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Flirt apps work, if you know how to use them (7 tricks)

Flirt apps work, if you know how to use them (7 tricks)

June 21, 2024

The times they Are a changing . It seems unthinkable, but only twenty years ago a single citizen could only meet other people in the physical environments he frequented: university, office, leisure facilities ...

Today, we are just a click away from meeting people with whom to have a romantic encounter. If you are aware of new trends, you may have noticed that there are apps to link. In this article, and thanks to the data obtained and studied by Badoo (the largest dating app in the world), we can approach this reality and detect certain patterns that make us more attractive in this digital world.

¿Why pay attention to Badoo? Very simple, after the experience of more than 10 years in the sector and more than 370 million users around the world are the most indicated to give advice and thus be successful when linking online.

How to link using an app? 7 tricks that work

If there are profiles that arouse great interest in these flirting apps and others that do not do so much, it is logical to think that there are some tricks that work, and others that simply generate rejection.

Let's find out what are the tips to be more attractive in these apps. Are you ready?

1. Select your profile picture correctly

In a previous post, and also thanks to the data provided by Badoo, we made known which are the types of profile pictures most used by users and those that are most successful.

The profile photos that work and therefore maximize your options to attract "matches" have the following requirements:

  • Your face is shown correctly
  • They have an optimistic look, although not necessarily smiling
  • Color photo better than black and white
  • Avoid too artistic photos

2. Introduce yourself as someone with passions and positive hobbies

We are much more predisposed to meet someone who conveys values ​​such as optimism and joviality , and who enjoys positive hobbies. Think about it: do you prefer to share moments with someone who does not leave your home, or with an athlete, or a climber, or a traveler?

It is not about exaggerating. If you really have more calm hobbies (reading, video games) ... you can also find your ideal partner through the apps to link. But if you have an adventurous soul, you must explode this version of you as soon as possible.

3. "Matches": 10 minutes a day are enough

To encourage other people to "match" with you, dedicate 5 or 10 minutes a day to the app . You know: in Badoo is the little heart or slide the profile on the right to the people you would like to meet.

The algorithms of these applications to find partners have a preference for users who interact more frequently, so that the chances of accumulating matches are accumulated over time. It is up to you to manage these incipient interactions to arrive at a meeting in person.

4. Be original, creative and respectful

Once you have achieved a few matches with girls or boys that you like, comes the part in which the interaction will mark the destiny of this potential relationship. In Badoo they have detected that some interaction styles are much more powerful than others.

It's no use being cold or overly pedantic. Just be simple but creative and, above all, always keep good manners and let the person you interact with know you care about their feelings.

5. Have a certain idea about your expectations

Life is changing, surprising, uncertain ... But when you start a conversation with a person in an app to flirt, you should have a few notions of what you expect from that interaction. That is to say: are you looking for a partner? Are you just looking for sporadic sexual encounters? Maybe you're interested in a friendship "and what comes up"?

Being honest when you start to have some intimacy with your "match" is a great idea. It is not necessary to uncover all your cards at the first exchange, but to be showing signs of what you are looking for and what is not, and to see if that person also thinks the same, so as not to lose time if you are not on the same wavelength.

6. Analyze the profile of your matches well

If you spend a few minutes exploring the profile of your matches you can get valuable information that will help you create an environment of sympathy . For example, your interests and hobbies can make us see if we get along with him or her. And if we have hobbies in common, what better excuse to open a conversation about them?

In the end, when we seek to have a romantic encounter we are eager to feel comfortable with the person we are meeting.It is not a universal maxim, but having shared interests is a great facilitator: communication will be more fluid.

7. Avoid everything that makes you seem frivolous or superficial

Even if you are only interested in sporadic encounters, showing a superficial appearance is never a good cover letter. For several reasons: other users may not take you very seriously, so the interactions will be very one-dimensional and focused on sex ... Maybe you're just looking for that, but ... is not it better to leave a door open so that something more can arise with someone who really attracts you?

To avoid giving a too superficial image, take a moment to complete and improve the interest sheet, your hobbies and tastes, so that other users know that, in addition to a physical, you are a person who can discover if they earn it .

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