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91 creative phrases to let the imagination fly

91 creative phrases to let the imagination fly

July 18, 2024

Over the centuries, the Creative phrases and original reflections of those that have been recorded have been accumulating leaving evidence of our ability to be witty and witty when thinking about the most varied topics.

These phrases and creative thoughts are not only entertaining to read, but also invite reflection and can become something that inspires us to become more creative ourselves.

At the end of the day, knowing interesting points of view that are expressed in an original way through short sentences gives us the opportunity to review our preconceived ideas and see that there are concepts that are more related to each other than we thought at first.

The best original and creative phrases

The selection of short phrases you have below can help you develop your own ideas from the reflections that may arise from your reading. However, it is also worth remembering that although many of these brief quotations can be shocking and provocative, in order to develop a philosophy of their own, it is also necessary to dialogue, debate and read more extensive texts and books.

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Below you can see the selection of creative phrases. Let us begin!

1. Miracles are born from difficulties

Jean de la Brùyere talks about resilience and our ability to overcome adversity.

2. Believe that you can do it and you have already traveled halfway

One of the reflections of Theodore Roosevelt about the ability to believe in oneself.

3. We are facilitators of our own creative evolution

Bill Hicks , in another inspiring phrase related to personal development.

4. To draw, you must close your eyes and sing

The Spanish painter Pablo Picasso He uses this allegory to refer to how he understands inspiration.

5. Life is the flower from which love is honey

Victor Hugo it expresses the relationship between life and love in this poetic way.

6. Be yourself, everyone else is already ordered

As in almost all the witty phrases of Oscar Wilde , here the wit and the sense of irony are mixed.

7. Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected

A reflection on the creativity of William Plomer .

8. Originality is nothing more than judicious imitation

Voltaire Thinking out loud.

9. An idea that is not dangerous is not worthy of being called an idea

Another of the creative thoughts of Oscar Wilde .

10. Everything you can imagine is real

Pablo Picasso , about the scope of our imagination.

11. A man can die, nations can rise and fall, but an idea lasts

John F. Kennedy reflects on the imprint left by ideas.

12. Life is the art of drawing without an eraser

A creative thought about life, from John W. Gardner.

13. Define is to limit

Oscar Wilde in one of the most popular phrases currently used.

14. Shut up or say something better than silence

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras , in a somewhat harsh but necessary phrase.

15. The secret of creativity is learning to hide your sources

Albert Einstein he ironizes about talent and plagiarism.

16. Not being dead is not the same as being alive

E. E. Cummings , poses an apparent paradox.

17. Love them all, trust some, harm none

William Shakespeare in one of his most related to moral phrases.

18. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens

The mythical Jimi Hendrix popularized this phrase that seems to belong rather to a book of Asian philosophy.

19. The biggest enemy of creativity is common sense

Another phrase of the renowned painter Pablo Picasso , about creativity and the elements that can attack it.

20. No artist tolerates reality

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche talks about the nature of art.

21. Some people feel the rain, others just get wet

One of the best-known phrases of Bob Marley .

22. Go to where there is silence and say something

A very original phrase, from the journalist Amy Goodman .

23. A life lived with fear has only been lived half

A well-known proverb.

24. The whole universe has rhythm, everything dances

The artist Maya Angelou talks about the musicality of the situations we experience in our day to day.

25. Life is like jazz ... better if improvised

A reflection of George Gershwin .

26. Life is to try things to see if they work

The writer Ray Bradbury talks about the essence of life.

27. True creativity begins where the language ends

Arthur Koestler , about the limits of language.

28. You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche He left some very poetic phrases. This is an example of this.

29. When one educates, two learn

One of the most used quotes when talking about education, whose authorship is Robert Heinlein .

30. Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

Albert Einstein Besides being a physicist who changed the course of history, he left a lot of creative and inspiring phrases like this one.

31. Time is a good healer but a bad beautician

A reflection with a humorous touch, of Lucille S. Harper .

32. Art is not a thing, it is a way

Elbert Hubbart reflect on art.

33. To live a creative life we ​​have to overcome the fear of making mistakes

Joseph Chilton Pearce , about the factors that put limits to our creative potential.

34. Without freedom there is no creation

The famous Hindu thinker Jiddu Krishnamurti talks about the nature of freedom.

35. Being brave is being free

Seneca , in one of his most motivating reflections.

36. Sometimes, silence is the worst lie

Miguel de Unamuno talks about the serious implications that silence has in some contexts.

37. Beauty, like pain, makes people suffer

Thomas Mann , about the double edge of beauty.

38. Flatterers look like friends like wolves to dogs

A very inspired comparison, idea of George Chapman .

39. How banal it is to sit down to write when we have not stood up to live

The Thinker Henry David Thoreau he records his vitalism in this phrase.

40. Where words fail music speaks

Hans Christian Andersen , about music and its power.

41. You can not give a handshake with your fists clenched

Indira Gandhi , one of the great advocates of pacifism, talks about the need for dialogue.

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45. If you have never failed, you have never lived

A very powerful anonymous phrase.

46. ​​We know what we are, but not what we can be

William Shakespeare , in one of his witty sentences about the potential of the human being.

47. Life expands and contracts in proportion to one's courage

Anaïs Nin uses a very powerful image to talk about what life is and its relation to courage.

48. A lie told many times becomes true

Lenin , about the possibility of making the lie an unquestionable idea.

49. It's not your job that I like, it's mine

A phrase from Byron Katie .

50. If you can dream it, you can do it

Walt Disney , about the possibilities that the simple fact of imagining situations gives us.

51. Satisfied ones do not love, they fall asleep in the habit

Another one of the phrases of Miguel de Unamuno , in this case about love and relationships.

52. Music is the poetry of the air

Jean Paul Richter in a very poetic phrase about music.

53. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet

Jean-Jacques Rousseau makes reference to the world of flavors to explain in a short sentence one of the facets of patience.

54. Doubt is one of the names of intelligence

The writer Jorge Luis Borges talks about intelligence as something that amounts to the management of constant doubts.

55. The best way to fulfill your dreams is waking up

Paul Valéry reflects on the conditions that have to be given to reach the goals.

56. If you are not making mistakes, you are not making decisions

Catherine Cook , about the courage to assume the possibility of erring.

57. You have to harden yourself without ever losing your tenderness

The Revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara talks about an apparent contrast.

58. There is someone so intelligent who learns from the experience of others

Voltaire , in one of his creative and witty phrases about intelligence.

59. Violence is fear of the ideals of others

Mahatma Gandhi , about the violence and what is behind it.

60. A good traveler has no plans

The philosopher Lao Tzu , about one of the qualities of the traveler.

61. We are so limited that we always believe we are right

Goethe , about the illusions that lead us to believe that we can grasp the absolute truth.

62. If you want to learn, teach

The prayer Cicero , in a maxim that has survived more than two thousand years.

63. The adventure may be crazy, but the adventurer must be sane

Gilbert Keith Chesterton , about one of the necessary requirements to embark on an adventure.

64. A good life is inspired by love and guided by the intellect

The philosopher Bertrand Russell , about what I understood as a good life.

65. Silence is the only friend who does not betray

Confucius he expresses here how much he valued respect and prudence based on fidelity to traditions.

66. Television is a double-edged sword with which even the spectator can commit suicide

Virginia Vilanova , about the risks of television and the information it transmits.

67. The world is just a canvas for your imagination

An imaginative phrase from the great writer Henry David Thoreau .

68. Virtue can only flourish among equals

Mary Wollstonecraft , in a reflection on equality.

69. Every moment is gold for those who know how to see it as such

Henry Miller , about the importance of valuing the good moments that life offers us.

70. Intelligence, without ambition, is a bird without wings

Salvador Dali , the famous Catalan painter, in a phrase that goes beyond creativity.

71. Good artists know what to leave out

Charles de Lint , on the need to select only the good and necessary.

72. Life is a long lesson in humility

James M. Barrie , in a reflection aloud.

73. We admire things for reasons but we love them for no reason

Gilbert Keith Chesterton , in a phrase that will leave you thinking. Certainly, love is not usually generated from rational channels.

74. What is urgent tends to go against what is necessary

Mao Tse Tung , the mythical Chinese communist leader, in a phrase that can be interpreted in many ways.

75. In art, the obvious is a sin

Edward Dmytryk he discovers his vision of artistic creation.

76. It is useless to return to what has already been and has ceased to be

The pianist Frédéric Chopin about the ephemeral of human existence.

77. We live in a rainbow of chaos

Paul Cezanne , the magnificent painter, in a sublime metaphor.

78. A hungry dog ​​only has faith in the flesh

Antón Chéjov He left us many creative thoughts, such as this one. How do you interpret it?

79. Man hates anyone who makes him suffer his own inferiority

A phrase that can awaken our creative side, from Earl of Chesterfield .

80. The less routine, the more life

Amos Bronson Alcott , a plea to leave our comfort zone.

81. Take some time to choose a friend, but it takes longer to change it

Benjamin Franklin , about friendship and the processes of change.

82. The supreme art of the teacher is to awaken joy from the creative expression

One of Albert Einstein's phrases about creativity.

83. The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe in

This reflection of Gustave Flaubert It emphasizes the process of self-knowledge that occurs when writing an original work.

84. Creativity is allowing you the luxury of making mistakes

Scott Adams offers us one of the creative phrases that value the freedom we have when producing new things.

85. Having a vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

Jonathan Swift talks about the power that allows us to see beyond the apparent to the point of detecting potentialities.

86. Our actions flow from three essential sources: desire, emotion and knowledge

A theoretical proposal of Plato aimed at explaining human behavior.

87. Personality is everything in art and poetry

A reflection of Goethe about the passions and motivations that guide the creation of art.

88. Hatred is blind, just like love

The great passions are able to cloud our rationality . A phrase by Oscar Wilde.

89. I have discovered that if you love life, it will correspond to you

This inspiring reflection is of Arthur Rubinstein .

90. Art is the only way to run without leaving home

This reflection about the use of art as escapism is of Twyla Tharp .

91. Stay true to the dreams of your youth

A recommendation of Friedrich Schiller .

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