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How to show love: 10 tips

How to show love: 10 tips

June 20, 2024

Love is not something that exists inside a person, in isolation and without being externalized. It must be demonstrated through actions taken with the person you love in mind.

However, in a society that sometimes promotes seeing the expression of feelings with bad eyes, there are those who feel the need to learn more about how to show love and generally express feelings of affection and affection . We will discuss this in this article.

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How to show love in a simple way

With regard to expressing the feelings of love we feel for other people, everything is a matter of learning new communication dynamics, both verbal and non-verbal. Let's see several tips on this.

1. Dedicate time

Love is not something that should be demonstrated simply through specific actions. Although there are certain acts that serve to demonstrate love, in themselves they are not sufficient for the desired effect to arise. So that all of them have a true meaning for the person who receives these samples of affection, it is necessary to go through a previous step that is necessary but not sufficient to reinforce the loving bond : share many moments with that person, making spending time together is not an exception.

In case this is not fulfilled, any attempt to express love will be seen as superfluous, a way to compensate.

2. Do not ignore the look

When doing any action with which you want to express your love to a person, the look is essential . Maintaining eye contact is essential, since otherwise you lose the reference to know from the small gestures of the face what you feel. Automatically and irrationally, without the need to consciously analyze what is happening, a situation of interaction between two people becomes much more awkward if both are not looking each other in the eye.

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3. Respect your emotions

This is one of the fundamental aspects of love: to be someone to trust at the time of opening and tell fears, secrets, etc. It is important to take these situations seriously , and not make fun of or downplay the other person's fears. Otherwise, you might feel very lonely.

The simple fact of being different people makes us not feel the same, but we can connect emotionally with the other and assume their fears and fears as something reasonable and that deserves to be taken into consideration, if only for, from there , to be able to think about the possible solutions in that context.

4. Do not give it all done

Showing love is also assuming the effort of exposing oneself to fears and concerns and allowing the other person to make important decisions and develop an autonomous lifestyle . Do not give it all done, but show respect for their criteria and their ability to learn. One of the ways to show love that should always be applied, day by day.

5. Look for physical contact in small details

Physical contact is an excellent way to strengthen emotional ties. Not only is it a way to eliminate barriers; It also demonstrates the total confidence that you have in the other person, not through words but through actions as simple as a hug, caresses, kisses, etc.

6. Show your love in any context

You have to be consistent with the way you express affection. If you feel something significant for someone, it is logical not to be selective when it comes to regulating these demonstrations of love . Therefore, neither the presence of friends nor the obligation to perform a certain job are excuses to become distant and, even if, express love in a moment, in a matter of a few seconds.

7. Offer symbolic details

Some people use the money to try to "buy" the love, but no gift will have the same effect as something made by you, something that you have embodied an idea, a symbolism, that is important to both. In these cases, resorting to creativity is always a good idea .

For example, you can try a painting of both if you are good at that art, or with a poem, a song, an inspired dedication, etc.

8. Ask him how he feels

This is not just something that gives the other person the opportunity to express themselves and expose problems and ask for help. Also, to practice, it shows that the other person matters to us , especially if you are asked this when something has not just happened that shows that it is not right, that it is going through a bad time, etc.

9. Do not limit yourself to clichés

It is a pity to be limited to following the gender clichés when it comes to showing love.Not all women like roses, and not all men are interested in household appliances. Betting on personalization is fundamental.

10. Say what you feel

Many times, the simplest is the most effective . Telling a person that you love her is one of the best ways to show as much affection as the commitment to take on the implications of such a relevant statement.

How to Express Love - Tips To Express Love - 2017 (June 2024).

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