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How to delete a WhatsApp message that you have sent

How to delete a WhatsApp message that you have sent

April 28, 2024

We have all found ourselves in that situation where, unintentionally, we sent a message that we did not want, especially through WhatsApp , the most used smartphone messaging application today. Small mistakes can get us in trouble, either by typing errors or by messages whose content is the result of an outburst.

It may be that we have simply sent it to the right person and then we have repented, or we have sent the message to the wrong person.

When we realize, the first seconds can be paralyzing and we can feel great discomfort, especially if what we have sent is compromised, since we understand that this message can cause conflicts. To avoid this, the new version of WhatsApp allows you to delete messages already sent . The only problem is that there are still a few weeks left until it comes to light.

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How to delete a WhatsApp message that has not reached the receiver?

If you sent a message and you saw that you already have a double blue click on your device Do not get nervous, better spend your energy thinking a good excuse or just to be honest. Sometimes sincerity is the best option ...

Now, if you are lucky enough to realize that the person to whom you sent the text was not the addressee to whom you intended to send the message, you still have the opportunity to amend the error and save your dignity when it is he is in serious danger. In these cases you will like to know that you have an emergency solution , but you must act extremely quickly.

In some portal I could read that advised to block the contact to which you sent the wrong message immediately, as long as the message has not yet reached the recipient. This causes the message to be lost, and then you can readmit the person you just deleted and block. In my opinion, this is a disproportionate measure and, in fact, to delete a message that has not been sent, the steps to follow do not have much complication.

Differences between Android and IOS

Now, you should know that, according to the operating system, there is a difference when performing this action . If you have sent the message and you only have one click, in the case of an Android device, you just have to go to the conversation and keep the message you want to eradicate pressed. This will cause it to be marked in blue.

Then you have to press the trash can icon and ... that's it! Your message is deleted If you delete the message in this way but it has already reached the receiver, the only thing that will happen is that it will be deleted from your cell phone conversation, but not from the recipient's phone .

In IOS the procedure is similar, what happens is that once you keep pressing the message and you give it to delete, it appears the trash where you must send the message that you want to disappear from your mobile.

The key is to react in time

Both actions are possible both for messages sent in an individual conversation and in a group conversation. The important thing is to realize quickly to be able to react in time. The procedure to delete a WhatsApp message sent is not difficult, but know how to delete it previously can allow us to act in time .

If once sent we decided to search by Google the way to delete a message that has just been sent but has not yet reached the recipient, we run a serious risk that the message already has two clicks when we want to delete it. Time plays against us and, therefore, we must act with speed to avoid greater evils. Keep in mind that the fact that you have to act quickly is not changed by a software modification.

How to delete a message when it has already been sent?

Unfortunately, we do not always realize in time that the message we sent was not for the right person. As has been said, today it is not possible to delete messages that have already been sent, but this will change soon.

Just a few weeks ago, the Twitter account WABetaInfo, which reports on the new version of WhatsApp that is about to see the light, published that the latest beta version of the messaging service (a trial version) with the possibility of eliminating messages that have already been sent and that have arrived to the recipient.

To do this, the updated version will have a "Revoke" button, an option that will allow people to delete a message even though it has been sent. When the user presses this button, the message will be deleted from their device, and in the case of the receiver, the following message will appear: "The sender has canceled the message." The new function allows erase text messages, audio and audiovisual content on the recipient's phone. For many it is salvation.

The end of compromising messages

Nowadays it is common to relate to social networks and the internet. We spend long hours interacting with other people through smartphones, which have revolutionized even the way of linking.

In fact, a very common practice, which is not only practiced by young people, is "sexting", that is, sending intimate content messages. On many occasions, these messages can be very compromising . Thanks to this option it will be possible to erase the messages that, after sending them, we regret to share.

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How to Delete Sent Messages on Whatsapp (April 2024).

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