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How to remove blackheads from the nose: 7 tricks and remedies

How to remove blackheads from the nose: 7 tricks and remedies

July 14, 2024

One of the biggest problems we face when we want to take care of facial skin is to know how to remove black spots from the nose. It is common that we see in the area "T" of our face these annoying points that while not harmful, are unsightly.

In the next lines we will see several remedies on how to eliminate black spots from the nose .

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How to eliminate black spots from the nose? 7 solutions

The black spots on the nose appear due to a hormonal imbalance, there is an obstruction of the pores of the skin, fat accumulates in them, and added to the accumulation of dead cells and their oxidation process, the set gives origin to This annoying problem.

In most cases, preventing this phenomenon linked to the maintenance of the skin is simple if a correct facial cleansing routine is maintained. However once they have appeared, there are simple remedies with which they can easily be eliminated .

1. Brown sugar

When we begin to look for remedies of how to eliminate black spots from the nose, home remedies can be very economical and effective allies to do it; However, we must always be careful of the ingredients we use so as not to hurt the skin or to infect it.

Sugar is a natural and very effective exfoliant. Simply combine three tablespoons of sugar with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and make a mix. You have to apply on the face with circular movements and let it act for 20 minutes. You have to perform this routine 2 or 3 times a week. This home remedy is one of the most effective and quick to remove the black spots of the nose, but then we will see others.

2. Egg white

Just add 10 drops of lemon juice to the egg white and apply this mixture to the face. You have to leave for 30 minutes and remove with warm water .

This remedy to remove black spots is recommended to be applied at night, because lemon juice can cause spots when exposed to the sun, especially in very white skins. The combination of egg white with lemon should be applied carefully and at night, in addition to making sure to rinse very well.

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3. Adhesive bands

In addition to home remedies, there are alternatives in the market to remove black spots that are very efficient and of very different prices and shapes.

Adhesive bands designed to clean the pores They are over the counter and you get them in pharmacies or supermarkets. Virtually any brand or type of adhesive bands can work. They are very practical, you just have to place them in the area where you want to remove the black dots and leave them to act and then take them off.

4. Masks

There are specific masks to eliminate black spots on the nose or any area of ​​the face where they commonly accumulate. Those that are composed of clay are usually the most efficient they help as an exfoliant and clean impurities from the skin.

In the market there are many brands and prices, to select one must take into account the type of skin (normal, mixed or oily) and read in the instructions if there is any restriction to apply it in the day or night.

5. Gelatin with milk

This is another home remedy that works very well and is simple to prepare and apply.

To use it you need a spoonful of unflavored gelatin and a spoonful of milk. You have to mix the ingredients and heat them in the microwave about 10 seconds Then, apply it preferably with a brush and leave to act. Once it dries easily, the black spots are removed as they stick to the gelatin and come off easily.

6. Steam bath

This alternative to remove black spots from the nose requires a lot of hygiene and care and is usually recommended only when there are not many black spots.

Enough with Heat water in a bowl until it makes enough steam and place the face over at a point where you do not run the risk of burning yourself but the steam arrives well. If possible, cover over your head with a towel or rag.

After a few minutes you withdraw from the steam and with very clean hands and preferably disinfected, gently squeeze the area where the black spots are concentrated.

Steam favors the skin to expand and pores open allowing blackheads to come out easily, however you have to be very careful not to hurt and not infect.

7. Brush and toothpaste

A very efficient tool that serves as an exfoliator is a toothbrush . It can be used with any of the homemade exfoliating masks (such as sugar with lemon) or with masks sold in supermarkets.Once the face has been cleaned of makeup, you can apply toothpaste to the face, remove it after leaving it for a while and apply a mask rubbing with the toothbrush in a circular way.

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Do THIS to Remove Blackheads From Your Nose (July 2024).

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