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Apps for psychologists: 8 tools that can not be missing on your smartphone

Apps for psychologists: 8 tools that can not be missing on your smartphone

January 30, 2024

We live in the information society. The technological advances of the last century have allowed the human being to establish contact with anyone and obtain information of any kind with a single click.

While the constant use of information and communication technologies pose some disadvantages, there are numerous applications for this type of technology that can make our lives easier, even at work.

Among the many advances and applications that have emerged, many of them can be very useful and have been designed to help psychologists and / or psychology students in the exercise of their profession, allowing access even from a smartphone . Therefore throughout this article we will see a series of applications for psychologists that can be very useful for the learning and professional practice of psychology.

8 Useful applications for psychology professionals and students

Below are a series of apps for psychologists and students of psychology that can help the exercise of the profession from the comfort of your smartphone.

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1. PIR (Akaro)

  • Price: Free
  • Available in: Android

Many psychologists and / or psychology students intend to dedicate themselves to the clinical branch. To achieve this end, they can take a Master's Degree in General Health Psychology that will enable them to practice in the private sector, or they can try to access the public health system through the PIR (Resident Internal Psychologist) training, which requires overcome a complex exam type test in order to compete to obtain one of the few places available.

This free application developed by Akaro for Android is very useful when preparing and training for this exam, containing and allowing to answer the questions made in the PIR calls from 2002 to 2015. It is one of the apps for psychologists and students that serves as a tool for review and study of great value, because it allows exercise answering the questions and indicating at the moment the number of correct answers, errors, and points obtained in each exam.

In addition to the exams each year, the application allows you to ask the questions by subject areas, answer questions at random or visualize the statistics on the scores, successes and mistakes made in each attempt so far.

2. AirPersons (Airpersons)

  • Price: Free (registration required)
  • Available in: Android and iOs

This application acts as communication method between psychologists or other types of professionals and clients allowing consultation through videochat or video call. In a similar way to the use of Skype for the provision of services at a distance but with the advantage that it allows charging directly.

At the time of registration, the psychologist establishes the conditions of their services such as time availability and compensation, so that later they can be contacted by video call when they are online. Everything is done through the Internet, not being known by the client the private telephone number of the professional.

3. NovoPsych Psychometrics (NovoPsych Pty Ltd)

  • Price: 49.99
  • Available at: iOs

An app for psychologists in which they can meet different evaluation tests applicable to patients . The program includes automatic correction systems that allow streamlining the process, with the results only visible by the clinician who applies them.

4. iGrade for psychologist (Zysco)

  • Price: € 2.99
  • Available at: iOs

Through this and other apps for similar psychologists, professionals in this discipline can have a useful tool that allows them to organize the information of your patients . Among others, administration and management of citations, profiles, reports, evaluations and notes are allowed.

It is possible to manage an unlimited number of clients and sessions, as well as assess their progress. However, it must be taken into account that patient information is private and highly confidential, so that the use or non-use of this type of application must be assessed with extreme care based on the degree of security of the application in question.

5. 3D Brain (DNA Learning Center)

  • Price: Free
  • Available in: Android and iOs

The study of the brain and the nervous system in general is the field of study of the neurosciences. However, it is not easy to understand in detail how the organs that make up the brain work, since it has so many parts and these are so close together that depending on the perspective from which we look, the same structure may seem very different.In short, getting an idea of ​​the three-dimensionality of this set of organs is complicated.

Fortunately, today there are technological solutions that allow you to create very faithful and detailed 3D images, such as 3D Brain.

We are facing one of the apps for psychologists and other disciplines linked to the study of the encephalon that allows to observe and study the different regions and structures that are part of it. In addition to offering a 3D model of the brain, it allows you to learn about the different functions and injuries associated with different structures.

It also allows access to different studies carried out from the field of neurosciences. It should be noted that this application is in English.

6. DSM-5 Criteria (American Psychiatric Association)

  • Price: € 53.66
  • Available in: Android and iOs

One of the two main reference manuals within clinical psychology and currently considered the most widely accepted, the DSM, collects and classifies the different types of mental disorders At the same time, it establishes the main diagnostic criteria of each one of them.

This is one of the apps for psychologists specialized in clinic that allows access to different criteria so that we can visualize the different symptoms typical of each disorder and the classification of these, as well as different videos in which the main changes are indicated with respect to the previous versions of the DSM. Of course, this is a payment application (at the time of writing this article its price was € 53.66).

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7. Google Documents (Google Inc.)

  • Price: Free
  • Available in: Android and iOs

Google Documents is an application widely known by the general public, especially in the academic field. It is an application that allows to open, create and modify online documents (or even without connection to the network), saving the changes automatically in the application.

It also allows group work can create folders or shared documents that the different individuals will be able to create, change and modify, being possible that they do it even at the same time.

8. Cite this for me (Imagine Easy Solutions)

  • Price: Free
  • Available in: Android and iOs

When conducting research on the different phenomena studied from psychology, the search of bibliography referring to the subject and its subsequent referencing it is a fundamental and very important element. This free application allows you to quickly and easily quote the different books and web pages on which we base ourselves when publishing and preparing our texts, being able to apply different regulations such as the APA or Harvard.

It also allows you to scan the bar codes of books and publications through the smartphone camera, as well as export the bibliographies via email in order to incorporate them into subsequent work. Although it is not only an application for psychologists, it can be of great help to accelerate the process of preparing the bibliography.

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