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Are you taking care of your social feeding?

Are you taking care of your social feeding?

April 23, 2024

When we hear about healthy eating, we often think about taking beneficial foods to take care of our physical health. But ... do we think about the social food that we are taking every day? Are we surrounding ourselves with the right people that we also feed on?

Just as we care about taking care of our diet and food in order to have good physical health, we have to think about another fundamental food that we nourish ourselves from without being too conscious: people.

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The importance of social relationships

In the same way that there are foods that harm our health and others that are beneficial and our diet should be based on their consumption, the same happens with human beings. These are part of the food that we consume daily, so our "social feeding" or "social diet" should be based on surround ourselves with those that suppose a real contribution for us .

Make the next effort and think about the five people you spend the most time with. As they are? Do you think there is something of them in you? Reflect on who from that list adds up in your life, who subtracts or simply leaves you as such; about who will help you get to the next level you want to achieve. Do we want people to push us up or down?

If you want to achieve your goals, it will be essential to surround yourself with individuals who, in some way, help you to pursue those goals , and get away from those that in no way add up or much worse, you are subtracted when it comes to achieving your goals. Could someone who wants to overcome their problem with drinking be able to do so if their best friends had the same problem?

Every human being that goes through our life in a more or less significant way It leaves a kind of imprint on us. Therefore, try to surround yourself with people who are a role model for you, who already have what you want to achieve. If what you want is to be a more ambitious person who struggles to achieve your goals, surround yourself with those who have already achieved or are achieving what they set out to do one day.

If what you want is to be a better person, surround yourself with those that do good. If you want to adopt a more optimistic attitude towards life, surround yourself with positive people . Artists are surrounded by artists, entrepreneur entrepreneurs, drinkers' drinkers ...

The potential of the people around us: social feeding

People can raise concerns, be the engine of change, teach us and make us grow. Or, on the contrary, to influence us negatively and suck our energy. In our choice is to choose the people we surround ourselves with and decide if we have to make big or small changes in our social life: if we have to dedicate more time to those that add up and less to those that do not or, if that were the case, get away from those toxic people that detract from our potential .

Whether we want to dedicate more time to individuals in our social circle or if we want to get closer to those who can help us achieve what we want, the key is to show a sincere interest in the lives of others. For this, you will have to talk to them regularly so that the relationship is strengthened.

To improve your social skills, you will have to take into account, initially, certain key points:

  • Learn to listen .
  • Learn to make compliments.
  • Ask and share experiences, feelings and opinions from the assertiveness.
  • Do not judge what they tell you.
  • Take care of your body language to show interest

Let's not forget about self-esteem

In addition to the above, in order to know how to surround oneself well and consciously choose our social circle, one must first learn to be happy with oneself. If you do not think about yourself and respect yourself, you can hardly build healthy relationships, because you will be looking for others that you lack in an adaptive way . When, on the contrary, you know that your happiness does not depend on others, you become more aware of what are the relationships that provide you and which do not and you will develop the capacity to better choose the environment from which you nourish yourself.

Therefore, you must learn to gain confidence in yourself and in the decisions you make, to accept yourself as you are and, when there is something you want to change, work on your own personal development with respect. In short, you will have to learn to love yourself. Your self-esteem, inner strength and joy will be good allies to be a more attractive person and will be easier to approach who you propose.

To a greater or lesser extent, we like it more or less, that people influence us is a fact, either positively or negatively. We are social beings , and as such, we learn by vicarious (or observational) learning, that is, we learn by observing what others do; and we do it from small. The cognitive process that comes into play is the projection of oneself over the actions of the other.

Do not let random decide for you the social circle that surrounds you. Be responsible for choosing who you will nourish and who will not. Get away from the toxic people who suck your energy and surround yourself with those who water and grow the seeds that you are sowing. Of people who, even, sow other seeds in your own way so that new shoots grow.

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