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Are you a misanthrope? 14 traits and attitudes of these people

Are you a misanthrope? 14 traits and attitudes of these people

June 11, 2024

Ours is an increasingly individualistic society, in which great efforts are dedicated to differentiate from the crowd. Part of these efforts, which some people have come to call "postureo", goes through faking a studied disdain for the rest of the people in general .

However ... to what extent is this misanthropy true or just a facade?

What characteristics do misanthropes present?

Misanthropy is a psychological disposition that is defined by the rejection and contempt of the human species in general. In fact, etymologically this term means hatred to the human being .

That is to say, that misanthropic people do not feel aversion for a specific group of people, no matter how broad, but for the whole group of human persons in general, including individuals that are not known and will not be known. Misanthropy is, to put it in some way, the opposite of philanthropy .

Now, one thing is theory and another is practice. What are the specific characteristics that are characteristic of misanthropic people? Next, the main ones are listed in a list. However, it must be borne in mind that none of them separately converts the person presenting them into misanthropes, but this attitude occurs when several of them are present.

1. They handle without remorse

Misanthropic people do not have to remain isolated all day, since they know that manipulating other people can get rewards . In this sense, misanthropy is related to the traits associated with psychopathy, since if they can obtain personal benefits by exploiting others, there is no moral obstacle that prevents them.

2. They show sadism

A misanthropic person does not show mercy, because the suffering of others is not related to what is morally bad in and of itself, unless it results in something that harms oneself. This makes the fact of generating discomfort or pain in others, sometimes, is seen as a game, a space of possibilities with which you can get to experience.

3. They think themselves superior

This is a totally subjective belief that does not depend on the skills or knowledge that others have. For misanthropes all people in general are despicable a priori , so the skills they may have are irrelevant. The mere fact of being other people makes the misanthrope aliene his capacity to feel and to be entities with humanity. Something similar happens to what someone who plays video games would feel for the characters that appear in them.

4. They spend their free time alone

When not working or carrying out a strategy with long-term goals, the misanthropes invest a large part of their leisure time in activities that can be done alone or in the company of non-human animals. The reason for this is that the company of others is not something pleasant in itself , and it can become a nuisance.

5. They belittle the rules

Misanthrope people conceive the rules as a code of conduct that only exists to benefit society in general, but for them this goal has no value.

6. Do not feel sorry for the march or death of others

In some cases, the social circle of people for whom one can experience pity is reduced to the family, and in some cases there is not even a group that generates special sympathy. Death can be seen as something liberating .

7. They look with contempt on politics

Politics is an effort to manage social problems, and these are not in the interest of misanthropic people. Because they consider a loss of effort and time political participation I will not be that this is exercised to avoid concrete threats born in the policy itself, and will advocate for the non-intervention of public institutions. They are defenders of the idea that "each stick holds its candle".

8. They do not understand the spaces for citizen participation

For the same reason as before, misanthropic people do not understand the meaning of parties, collective rituals and forms of participation and political organization outside of institutions. It is considered that nothing good can arise from the joint organization of several human beings .

9. They build their own morality

The misanthropic people very they rarely structure their morals by adopting it in ethical and consensual ways , such as Christian morality. Instead, a system of values ​​and an ethical scale are built to suit you, starting from scratch.

10. Your way of expressing emotions is lonely and isolated

Misanthropic people do experience emotions , but these are reflected in solitary acts, which do not need the participation of others to develop. For example, when experiencing feelings of loss they do not hug someone to cry. The sentimental and emotional is something that ends in oneself, and therefore does not involve others (sometimes you can get to keep appearances for personal interest).

11. They can come to love other living beings

Misanthropy is a contempt that is limited to what is perceived to be human beings. That means that yes can feel attachment for other animals , which in many cases is idealized by attributing all kinds of positive psychological characteristics and relativizing the harmful actions they perform.

12. Your sense of humor is black and twisted

Much of his sense of humor consists of imaginary situations in which attacks, abuse or humiliation occur. Rarely is a sense of humor based on joint identification with everyday situations, but rather It is based on crazy scenes and, sometimes, aberrant .

13. They easily enjoy acts of real or fictional violence

The imagery of misanthropic people is well stocked with violence and, in general, situations in which which human beings are treated as objects that are allowed to break . The reason, as it happens with many optras characteristics of misanthropic people, is that from a moral perspective there are no reasons not to do so, and instead violating these social norms generates a pleasure linked to trespassing the line of the forbidden.

14. They tend to be arrogant

When they can, they are arrogant to others. They do not mind humiliating other people pointing out their shortcomings or getting to invent them and exaggerate them.

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