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9 healthy snacks (very easy to prepare)

9 healthy snacks (very easy to prepare)

November 15, 2023

Staying well nourished throughout the day is beneficial for our health , but also keeps our energy and concentration at optimal levels to perform at work or in the activities we do every day.

Nutrition experts have been recommending, for decades, the intake of five meals a day, because our body is a machine that is constantly consuming energy and, therefore, needs us to give it fuel so that it works in the best possible way.

To carry out this, it is necessary to add to breakfast, lunch and dinner, a "snack" mid-morning and another mid-afternoon, the latter better known as snack. In today's article, You can find some tips to choose a healthy and easy to prepare snack .

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The importance of the snack and the reasons for not overlooking it

Unfortunately, there are individuals who tend to overlook the snack , because they are not aware of the importance of eating well in the afternoon. Not to eat means to spend a long time without eating, which reduces the nutrients in blood and substrates of energy for the brain and other organs, and, in addition, favors arriving at dinner with a lot of hunger, which can cause an overeating in the Last meal of the day, something that does not help keep the line.

In short, tea helps us control hunger levels, maintain body energy and metabolism activity and, in addition, allows us to lose weight and control our weight. At early ages, it is essential to keep the brain functioning and not to disrupt the normal process of growth.

Healthy snack is essential to lose weight and keep the line

Now, not any food is worth to snack . Eating foods rich in sugars and refined carbohydrates (for example, industrial bakery) can have a detrimental effect on our health, assuming an increase in unnecessary calories and causing the level of blood sugar to increase, which is known as hyperglycemia. Unlike fruit (which contains fructose and fiber) or other healthier products, industrial foods favor the appearance of fat by the effect of insulin.

In Western societies, unfortunately, the consumption of this type of food has increased drastically in recent decades and can be found anywhere: in subway machines, in stores or in restaurants. Experts warn that this is one of the causes of overweight and obesity, which together with sedentary lifestyle makes this phenomenon a public health problem. With this panorama, the control of the feeding is a fundamental variable for the reduction of fatty tissue and it is indispensable to stimulate the change of the dietetic habits and to make possible a healthy lifestyle.

7 healthy and easy-to-prepare snacks

As we have seen, this type of food is not a good alternative to choose as a snack. But then, What healthy snacks can we choose as a mid-afternoon snack?

Below you can find a total of 7 healthy snacks and very easy to prepare.

1. Yogurt with almonds

Yogurt with almonds is a good alternative to eat in the afternoon . These combined foods provide a good mix of carbohydrates, proteins and monounsaturated fats, known as healthy fats.

The almond provides a high content of oleic acid, a type of monounsaturated fatty acid belonging to the Omega-9 group. A skim yogurt mixed with a spoonful of almonds will be enough to eat a full snack that does not exceed 200 calories.

2. Fruit smoothie with yogurt

If in the previous point the snack consisted of combining yogurt with almonds, it is also possible to combine the yogurt with fruits to prepare a delicious smoothie . Do you dare to try it?

The shakes or smoothies are tasty and refreshing if, in addition, a little ice is added. Use milk, skimmed yogurt and fruit of your taste (bananas, mangoes, pineapple, etc.), but without exceeding more than half a cup of fruit.

3. Whole toast with avocado, light cheese and turkey

Whole-grain toast can be a great snack if combined with other healthy ingredients . Therefore, not any sausage that we find in the fridge is a good alternative for healthy eating.

If we want a healthy snack, we should discard the mortadella, the sausage or the fuet. Spread the whole toast with avocado and add a few slices of light cheese and turkey can be a snack that gives us carbohydrates of slow assimilation and protein. The avocado also contains monounsaturated fats, so it is ideal to follow a balanced diet.

4. Hard eggs stuffed with hummus

Eggs are a great source of protein, and for a delicious and nutritious snack it is possible to combine them with hummus , a cooked chickpea cream that includes ingredients such as lemon juice, olive oil or garlic.

To prepare the eggs with hummus, simply cook two hard boiled eggs and, once prepared, replace the yolks with a few tablespoons of hummus.

5. Rice pancakes with peanut butter and banana

The rice pancakes are an ideal snack for their nutritional contribution and low calorie content .

This food provides carbohydrates and fiber, and if we also add peanut butter, we get proteins and monounsaturated fats to have a perfect snack (besides being very healthy). It is possible to improve the flavor of this snack if we add a few pieces of banana on top. Now, the peanut cream must be integral, otherwise, we will be consuming a product with a high added sugar content.

6. Green tea with integral mini-sandwich of chicken ham and cucumber

Another alternative for the snack is to prepare an integral mini-sandwich of chicken and cucumber ham and accompany it with a cup of green tea.

To prepare the mini-sandwich, simply take the slice of wholemeal bread and add a slice of tomato and cucumber. Then, place the slice of chicken ham and cut the bread into squares. In addition to the proteins and carbohydrates of the mini-sandwich, green tea has a multitude of healthful properties and will help you to feel fuller.

7. Protein and carbohydrate bars

Even though some people are against these supplements, the truth is that They are an ideal snack, especially if you have little time to prepare your snack .

In the market it is possible to find different types of bar-type food supplements that give you carbohydrates and proteins and that, in addition, have a great flavor. Of course, consult your dietitian before deciding on one product or another; He / she will be able to advise you so that you choose the right supplement to your needs.

8. Zucchini and salmon rolls

One of the simplest healthy recipes to prepare. To have this snack ready, just fry some zucchini strips and have slices of smoked salmon ready. Pour virgin olive oil over the zucchini, then place the fish on the vegetable strip and roll the whole. If you want, you can help keep the shape by clicking the set with a toothpick.

9. Apple with peanut butter

Contrary to what is usually thought, peanut butter is very healthy, provided it has no additives and is consumed in small quantities .. Slices apple pieces in it for a full snack full of vitamins and healthy fats .

5 Easy 2-Ingredient Recipes (November 2023).

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