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How to know if my partner loves me? 10 keys to discover it

How to know if my partner loves me? 10 keys to discover it

September 6, 2023

Today, relationships are complicated, and being with someone requires constant negotiation . It is important that there is an equitable balance between giving and receiving (but on the part of the two, because we can not demand what we do not give) because, after all, we all want a partner that respects us and want. Unfortunately, not all of the couples we have are our great love nor do we end up on the altar with them.

Sometimes, relationships are broken, and that must be accepted. But when do we know that we must put an end to a relationship? How do we know if our partner really loves us and wants to spend the rest of his life with us? In this article We have made a list with 10 ways to know if your partner still loves you . It is likely that this will help you reflect on the direction your relationship is taking.

And ... what happens if the relationship breaks down?

If the relationship breaks down, you must know that you are not alone in this world . We have all been through this situation at some time in our lives and it is not easy to overcome it. But to accept that couples break up and that there is life beyond that people is one of those situations that make us grow and that make us stronger emotionally.

Also, if for some reason you are not comfortable in your relationship but you are still there for fear of leaving the comfort zone, you should know that you may find a person who treats you better and fills you more. On the other hand, if you have been left and you can not forget your ex, you may be interested in reading this article: "Why can not I stop thinking about my ex? 4 keys to understand it".

10 keys to know if your partner loves you

What are the keys to know if your partner loves you? Here we present the list of ten ways to know if your partner loves you, or if on the contrary the flame is already fading.

1. It is congruent between the love that says it feels and what it shows

The person who loves you not only tells you, but shows it daily . The words alone are blown by the wind, and it is very easy to say "I love you" but it takes effort to express love and take care of the day to day details. If he tells you that he loves you but does not show it (for example, spending time with you, taking care of you, etc.), and if, in addition, you do not feel wanted for this reason, the first thing you should do is let him know your position . Therefore, believe your actions before your words.

Now, you must also be sincere or sincere and recognize if you also show your love, because it is very easy to ask and expect from others without giving us.

2. Not only does he look for you to have intimate relationships

If the other person spends little time with you to perform activities and whenever you see them is to have intimate relationships, perhaps you should ask yourself if that is what you want. A couple is there to add and to make you feel lucky or lucky . Better to say what you think assertively, because if you want something more than a little dog in the air, let them know.

3. It does not harm your dignity

Someone who loves you does not harm your dignity . It is possible that you get angry and have arguments because each one defends his position. In some cases, even discussions can be strong, because when you live with someone your deepest values ​​can be in conflict. Now, if that person treats you badly and humiliates you in public, he does not love you or respect you.

4. Take your opinion into account

You may have received a job offer or a change opportunity, or simply plan to take advantage of your two weeks of vacation to spend in Thailand with your friends. If you include yourself in your plans and take into account your opinion, you can be sure or certain that that person loves you .

If, instead, instead of spending that time with you, you decide to go on vacation to Ibiza with your friends without even consulting you if you want to spend some time with him, maybe you should reflect on his position. Now, there's nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with your friends, it's normal and understandable. But if you only have one vacation and decide to spend it with other people ... maybe you should rethink things.

5. ... Are you your priority?

The previous example shows that you are not your priority . A person who loves you will strive to make your relationship work. If in everything you do never count on you, you may not be their priority, and if you are not, does the relationship make sense?

6. You feel happy for your achievements

A united couple will never be defeated . So if you're doing well, it's also your triumph. If you are with a person who loves you, they will be very happy for what you achieve in your personal and professional life because they want the best for you.

7. It is available to you

The person who loves you will want to spend time with you . If you are always more concerned about work, the gym or spending time with your friends, you may not care much. As already said, you are the priority of the person who loves you, and that is demonstrated by acts not only expressed in words.

8. He defends you

If your partner loves you, he will defend you before criticism or when someone attacks you personally . If, on the other hand, your partner becomes the first person who, instead of defending you, criticizes you continuously and does not lend your help, it can be an obvious signal that things are not going well.

9. Trust in you

Confidence in the other member of the relationship is one of the greatest predictors of well-being in the couple , because if the other person loves you, instead of putting obstacles in your way, he will trust you. That does not mean that at specific moments I may have some jealousy and let you know. In fact, it is quite normal when someone loves a person.

10. Do things for you even if you do not like them

And, sometimes, the person who loves you does not have to enjoy everything you like. But, even, the activities that are not to your liking for love are supported . For example, if you have an important competition the same day your soccer team plays, if your partner loves you, they will go to see you and support you. Or if you like salsa dancing a lot and he detests it, surely make that sacrifice to be with you.

This does not mean that one must adopt all the tastes and likings of the other member of the couple. It means, in reality, that one can be flexible and attentive to have a good time with that special person.

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