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90 phrases of Donald Trump that gave a lot to talk (controversial and sexist)

90 phrases of Donald Trump that gave a lot to talk (controversial and sexist)

July 18, 2024

When we talk about Donald Trump, it could be said that most of his interventions could be labeled as xenophobic, misogynistic and discriminatory.

The disinhibition that so characterizes the president of the USA. has managed to divide civil society and public opinion.

The 90 phrases of Donald Trump that will leave you frozen

If during the campaign to the presidency you were stupefied with the phrases of Donald Trump , more perplexed you will stay with the compilation that we present, with some statements of the magnate that are less known.

1. They are bringing their drugs, they are bringing their crime!

Linking Mexican immigrants who cross the border with drug trafficking.

2. I thought that he was probably born in this country. Now I have doubts

Here, questioning the nationality of Barack Obama.

3. Robert Pattinson should not accept Kristen Steward again. She was unfaithful to him like a bitch

On the protagonists of the cinematographic saga Twilight.

4. Global warming is an invention created by China so that the American economy is not competitive

Donald Trump and the negationism on climate change.

5. I will bring back the American dream: bigger, better and stronger than ever. We will return to make the USA a powerful nation

Trump, exacerbating the masses with patriotism during the election campaign.

6. Mexican immigrants are rapists and some, I assume, are good people

Commenting on Mexican immigrants.

7. I've never seen a skinny person drinking Coke as a diet

Donald Trump and nutrition.

8. They have built a hotel in Syria. Can you believe it? When I have to build a hotel, I pay interest. They do not have to pay interest because they took all the oil from Iraq, oil that we should have taken

About the inauguration of a hotel in the territory of the Islamic State.

9. When was the last time someone saw China win, in a trade agreement? China kills us, but I always win over China!

On trade relations between the US and the People's Republic of China.

10. A while ago I had to deal with Gaddafi; I rented a piece of land and he paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years, then I did not let him use it. That is what we should be doing. I do not want to use the word "fuck", but I fucked him well. That's what we should be doing!

Donald Trump about the Libyan War of 2011.

11. Cher, I do not wear a wig, this hair is mine! Besides ... I promise not to mention your horrible plastic surgeries that clearly did not work

Replicating the actress and singer Cher.

12. If I win the elections, I will return the Syrian refugees home

One of his most controversial electoral promises.

13. This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish

On the growing importance of Latin Spanish in the US.

14. When you are a star you can do what you want; grab them by the pussy ... in short, whatever you want

Trump in one of his exabruptos to women.

15. What a disgusting woman!

Donald Trump insulting his opponent in the elections, Hillary Clinton.

16. If I had come to be in charge, the 9/11 terrorists would not have entered the country

About mismanagement in matters of national security.

17. There are voting "machines" that would be changing Republican votes by votes for the Democratic Party

Trump convinced that electoral fraud was being committed against him.

18. You could see blood coming out of his eyes and everywhere. Blood was coming out of her ... wherever

Trump insulting journalist Megyn Kelly, referring to her menstruation.

19. A wall on the border with Mexico would save us a lot of money

Trump and his final solution to tackle the problem of Mexican immigrants.

20. McCain is not a war hero. I prefer those who have not been captured

Here, mocking former Republican candidate John McCain for having been captured in the Vietnam War, where he suffered visible physical sequelae.

21. I ask that all Muslims be prohibited from entering

In the aftermath of the 2015 San Bernardino massacre (perpetrated by two jihadists), Trump said that Muslims should be banned from entering the country because, according to him, they hate the United States.

22. I could shoot people on Fifth Avenue and I would not lose votes

Donald Trump has an army of loyal voters and does not mind acknowledging it.

23. Would restore simulated drowning for terrorism suspects

Trump, in favor of torture.

24. I like Mexicans, but Mexico is not our friend. They kill us at the borders and they are killing us in jobs, and in trade

Trump and Mexico, again.

25. The possibility that Hitler would achieve his goals would have diminished if the people had been armed

With this phrase, Donald Trump was clearly in favor of people carrying firearms in the United States.

26. I will fine Mexico with $ 100,000 for every person who enters the United States illegally

Another of his controversial measures against immigration.

27. I wonder if the Mexican government has sent you, surely yes!

At a conference a group of immigrants booed Trump, whom he accused of being paid by the Mexican government.

28. I will not stop talking about Mexicans

That Mexico has become a recurring theme in Trump's speech is obvious, and even the Republican Party knows that in an attempt to moderate Donald Trump's speech, they gave a touch of attention to what he said that I would not stop talking about Mexicans.

29. Banning them from entry is common sense

In reference to Muslims who wish to enter the United States legally.

30. They want to blow up our buildings, our cities

About the Muslims.

31. I never attacked Rand Paul because of his appearance. And believe me: there is a lot of material there

Mocking the physical appearance of candidate Rand Paul.

32. Giving your wife valuables is a terrible mistake

Donald Trump years ago already demonstrated what was his vision about the female gender. During an interview with the famous magazine Vanity Fair in 1990, the billionaire said that women should not have material objects that can be transformed into money. For that reason he assured that "never" would give Ivana (his first wife) "works of art or jewels".

33. I have received the support of thousands and thousands of people: something has to be done

Justifying their policies against Muslims based on popular and citizen support.

34. Look at that face! Would someone vote for that? Can you imagine that this is the face of our next president?

Donald Trump on the physique of the Republican Carly Fiorina.

35. We are stupid to have a president like Barack Obama

Here, attacking former President Barack Obama in 2012.

36. Our country no longer has victories. We used to have them but not anymore

On the weakness of the US in foreign policy.

37. I like Jeb. He is a good man, but in the US he speaks English, not Spanish

Criticizing Republican politician Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish with his Latina wife.

38. Obama is incompetent

Trump insulting former US president for diplomatic relations with Iran.

39. Obama and Clinton created the Islamic State!

Accusations made at a rally in Mississippi.

40. It must be recognized that it has merit. He was about 26 or 25 years old when his father died, how many young people impose themselves on hard generals? Suddenly he entered, took power, and now he is the boss

Donald Trump praising the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

41. Never in my life have I seen such a humiliating agreement as our agreement with Iran. And when I say never, it's never

On the nuclear pact with Iran.

42. It is a great honor to receive praise from a man so respected in his own country, and abroad

On his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

43. We are at war. There will be many more attacks if we do not resolve this

Trump justifying the restrictive policies of entry to Muslims for the sake of security.

44. Without looking at the survey data, it is obvious to anyone that this hatred goes beyond the comprehensible. Where does that hatred come from? That we must determine!

Donald Trump claiming that Muslims hate the US

45. Women are sows, fat and very bitches. Undoubtedly, they are unpleasant animals

Donald Trump uttering insults about the female gender.

46. ​​The largest drug trafficker in Mexico escapes from prison. Incredible corruption in Mexico !, and the United States is paying the price. I told you!

Here, affirming that the escape of "El Chapo" Guzmán was the work of the Mexican authorities.

47. I'm just a negotiator, like you

Trump using the stereotype of "Jewish usurer".

48. What am I going to do? I have to say what I have to say. And do you know what I have to say? We have a problem. We have to find out what the problem is. And we have to solve that problem!

Trump justifying himself after the jihadists used their controversial statements about Muslims in a video to recruit fighters.

49. Do you know why they are rich? Because they have oil. I will completely snatch their source of wealth, which is crude. I will bomb them until they are eradicated!

In reference to ISIS.

50. Beauty and elegance, whether in a woman, a building or a work of art, is only superficial or something beautiful to see

Phrase of his book, Trump 101.

51. Women are aesthetically pleasing objects

Donald Trump does not hide his attraction to the female physique.

52. Of 6,000 sexual abuse not reported in the armed forces, only 238 have been sanctioned. What else did they expect, if they mixed men with women, geniuses?

Trump in May 2013, on your Twitter account.

53Women win because they look good

"The Apprentice" is a TV show that he starred in. Trump believes it is not surprising that women win because of their physical attractiveness.

54. We will create a deportation force

One of his electoral promises was the massive deportation of illegal immigrants, for which Trump alleged the need for an effective administrative apparatus for this purpose.

55. They are all men, and they all look like strong guys. There are many men, more than women. It could be one of the greatest stratagems of all time. An army of 200,000 men perhaps. Or if they send 50,000 or 80,000 or 100,000 ... It's a possibility. I do not know if it's like that, but it would be possible

Donald Trump accusing the Syrian refugees of being an army in the service of jihadism.

56. My beauty lies in that I am rich

The high image that Donald Trump has of himself.

57. My fingers are long and pretty as, well it is documented, other parts of my body

Donald Trump showing off his masculine apparatus.

58. It is better to live a day like a lion than a hundred like a sheep

Trump retweeted this phrase of the Italian fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini.

59. It's freezing and snowing in New York! We need global warming

And what better solution to heat the planet than to boost US industry?

60. Obama and his attack dogs only have hatred and anger in their hearts

On the Democratic Party of the USA

61. All the women in "The Apprentice" linked with me. It was expected

Donald Trump on the program that he himself starred.

62. I do not do business for the money. I have enough, much more than what I have always needed. I do it because I can do it

Donald Trump and ambition.

63. I'll sue you, it can be a lot of fun. I would like to take some money out of that pocket that has stuck in your fat ass

Insulting comedian Roseann O'Donnell.

64. Let them kill each other, then we will collect the remains

About his foreign policy in the Syrian War if he were President of the USA.

65. The good guys will come back ... but legally

Bad illegal immigrant. Good legal immigrant.

66. Humble

Response given to the CNN moderator who asked the candidates what their key name would be for the Secret Service.

67. Mother's milk is disgusting!

In 2011, a lawyer who faced Trump during a trial asked for a break to be able to give milk to her baby. Then the billionaire rose indignantly, shouted those words and left indignantly from the room.

68. Not only is she a woman, she is also ugly

About Carly Fiorina, one of the many candidates to obtain the Republican presidential nomination.

69. Wearing a burka is very practical for women. They like the burka! Why would they take it if not? The fact is that it is very useful to wear it: you do not have to wear makeup!

Donald Trump about the burka.

70. Angela Merkel is ruining Germany!

This statement was made after seeing that Time magazine named Merkel person of the year instead of him. In a good exercise of sportsmanship and knowing how to lose, he said: "I told you that they would not choose me despite being the big favorite. They have preferred to take someone who is ruining Germany on the cover! "

71. When he is president, Apple will have to build all the damn computers in the US, instead of China or any other country in Southeast Asia

Donald Trump despising globalization and betting on autarky.

72. We must turn off the Internet!

Trump said he would call Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the main members of Twitter and Google to shut down the Internet since according to him this measure would be useful "to fight against the jihadists."

73. Ted Cruz is not only a prick, he is also a mentally disturbed

Insulting Republican pre-candidate Ted Cruz.

74. If Hillary can not satisfy her husband, how will she satisfy the United States?

In reference to Bill Clinton's infidelities towards his wife.

75. Angelina Jolie has dated so many different people that she makes me look like a beginner. That's why I do not find it attractive

About the actress Angelina Jolie during an interview with Larry King in 2006

76. I've seen women manipulate a man just by moving their eyes ... or another part of the body

On the tools that women have when seducing.

77. Women are clearly the weaker sex.

Phrase that he affirmed in his book, the Art of Volver.

78. All women are clearly gold diggers

The Art of Volver, 1997.

79. You have this job because you're beautiful!

Trump to the presenter of the "Last Week Tonight" program.

80. Take away the guns from Clinton's bodyguards! See what happens

Trump arguing that there are people who wish death to their rival in the elections.

81. If I were president, you would be in jail

Sentence addressed in a public debate towards Clinton.

82. A person without ego is a nobody

Will Donald Trump's ego be the cause of all his political and business achievements?

83Two simple rules: buy American products and hire US citizens

Trump has been criticized from neoliberal circles for his autarchic and protectionist economic vision, where they have not hesitated to describe it as "the economy of fascism".

84. The world is chaos. The world can not be more pissed. Do you think this will cause more anger? Do not! The world is already a pissed place

Trump and his black vision of the world, in the first interview as president of the United States.

85. I do not call them critics. I call them fools

Following the mass demonstrations at the beginning of his term.

86. I think the only difference between the other candidates and me is that I am more honest and my women are prettier

Donald Trump on himself and his women, in a show of scathing sincerity.

87. I am sure that the Middle East would be better if Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still in power. Libya is a disaster. Syria, too

Trump on the instability in the Middle East.

88. I do not want people to cut off other people in the Middle East and we are not allowed to do anything

On a hypothetical military intervention in Syria to fight against ISIS.

89. Mexico will pay the wall. I think that from here the relations between the two countries will be better and better

And Donald Trump not only wants to build a huge wall, but above, he wants mexico to pay for it.

90. Women have to be treated like shit

It seems that Trump has a love-hate relationship with women: he praises them for their physique (only some of them) but despises them for their gender (to all).

Whether it's to laugh, cry or just get outraged, We hope that our collection of phrases by Donald Trump you found interesting .

Watch Live: President Donald Trump delivers speech on immigration and border security (July 2024).

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