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Anti-attraction: 7 gestures and attitudes of people who do not seduce

Anti-attraction: 7 gestures and attitudes of people who do not seduce

March 29, 2024

In other articles of Psychology and Mind we have talked about how are the people that attract us and captivate us. They are usually individuals that give off certain magic and make us want to spend a lot of time with them. That emotional connection that they awaken becomes almost irresistible, and the moments with them are moments that can become unforgettable.

But not everyone is attractive, and although we can all maximize our appeal and increase our chances of releasing that magnetism, there are people who carry out bad habits that reduce their chances of success .

As for attraction, not everything is physical

Many tend to associate attractiveness with physicality, but when it comes to showing attractiveness, not everything is physical. Surely we all know cases of highly attractive people who could be with someone with a movie physique, but who, however, they are with someone who at first glance does not seem like a person with particularly striking physical features .

The needs of the person who is seduced and, possibly, the special personality of the seducer can be reasons for one person to be attracted to another. Who is able to stop the feet of those individuals who devastate everything and also have a great confidence in themselves? Obviously they will not fall well to everyone, but probably to most yes.

Gestures and attitudes of people who do not seduce

Of course there are also people who are on the other end. People who, as far as the attraction is concerned, do it all or almost all wrong And what habits or gestures do these people have? Well, they tend to be people who:

1. They do not believe in themselves

One of the reasons why someone is anti-attractive is: "you do not feel an attractive person". It's that simple! People who do not believe in themselves are almost impossible to get others to believe that they are attractive people .

These individuals are usually characterized by having such a low self-confidence that limits them to feel at ease with other people and to show their true personality, they do not know what your strengths are and they can get to pretend that they are not.

To seduce, the first thing you should be clear is that you have to believe in yourself, otherwise it is easy for everything to go wrong.

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2. They are not proactive

While people who feel attractive often take the first step, anti-attractive individuals do the opposite. They have a great fear of being rejected , which makes it impossible for them to take action. You will rarely be an attractive person if you do not take rejections as something normal and you take iron out of the matter. To have you rejected, you must have tried.

3. They are shy

They find it difficult to start a conversation because they tend to be shy people and, as I said in the previous point, they feel a great shame and fear of rejection . On the contrary, attractive people are usually open people with great communication skills.

4. They are impatient

When you come across someone anti-attractive, It is very likely that you are so aware of yourself that you do not remember yourself . Are those people who are all day pending what you do, and you can call several times a day, which eventually causes you to end up fed up.

Attractive people, otherwise, are so aware of their things that they end up creating certain expectations, and that makes you want to know about them.

5. Think negative

Being people with low self-confidence and with great shyness tend to think in negative . Think of an optimistic person. Surely you would love to spend all day by your side, right? Because in addition to seeing problems as opportunities, they are there to encourage you in bad times. Anti-attractive people do the opposite. they spread their bad vibrations.

6. They do not have an active social life

Have you noticed that attractive people love contact with others? They are often considered popular people because they connect easily with other individuals. In addition to possessing great social skills, these often have concerns and hobbies They allow them to surround themselves with other people so they usually have an active social life. On the contrary, people who are not particularly attractive do not usually show this behavior and are usually reserved people.

7. They are not funny or fun

The sense of humor is usually one of the most valued qualities in interpersonal relationships . Who does not want to spend funny moments and laugh all day long with friends or a couple? Anti-attractive people do not usually have fun in company and rarely show their sense of humor, if they have it.

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