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"Dogging" or "Cancaneo": the new sexual practice of exhibitionists and bystanders

June 17, 2024

In recent years a new sexual practice is becoming popular, the Dogging or Cancaneo .

What is Dogging?

Basically the Dogging (in English) or Cancaneo (in Spanish) is the sexual practice that refers to have sex in public places and have an audience that can be a simple "voyeur" or it can get to participate in the sexual act. His practice began in the 1970s in the United Kingdom, and is a combination of exhibitionism, voyeurism and, even, the exchange of couples.

The places where dogging is usually carried out are usually parks, beaches, public baths, service areas or urban areas.

Origin of the word "Dogging" or "Cancaneo"

The term "dogging" became popular with the British, since the "peepers" took advantage of to go for a walk the dog in areas where it was known that people were going to practice sex (parking, beaches, etc.). They used the mascot to disguise their true intentions.

Later, among the Spanish speakers, the word "cancaneo" appeared. Some argue that it is due to the translation of "dog" into Spanish, that is, "can". Others affirm but, that the word became popular since the discomfort of many of the places where dogging or cancaneo is practiced, obliges participants to adopt the position of the puppy .

Dogging refers to heterosexual sexual practice, but if participants are homosexual, then it is called "cruising".

Internet: Contacts for the "dogging"

The emergence of new technologies that allow contact with potential sexual partners has only increased the practice of dogging. In most cases this type of meeting is agreed through the Internet. Through the network, the type of practice is agreed, the place and time in which the sexual encounter will take place.

In big cities like Madrid There are very popular meeting places, such as the Paseo del Prado, the Retiro Park or the Templo de Debod car park. Dogging lovers often carry out their sexual fantasies in those places.

In the network there are specialized pages and cancaneo fans usually meet there to carry out the "hangout".

Is "dogging" a sexual disorder?

There are many types of paraphilias , sexual disorders that refer to sexual arousal in response to specific objects or specific situations. The problem of paraphilias comes from the difficulty that the person has to become aroused if the proper conditions are not met. Within paraphilias, dogging could be considered voyeurism on the part of the person watching, and exhibitionism on the part of the person who is sexually exhibited.

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For most experts, but dogging has no relevance from the clinical point of view since it is considered a sexual fantasy of the person who practices it. Also, since both the people who practice sex and the voyeurs who delight in the sexual act of others, have reached a prior agreement , a tacit agreement so that neither party bears a burden of discomfort for the other.

An exhibitionist, for example, would enjoy showing his genitals to a person who does not expect it while he is walking. On the contrary, a person who practices voyeurism would enjoy observing the sex of strangers in secret.

Dogging is a new fashion and succeeds equally exchange of couple (couples swinger). Swingers usually frequent specific places in search of sexual relations with other couples, although they also enjoy onlookers on many occasions. The difference between both practices is in the meeting places. While swingers have sex in private, dogging enthusiasts practice it in public spaces.

El 'Dogging', aventura sexual que se propaga en los parques (June 2024).

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