefits of drinking water with lemon in the morning

8 benefits of drinking water with lemon in the morning

September 25, 2023

Fruits have always been the great allies of the human diet . Hundreds of thousands of years ago, you were one of the scarce sources of sugar with which we could recharge our energies and survive the most hostile environments.

In the case of lemon, although it is not palatable by itself as a food, its repertoire of vitamins and nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A and antioxidants makes its incorporation into our daily diet is highly recommended. The most useful and comfortable way to consume it? The water with lemon.

How to prepare lemon water?

The preparation of lemon water is as simple as its name suggests. For this, we use warm water or something hot, better than cold. Distributed in rations of a glass, we squeeze in this container half a lemon washed before being cut. It is preferable that the lemon be from organic farming or from local crops. This is all!

It is advisable to drink a glass every morning as part of the breakfast routine , and do not forget that we must accompany their intake with foods rich in macronutrients. Water with lemon can be considered as a form of hydration enriched with vitamins and fiber, but it does not contain the basic elements with which the different tissues of which our organism is made are constructed.

The benefits of water with lemon

The foods that we consume do not have a single effect on our organism, but they affect several processes that are carried out in our body, and with water with lemon the same thing happens. These are its main benefits .

1. Helps to slow down the signs of age

Lemon contains many antioxidants , which means that it contributes to the passage of time producing less wear and tear in our body. Of course, it is not a miracle food, and the simple fact of drinking water with lemon will not make us feel younger, since we must accompany its consumption with other healthy behaviors. However, it is one more way to improve the health of our entire body in general.

2. Help improve the quality of our skin

This benefit is connected to the previous one, since one of the sites in which the beneficial effects of antioxidants are noticed more is in our skin , very prone to be harmed by free radicals. Vitamin C also helps to make the wounds that we can heal faster.

3. It is diuretic

Lemon water causes our body to get rid of the toxins that accumulate in it in a faster way , making our liver more efficient and healthier. If we combine it with periods of fasting between 12 and 24 hours, we will improve its beneficial effects.

4. Help assimilate other nutrients

Vitamin C is very important, among other things, because it makes a greater amount of iron that is consumed, it will be assimilated by the organism. The same happens with other vitamins that are present in this fruit in smaller proportion: they make beneficial elements of the food that we consume remain in us instead of passing by.

5. It is an aid for bad breath

After spending hours sleeping it is usual to have bad breath because of the dryness of the mouth and the accumulation of saliva in certain parts. The aroma of the lemon, besides refreshing, serves to combat this phenomenon.

6. Help to lose weight

Lemon is one of the types of fruit that has a higher concentration of pectin, a fiber that, in addition to helping us get rid of bad cholesterol, it helps to make your appetite sate (although in itself it does not serve to nourish). This decreases the propensity to give in to cravings.

7. A perfect excuse to hydrate

After sleep it is normal for the body to be somewhat dehydrated , and the best source of hydration is, by far, water. Adding lemon juice is a very good way to make drinking a glass of water a little less boring, a psychological barrier that, oddly enough, often causes us to opt for soft drinks that harm our health, among other things, due to its high concentration of sugar.

8. It has a repairing effect

In addition to preventing the quality of the tissues of our body from degrading over time, the lemon juice also helps to repair the small breaks or wounds that we suffer , although we do not realize, throughout the day to day in our skin, bones and tendons. In this, Vitamin C plays a leading role. And, by the way, only 100 grams of lemon already contribute 65% of the amount of vitamin C recommended to be consumed each day.


Water with lemon is a good complement to accompany our meals or hydrate during the hours of fasting.However, it must be borne in mind that, since it does not contain macronutrients, It must be accompanied by foods that contain other vitamins as, especially, carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

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