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How can we improve our sexual desire?

How can we improve our sexual desire?

June 17, 2024

Often, at meetings of tupper sex what I do with PlacerConSentido I meet people who ask me "How can I get more excited?", "How do I feel more sexual desire?". Or: "lately I do not get so excited but I want to feel more, how can I do it?".

All these people add that their partner is the same as always, that they love her a lot and have always liked How is it now that it seems not enough?

Fighting the routine

With the passage of time and as the routine takes over the relationship with the couple, It is normal to get used to what you have and forget about looking for passion , of playing and experimenting to awaken desire. However, that does not mean that this should be the case. Eroticizing our mind so that passion does not die will allow us to live sexuality with greater intensity, and that is why it is very useful to generate and create erotic fantasies that enhance the sexual desire . The key question is: how to get it?

It is a really frequent consultation and, surprising as it may seem, both men and women do it. Many other people do not admit that they would like to have sexual fantasies. However, this may be due to a lack of knowledge about this concept.

The sexual fantasies they are not dissatisfied desires nor should they be understood as sexual failures , because they are not behaviors or ideas that we should carry out. They are simply a set of thoughts, intertwined images and desires that, however irrational and surrealistic they may seem, we want to use to fantasize and to be able to feel excitement while we are dreaming awake.

How to use fantasies to feed sexual desire?

To build erotic fantasies we can help with audiovisual material, erotic and / or pornographic videos, but it is also possible to use stories . Far from wanting to fall into the world of conventional pornography, where it appears sex built by and for men (incredible bodies, hypermusculados, smeared in oil and performing hard and eternal sexual behavior ...) Here you can find some examples of a more realistic erotic , beautiful and full of those flashes of passion that we look for in our fantasies.

1. X-art: erotic movies that are works of art

X-art is a French production company where each frame is a romanticism, simple and beautiful tapestry . The image is tenuous and the encounters between the bodies become eternal. It fulfills our expectation of extending the moment of passion with kisses and tenderness, which affects the potential of these films as a source of sexual desire.

2. ŸErika Lust: normal chic @ s who also know how to seduce

Erika Lust is the pioneer of the erotic for women, attending to the needs that are so often claimed in bed and that finally translate into porn. On his official facebook page he presents those gods and goddesses of pleasure, they are boys and girls that we could find on the street and could be our lovers . Handsome, stylish, and above all, the desire to activate your most hidden fantasies.

3. Erotic stories, a new way to enjoy sex

With the use of words we can imagine much more than we think and we can visualize each scene and each dialogue as if we were the protagonists of the story. That's why, if you like to read more, you can always use the narrative material you can find in erotic stories of all kinds. Many of these texts will make lovers of night reading are hooked to their pages.

Resources to improve your sex life

Another option that we have to feel with more appetite and stoke sexual desire is Like and feel wanted . So I encourage you to think how you could change something of your appearance, clothes, lingerie, makeup, hair, accessories ... whatever it takes to feel sexier. Do you dare to choose a change and do it? What reaction will you generate in the other? Looking at ourselves with other eyes helps to raise our self-esteem and to eroticize sexual encounters in order to raise libido. But, in addition, if we feel good, others will also see us more attractive.

There is no better way to feel wanted than to look at your partner and see how he looks at you!

I hope these ideas have helped to awaken the desire.

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