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8 good reasons to fall in love with an independent woman

8 good reasons to fall in love with an independent woman

June 12, 2024

The other day we talked about the Cinderella complex, a social and psychological phenomenon that leads many women to try to fit into the role of a frail, dependent woman and waiting for her prince charming.

Part of the existence of the Cinderella complex is that, culturally, the role of dependent woman it is still valued as something desirable and close to virtue and purity . In fact, until not so long ago it was considered that the peak moment of the life of every person of feminine gender was to marry and to take care of a home (that is to say, to tie to the ambience of the domestic thing).

That's why it's positive highlight the qualities of female roles characterized by character, assertiveness and the capacity for leadership that so revolutionary may seem today, although it appears to be a lie, in the world of couple and personal relationships.

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Claiming the independent woman

What if we add the word "independence" to a concept that has traditionally been associated with submission to man? Regardless of whether you are male or female, heterosexual or not, it is good to reflect on the reasons why it is worth it fall in love with the figure of the independent and autonomous woman , which is not interesting to please others, but mainly to please itself.

Below we will see some of the reasons why to claim the figure of empowered women.

1. They know what they want in a relationship

By knowing yourself better than anyone and being clear about your sentimental perspectives , the empowered woman does not go with little ones about the characteristics that they look for in a couple, or even about defects and qualities in said hypothetical relationship.

2. Set goals that try to define

Another reason why you fall in love with the independent woman it has to do with your own ambitions , illusions of the future and convictions in different areas of his life, which is much more attractive than being with a person with few concerns, or conformist. There is nothing healthier than being with a person that you admire and that offers the possibility of living new sensations.

3. They are driven towards overcoming

An independent woman will push herself and the people who are part of her life, she will try to achieve her own goals and the happiness of the individuals that surround her. The reason for this is your willpower , necessary to live consistently a philosophy of life marked by self-sufficiency.

4. They are honest

Here we find another characteristic feature of a woman who is empowered, and is that goes with the truth ahead . They will not try to soften any problem that exists with their partner if that means perpetuating a toxic relationship, but they face the solution saying exactly what they feel and think. And with that ... see you later drama!

5. They learn from others

Constant learning is liberating, and that is why independent women are motivated and oriented towards acquiring new knowledge. That not only enriches their lives, but also allows others to have a person close by with whom to share many interesting and stimulating conversation topics. In fact, develop your own criteria is necessary to avoid manipulation by other people.

Of course, it is not about accumulating knowledge and skills to impress a potential partner: this progress is valued as a type of personal growth that is positive in itself. Not to please someone , but to please yourself. This aspect defines the way in which independent women relate to their self-esteem.

6. Care for others

It usually falls or wants to fall into the error that the independent and empowered woman tends to be unconcerned about the individuals that surround her. However, this is not so. The fact of suffering the pressure of cultural remains that are still anchored in machismo makes this kind of people used to weave networks of solidarity with others . They are there when they are needed and where they are needed.

7. They know how to listen and give advice

Due to their lived experiences, they will give the best advice in things that they are experts in, since they have full knowledge of the people that surround them, as well as of themselves thanks to the fact of having developed a relatively high degree of self-knowledge (consequence of having faced many challenges autonomously).

8. The perfect companions to travel

Nothing is more appropriate than the company of the self-sufficient woman, since it is the most convenient for those trips and adventures in which get lost in unknown areas without a predefined plan and he is a lover of all the things that allow him to see the world from another point of view.

The psychological emancipation

Many statistical data and reports that have to do with the domestic sphere assure that women take an average of four more years to become independent of their family home than the male sex. However, emancipating both economically and psychologically is a step that empowered women set as objective and that, where the appropriate circumstances are given, they manage to realize.

Of course, this is not achieved by simply working individually. If the independent woman is something so "exotic" it is, among other things, because behave as autonomously as a man is still penalized in many ways. For example, in work meetings, workers who give their opinion with the same frequency as their male colleagues of the same rank are frowned upon, according to some research.

8 Reasons to fall in love with an independent woman (June 2024).

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