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9 horror documentaries and disturbing themes that you should see

9 horror documentaries and disturbing themes that you should see

July 25, 2022

It is known that reality often exceeds fiction, and this is also true in the case of audiovisual works based on the oldest emotion of all: fear.

And just as in the best horror stories, what we should fear is suggested rather than taught directly, the power of horror documentaries and disturbing themes is to intuit that somewhere in the world something has happened or something that we just want to approach from the other side of the screen.

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The most interesting horror documentaries

Below you will find a selection with several of the most remarkable fear documentaries , works that cause terror and that often do it without intending it.

1. The Japanese cannibal (2007)

This documentary tells the story of Issei Sagawa, a Japanese man obsessed by Western women who, at the beginning of the 80s, after being rejected by a student of Dutch origin, shot his victim, dismembered him and ate several parts from his body. This, which is already scary in itself, worsens with the fact that Sagawa was released from prison because of a legal loophole. Today, still in freedom and openly recognizes that he is seduced by the idea of ​​eating human flesh.

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