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90 phrases of Valentine's Day to fall in love

90 phrases of Valentine's Day to fall in love

March 29, 2024

February 14 is a special day for lovers, because Valentine's Day is celebrated .

The tradition of this day becomes a perfect excuse to show your love to your partner, be it a boyfriend or husband (or girlfriend or wife). Valentine's Day is a special day, just as is the person who is by your side in both good and bad times.

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Phrases for Valentine's Day

If you are one of those people who have found the love of your life, and want to make a special gift on this date so indicated, you can take a look at the tips that we propose in our article: "12 amazing gifts for your partner (special San Valentine)

If what you want is to get inspired by some phrase because you want to send a romantic dedication to your partner, below you can find a list of Valentine phrases full of love:

1. Thanks to you I discovered that if we reject the love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, then our life will be empty, and our loss will be greater

Sometimes we can have bad experiences in love. But there are always people who love us and who make us see that this feeling is incredible.

2. For 1 kiss from your mouth, 2 caresses would give you, 3 hugs that show, 4 times my joy, and in the 5th symphony, from my 6th thought, 7 times I would tell you, the 8 letters of a "I love you" because 9 times for you I live and 10 times for you I die

A nice word game that expresses how special that person is to you.

3. Devil with clear eyes, you are a great thief, because without realizing it, you stole my heart

A hilarious date to send a couple with clear eyes.

4. If you want to hurt me do not do it with a dagger, just tell me you do not love me, and the wound will be deadly

A beautiful rhyme full of feeling and love.

5. I will hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms. I hope to see you soon. The distance can not separate us

Some romantic words to express a love that is in the distance.

6. Stop breathing for a minute, and you will feel what I feel, when you are not. I wait for you with desire, my love

Also to send you to a love that is in the distance.

7. I am a tear of yours, that is born in your eyes, lives in your cheeks and dies in your lips when we are far away

Living away from the one you love is one of the worst experiences of a person's life.

8. Yellow is gold, white is silver, and blue is the look that kills me. I love you darling.

A special dedication for a person with blue eyes.

9. Never doubt my love, because I have never felt anything like this in life. I love you

Sincerity is essential on such a romantic date.

10. A bell is not a bell until it rings. A song is not a song until it is sung. A love is not love until it is given away

A romantic date that was pronounced by Oscar Hammerstein II.

11. Time is too slow for those who wait, too fast for those who fear, too long for those who lament, too short for those who celebrate. But for those who love, time is eternity

A few words that express the deepest love. A quote from Henry Van Dyke.

12. We love each other so much that love is jealous of us

A curious reflection. Ideal for Valentine's Day.

13. I think the places I've been and the photos I've made during my life have been driving me towards you

Meaning that life will take you to that person whatever you do.

14. Love is the only thing that grows when it is shared

A maximum that we can apply to day to day. The laws of karma are always there.

15. Good love is recognized because in it we are exactly as we are and let the other be exactly as it is

For love to remain alive it needs to be expressed.

16. Death can not stop true love, it can only delay it a little

Authentic love makes you think of that person no matter what happens.

17. Your ease of turning not doing anything into something extremely precious, being, silence, looking at ourselves, everything

An expression of how two people behave when they are in love.

18. He only spent ten minutes with the love of his life, and thousands of hours thinking about him

A romantic date that speaks of how intense this feeling is.

19. The heart does not die when it stops beating, the heart dies when the heartbeat makes no sense. and I am without you

When you can not be with that person, your life does not seem to exist.

20. It will always be nicer to move if it's your hand on any street in the center. I love you

Just having that person by your side makes life wonderful.

twenty-one.Because suddenly someone appears that makes you prefer Fridays movies, caresses and popcorn to drinks heels and hangovers

A romantic phrase adapted to today.

22. There is always a little madness in love. More also there is always a little reason in madness

A word game that deals with how love can make us lose our reason.

23. I would not change a minute of yesterday with you for a hundred years of life without you

Love is expressed in these words full of feeling.

24. I wish that I never wake up from this dream, because I am dreaming you 24 hours a day

You think about that person all day long. It's the best there is.

25. I had always heard that love must be lived and expressed. They were right. I love you!

When you are in love you know that you must express that feeling without ceasing.

26. Love is a serious mental illness. I'm your crazy

An adaptation to Plato's phrase.

27. Love is curative temporary madness through marriage

An ironic quote from Ambrose Bierce.

28. The secret of bliss in love consists less in being blind than in closing one's eyes when necessary. Come to bed with me

An ingenious reflection of Simone de Beauvoir, one of the great feminist thinkers in history.

29. Love: word of two vowels two consonants and two idiots

The very Socrates expressed this phrase full of irony.

30. Love is the answer, but while you wait for it, sex raises a few questions

Woody Allen, always true to his style.

31. I do not know what awaits us, but if you stay with me tonight I promise to tell you the end of this story the last day of my life

Wishing to spend the night of valentine with that special person.

32. Loving oneself is the beginning of a story of eternal love. Loving you is the whole story

The love of that person is the best gift one can receive.

33. There is no story more authentic than ours. You're the best thing that ever happened to me

Words full of sincerity the words of this sentence.

34. We were happy for 20 years. Then we fall in love again

Authentic love never ends.

35. Your beauty even in the dark shines. You are the most incredible thing I have ever known in my life

A declaration of love in full force.

36. We should all wait to find someone who not only tolerates our little hobbies but also loves us. I have found mine

For that person who is there in good times and bad times.

37. Only your love can make me happy

A short phrase that says so much about the feeling one feels.38. I may not be very smart, but I know you're the love of my life

Some romantic words spoken with a touch of irony.

39. I have crossed oceans of time to find you. On your side, nobody moves me

When you find what you have always looked for, you feel happy and fulfilled.

40. Love me until you can not anymore. No one will ever separate us because I will not find anyone like you

Love must be kept alive. It depends on us.

41. I thought that you and I could go somewhere together one of these days, today, right now. You will not forget this Valentine's Day

This dedication must be accompanied by a surprise that the person will never forget.

42. You and I do not make love, he makes us

An interesting word game that represents a great love.

43. Because love when it does not die, kills. Because loves that kills never dies. Yours and mine

Authentic love is still alive over the years.

44. Good morning princess! Thanks for being everything in my life

A brief dedication, but it says a lot in very few words.

45. A girlfriend like you I know I will not find her again. That's why I want you so much every day of my life

You have to know how to value what you have. Otherwise, you can repent later.

46. ​​It's a pity that today you can not be here. I am thinking to you at every moment

The distance can make two people not see each other, but it can not hide the deep feeling between the two.

47. I'm not afraid of this desire to see you, what scares me is that they never leave

An example of how intense love can be.

48. And that I prefer war with you to winter without you

The important thing is to spend time with that person, even if it is not always rosy.

49. I want to love you in two ways: some days with smiles, some nights forever

A beautiful dedication of love, for the most special person in your life.

50. The paradox of love is, being oneself, while remaining two

One of the great truths for love to live forever.

51. You're the gift I never asked for, the piece of heaven I did not deserve ... I love you

Sometimes that person comes when you least expect it.

52. I wanted to see your eyes, your lips and sleep with you. You wanted to see my eyes, my lips and sleep with me and here we are. In love!

When two people love each other magic comes.

53. You love! It is the wing that God has given to the soul so that it can go up to him

A dedication for those believers.

54. Certainly a prudent love is better, but it is preferable to love madly to lack all love

Love lived intensely is the most satisfying.

55The love you give me is the air I breathe

When you find your better half, it's your own breathing

56. There is something better than a love among us: a complicity

The best loves are those in which there is a deep friendship

57. The saddest thing about love is that not only can it not always last, but that despair is also soon forgotten. That's why I appreciate you being by my side

Gratitude is the best way to show love to that person who gives everything for you.

58. Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love. You are my great strength

That person is a complement for you. It's what keeps you going.

59. Love is the ultimate meaning of everything that surrounds us. It is not a simple feeling, it is the truth, it is the joy that is at the origin of all creation

A definition of what love means.

60. There is always a little madness in love. More also there is always a little reason in madness. You drive me crazy

That person can make you lose your mind, but it's amazing what you feel when you're in love.

61. Love, to be authentic, must cost us. Do not forget

To remember that it is not always easy to keep love alive.

62. Love is like mercury in the hand, it leaves the hand open and it will remain, grasp it firmly and it will escape

Love must be taken care of every day. Not only this special day.

63. One must remain the same, but still be two. This is Love

To love that person, one should not forget about himself.

64. My desire to be with you never dies. Over the years it becomes stronger

An example of how long it can be love that is born from respect and freedom.

65. Loving oneself is the beginning of a story of eternal love

Remembering that true love is born within oneself.

66. For you I would give everything, but ... what could I give you, if all I have is yours?

A fine irony that fits perfectly with such a romantic date.

67. My eyes are guilty of having fallen in love with you. That's why I'm so grateful. For letting me enjoy your beauty

Being able to appreciate the beauty of that person that makes us feel unique things is priceless.

68. Thank you for teaching me what real love is

When you have gone through several relationships, you may lose the illusion of loving again. Until you find that special person.

69. Oh mighty love! Thanks for letting me discover such a wonderful person

It is a privilege that two people love and cherish each other.

70. Love is the only thing that grows when it is shared. Thanks for sharing it with me

The most incredible thing about love is that someone else shares what is yours with you.

71. I spent a lot of time looking for my prize, but I found a treasure: it's you

There is no greater treasure than being with the person you love and that person loves you too.

72. Friendship is love, but without its wings. You were my friend, now you are my love

When a person is your friend, but happens to be your partner, it is incredible.

73. Certainly a prudent love is better; but it is preferable to love madly to lack all love. Thanks for teaching me this

Love must follow its courses, whatever the cost.

74. I'm sorry for loving you too much, but I do not know how to love you less

An expression of sincerity in every rule. When you really love, love does not fit in your chest.

75. Do not let them steal your heart, I'll give mine if necessary

Meaning that you would give everything for that person.

76. If you lived in heaven, I would die just to go see you

A beautiful dedication of love that surely the couple will love.

77. You started stealing a smile and you ended up stealing my heart

Everything was so fast ... but here you are, breathing love.

78. Be careful with Cupid, because arrow in an oversight, like me that the very bandit, in your arms has surrendered me

A rhyme that deals with how love arrives without warning.

79. Little fingers of pins look like your eyelashes and every time you look at me, you stick them in my soul

The look of that person reaches the bottom of the soul. Nobody else can make you feel that way.

80. If I loved you, I would have a life sentence. With you I am a delinquent

A phrase full of humor, but that is about love.

81. You're so sweet that you make honey look like salt

Its sweetness is savored in every corner, in every place where you are.

82. I stop the world when you look at me, as you look at me and I steal sighs to the sky for your kisses, I think I can not love you anymore and yet, every moment I love you more and more

There are people who make you love them more and more every day.

83. I know I can not fly, but someone who makes me feel that I can achieve it and that person is you

Love for someone can be a great internal force that moves your world.

84. Stop breathing for a minute, and you'll feel what I feel, when you're not

For that person who takes away your breath and breath.

85. I do not have you where I want today because of the distance. But I have not stopped thinking about you for a single moment my life

For those people who are not together by distance, but who love each other with madness.

86If to see you means to die, I prefer 1000 times to die of love, to live and not be able to see you

Not being able to be with that person through which your heart beats is the worst sensation in the world.

87. Love of my loves, loquita I am for you, you do not know what I feel, when you are not next to me. I love you

An expression of pure love. Simply what you feel.

88. Even if you're not here, I remember you with tenderness, I still taste your kisses like a chocolate, I look at your picture with a smile and with this phrase of love, I send you my heart

Another dedication for a love that is not close for any reason.

89. On this Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, I send you a rose, a kiss of love and my heart for you

A special appointment for Valentine's Day. It is perfect in a WhatsApp message.

90. To you who are lips of my smile, to you who are the eyes of my sweet look, to you who are the crystal of my soul, to you is the one I can only love

We have all felt this feeling once in our lives. It is wonderful.

Romantic Valentine's Day Messages - Sweet I Love you Valentine Wishes (March 2024).

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