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Domestic violence and drug use grows due to new technologies

Domestic violence and drug use grows due to new technologies

October 4, 2022

The emergence and consolidation of new technologies leads to a greater dependence of society on these new forms of social communication, mainly among adolescents.

Unfortunately, psychologists point out that these new interrelation formats have increased the amount of aggressive behaviors in sentimental relationships.

Domestic violence in social networks

In this regard, several studies carried out by the Government Delegation for Gender-based Violence estimate that More than 60% of adolescents have suffered some kind of gender violence in their flesh through the use of social networks or mobile phone. Likewise, 35% say they have received messages that have caused them fear and anguish.

"The pattern of aggression among youth and adolescents remains identical to years ago. The important thing is to "control" the couple and this is easier through social networks and mobile phones. The aggressors usually ask for "proofs", locations and force them to stay connected to the couple, "says Barroso González, a UAE psychologist for female adolescents who are victims of domestic violence in the General Directorate for Women in the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

"Young people have a very poor sense of risk and frequently do not conceive as risky behaviors the consumption of drugs they acquire through the Internet or answer a text message in which they reprimand it," he warns. "In our clinic we try to make clear to young women two essential points: that an insult is violence, that nobody deserves to receive it and nobody has the right to throw it; and that they should value and take into consideration their feelings and feelings, whether they are sadness, discomfort or uneasiness, and let themselves be helped, whether they have the approval of their environment or not. "

Online violence

Victims are frequently forced to consume narcotic substances or to perform acts against their will. This control they suffer can lead to adaptive disorders and depressions, and even certain disorders in eating behavior, as an escape route when trying to find some kind of control over their body. In a smaller percentage, they may suffer post-traumatic stress. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is the most common addiction in these cases.

The network, psychotropic facilitator

The use of the network by users who want to expand or explore their limits through the use of psychoactive substances has increased. The market that the internet offers in this sense is vast: legal and illegal products, addictive or not. In the words of Dr. Elena Dengevic, "these are new behavior patterns on the Internet that can become crimes. The products that are being offered on the internet are synthetic, not much of them known, and others that would be difficult to find on the street. The web portals where they are sold are attractive, common, and in spite of everything, behind there is an illegal, addiction scenario, which the authorities are chasing day and night ».

In this sense, and thanks to the fact that some drugs are legal in many countries, "they can be acquired through the Internet simply by paying with a credit card or PayPal. Days later, the merchandise is delivered by messenger at the address. It is not the same to buy illegal drugs, because this fact is a criminal behavior. The problem transcends the sanitary, because it is tried on a regular basis and prohibit these drugs, but it is useless because they change very fast, "says Dengevic.

The typical consumer is about a man between twenty and thirty years old with higher education eager to try new experiences altering his consciousness Women and adolescents without previous experience grow more and more among the habitual consumers. "It is vital to try to educate in order to prevent the use of illegal substances. The fact itself can not be avoided on many occasions, but with information and training on the subject can contribute to responsible use. It would be interesting to start workshops or conferences where the risks of using these drugs are explicit, "says Dengevic.

Finally, the potential abuse and risks associated with these drugs have been indicated, which make it difficult to diagnose intoxication by a particular substance, since in many cases the multi-consumption has grown. Moreover, they entail a great vulnerability for physical and mental health, since professionals often witness convulsive crises, heart problems and even deaths.

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