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Discover the Cepsim Psychological Center (photo-report)

Discover the Cepsim Psychological Center (photo-report)

June 25, 2022

The Center for Psychology and Training Cepsim is one of the centers with the longest trajectory in Madrid . Its popularity is due to more than 30 years of experience and a highly specialized team committed to updating their knowledge and working as a team.

Cepsim offers psychotherapy for adults, families, couples, youth, and children : each patient is unique and special, and their well-being is the main objective of the center's psychologists. The cases are delicately worked and the interventions are adapted to each patient, integrating classic psychology currents with the latest techniques to offer the best possible service.

Cepsim: a multidisciplinary team that integrates diverse currents and techniques

The range of perspectives from which the service leaves

1. Cognitive-behavioral

Focused on understand how you think about yourself, your environment and the world around you . It works the difficulties of the "here and now" and how thoughts and feelings are influenced by behaviors.

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2. Systemic therapy

It is a family therapy that can be applied to the family or focus on the individual and their systems, that is, how the development of the individual has been marked by family relationships, that have been able to generate dysfunctions, disorders and diseases as a result of alterations in relational styles and communication patterns.

3. Psychoanalysis

Through psychoanalysis we can know the psychic mechanisms that produce illness or suffering, as well as those that will work to achieve well-being.

4. Psychodynamic therapy

Through it emotional causes of psychological and behavioral problems are explored and the patient is helped to resolve and overcome the moments of crisis.

5. Gestalt therapy

It favors the growth of the patient by making him overcome and accept his negative parts, his blockages, which will give the individual freedom and capacity for self-realization. It is a therapy of the situation and the present.

6. Internal family systems

It is a therapy based on helping to accept and understand parts of our inner world that we do not understand and reject.

7. Therapy centered on compassion

Is a style of cognitive therapy that focuses on accepting and focus on compassion instead of criticism, shame and guilt, which we generally experience.

8. Sensorimotor therapy

The patient is freed from the trauma from a "bottom to top" view, that is, from the body to the mind and not the other way around, as has been traditionally done.

9. Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be used as a technique that accompanies the modification of behavior and thinking, as an enhancer of the patient's resources, among other benefits.

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10. Mindfulness

It is based on being present, in the here and now, so that we help our brain not to make "temporary trips," to disengage from obsessive thoughts, to relax and avoid stress .

How do we work in CEPSIM?

In Cepsim we are specialists in various disorders and psychological problems : phobias, anxiety disorders, stress problems, depression, family problems, couple problems, work harassment, food problems, orientation in life processes and personality disorders.

The Center also has an area specialized in all types of traumaS , among those who stand out for victims of abuse, sexual abuse and gender violence, where these problems are addressed with respect and understanding, an area of ​​specialty in therapy with abusers and an area of ​​specialists in addictions.

In addition, Cepsim has therapists specialized in children and adolescents They work with age-related problems such as: social relationships, development problems, guidance and other problems such as bullying, child sexual abuse (ASI), early trauma and adoption.

The center has Online Psychotherapy Service to adapt to the needs of their patients, so they can solve the problems of schedules, long distances or privacy. As well has the possibility of providing service to patients from other countries since it has a team that offers therapy in English and Portuguese.

Training area for all public and for psychologists

Cepsim teaches workshops whose objective is provide customers with tools and skills that facilitate their daily life .

Mindfulness workshop

Recognized as one of the 5 best mindfulness workshops. The courses consist of 8 hours and are divided into three levels . They learn to breathe properly, to connect with the present, to "be in the here and now". These courses are also taught in companies.

School for parents

It is a program aimed at parents of children between 5 and 11 years old who wish to reduce or prevent problematic behaviors . The program is structured in 6 sessions that include activities, debates, etc.

Explore your unconscious

It is an experiential workshop aimed at people who want to explore their inner world, solve a situation or free themselves from a burden. Through the "sandbox" technique, supercharging or traumatic experiences are integrated and released in a self-healing process.

Other services

Cepsim offers continuous training options for professionals from different approaches, which helps professionals to stay updated and be more effective in their work. Among the training for professionals, several workshops stand out as Sandbox, Inner Child, and Mindfulness Trainers Workshop. In addition, seminars on Introduction to Psychoanalysis, Introduction to Sensory-Motor Therapy and Introduction to Gestalt Therapy are offered.

Cepsim has a specialized service in case supervision for psychology professionals who wish to update themselves and clarify specific doubts about one or several cases. It allows experts to learn new techniques, review the quality of interventions and evolve with patients who do not progress.

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