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How to overcome the fear of rebuilding your life without your ex-partner

How to overcome the fear of rebuilding your life without your ex-partner

July 19, 2024

How long have you lived since your love break? Have they been weeks, months, years maybe? And in all this time, although what you most want is to overcome that separation, you still feel pain, do you still remember the good times and still can not imagine being happy again without your ex?

If so, you should know that part of everything you feel is a common reaction and is part of the process until you overcome a separation. Yes, having all those negative emotions and thoughts is common, however, you can not allow yourself to stagnate and deny yourself the opportunity to build a new life without your ex .

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Overcome the fear of rebuilding your life without your ex-partner

The experience of a love break is the end of a stage in your life, but it is also, whether you want it or not, the beginning of a new one.

After all, life goes on, your obligations are still present and for sure you have entire decades to live. Thus, Stagnating can not be an option . You have the power to rebuild your life after a separation and with this article I want to motivate you to do so.

Today I want to talk exclusively about one of the biggest barriers that hinders the process of overcoming a love break : the fear of rebuilding your life without your ex. Let's understand the problem from the beginning.

You started a loving relationship and with that person you lived diverse experiences that united you as a couple. You walked hand in hand, you came, you laughed, you lived in intimacy, etc. You both integrated yourselves into the social groups of the other, interacting with your friends and family, and even made future plans. So, little by little, during all the time you stayed in that love relationship, you built a lifestyle together with your ex.

But now, the love relationship ended and you have to face the lifestyle you built with your ex; The difference is that now you must live without their help. Now you must attend the meetings alone and the first few times you will have to clarify that your ex will not be present again. You will want to keep distance with certain friendships that are related to your ex and of course, there will be certain daily activities that will remind you of the absence of you that person you loved .

That is, your life is framed by a lifestyle tied to your ex and, the longer you keep yourself that way, the more difficult it will be to overcome the separation.

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What prevents you from rebuilding your life without your ex?

You are reading this article because you have the desire to overcome the love break you experienced, but you do not know how to do it or you feel that you will not be able to do it. But think well, what prevents you from rebuilding your life without the shadow of your ex. Is it perhaps the pain you feel when you think that all your dreams have vanished? Is it perhaps because everything around you reminds you of your ex? Or maybe, do you feel that you depend on your ex's presence to get ahead?

Any of these reasons will generate an immense fear of facing the world without your former partner . However, most of these fears are generated by your own mental barriers and can be successfully addressed.

To achieve this you must start by being willing to do it and then change your mental focus to affirm that you can rebuild your life without your ex. Think, for example, of your dreams. Maybe you dreamed of taking a trip? If so, you must understand that you can still do it, regardless of the absence of your ex. Plan the fulfillment of this dream considering that it will not be as you planned with your ex, it will simply be different.

Look around and identify everything that reminds you of your ex and eliminates everything that is not indispensable . You do not need to keep the photographs and the memories. Neither do you need to maintain the same decoration and layout of your home. So do not be afraid and get rid of everything that stormyly reminds you of the absence of your ex.

Maybe your problem is that you feel that you are entirely dependent on your ex, because if so, you must be sure that you are able to live without your ex. You may not know how many things work, but today you live surrounded by information and you can always learn to do it yourself. And even if you feel you need help, you need to look beyond the dependence you have on your ex, and ask for support from your family and friends.

You have the power to overcome the love break you lived and rebuild your life. Believing in you is the first step to achieve it .

Leaving your comfort zone is part of the way to overcome separation

Yes, living an improvement is a very painful situation and involves a major restructuring in your life. That is why you must leave the comfort zone without letting the discomfort stop you.

There will be instants of pain and you will live varied reactions to the sadness caused by the absence of your ex. All this is common and normal. Your emotions have a special value in this process and you must give yourself a moment to live the grief and sadness of your separation and that with it, you mark the end of one stage and the beginning of the next.

Yes, if there is a next stage after what you lived with your ex and it is in that process in which you must embark.

Now that the relationship is over, it's time to decide to build a new life without the shadow of your ex. It is time to build a new lifestyle that favors the process of overcoming the love break you experienced. How to do it? Below you find 2 ideas to achieve it.

1. Discover

Write a list of at least 5 activities that you would like to do in the following 3 months. Even better if these activities are new to you, in this way, they will encourage your brain to concentrate more on using your abilities and this, in turn, will boost your self-esteem .

Surround yourself with people and seek to discover something new about each of them, take an interest in their lives and ask questions. Consider that at this moment your ex is very present in your thoughts and that, therefore, it is better if the conversation is focused and directed by other people.

Discover what characteristics you admire of other people and look for them too. To do it, Include in your agenda reminders about the attitude you want to have and about the description of yourself that you want from now on to define you.

2. Act, one step at a time

Understand that overcoming the love break you experienced is a process, it is not something that will happen from one day to the next. Start with the decision to effectively overcome it, continue with each activity you do to achieve it and culminate with the day you accept the learning from the past and feel satisfied with the life you lead. And since it's a process, you should start with one step at a time.

Every day is a new opportunity to leave behind the past and concentrate on your present. Every day you have the option of choose new activities in which to get involved , new topics to talk about and new people to meet. And everything happens gradually with every decision you make. So ask yourself: what prevents you from concentrating on rebuilding your life?

Life goes on

Whether or not you overcome the fear of building a life without your ex, life goes on quickly.

Surely you have already realized that, even in those days when you felt you could not get out of bed, the obligations remained present. Even though you did not have the head to think about anything, the routine continued as usual, the responsibilities were maintained and time passed.

But be careful, there is a big difference between time passing and you still stuck in the love break you lived, or that time passes and every day do something more to overcome your ex and recover your inner peace. Life goes on and you you have the power to decide how much of your present life you are going to devote to a past relationship .

Now, I understand that you are not used to going out and presenting yourself to the world. I understand if you are afraid because you got used to doing everything with the help of your ex. I can imagine that you have defeatist thoughts before trying and that you fall into the temptation to boycott your goal of overcoming it. But you should know that you are the only constructor of all those barriers mental and that, therefore, you are also the only one who has the power to tear them down. In your hands is the decision.

Do you want to overcome the love break you experienced? Then, decide to do it and concentrate your activities, thoughts and attitudes in that it is possible to achieve it.

Good luck and see you soon.

Breakup Advice : Getting An Ex Back Despite Emotional Dependency And The Fear Of Loss (July 2024).

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