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Are men or women more unfaithful?

Are men or women more unfaithful?

May 22, 2024

There are many reasons why both men and women are tempted to commit infidelities . In this matter we have spoken on several occasions in Psychology and Mind, but we have not yet echoed one of the recurring questions on this subject: What gender practices more infidelity?

In addition, we can ask other questions about the same: do men or women feel more guilty when they commit infidelity? What are the reasons that lead to committing adultery to each other? Today we are going to delve into this thorny topic.

Infidelity: is it a matter of sex (s)?

It seems that times have changed, and also in what affects sexual relations. A survey published by SexPlace reveals that, at least in Spain, women would be more infidel on average than men . At the light of these data, it would be denied the popular belief that men are the ones who most often 'put the horns' on their partners.

Women cheat more ...

The survey was conducted through a sample of 500 people who answered anonymously a series of questions related to their relationships and infidelity. The results, although adjusted, may indicate a curious trend: 52% of women admitted to being unfaithful to their partner or ex-partner on some occasion .

Among the male gender, "only" 48 percent of men said they have cheated on occasion their current romantic partner.

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Fantasies and other motivations to commit adultery

The survey also yielded other data of interest that show some significant differences between extramatrimonal sexual behavior of men and women. For example, Up to 80% of females admitted having had sexual fantasies with a partner (or partner) from your work environment . Wide coincidence

The survey also found that women feel more emotionally linked in their adventures, while men are more likely to commit infidelity with the sole objective of satisfying their sexual desire with a new person.

The psychology behind cheating

Other motivations that would lead some people to have intimate relationships behind their partners' backs would be related to the ego, the need to feel "more men" or "more women" when having contacts with other people.

Finally, the study noted that another common reason for committing infidelity is the feeling of being undervalued by their current partners, or the low frequency and quality of intimate relationships with the usual partner. Another reason commented, and also important, is poor communication between the members of the couple .

Why Do Men Cheat? (May 2024).

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