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Is distance the forgetfulness in relationships?

Is distance the forgetfulness in relationships?

July 18, 2024

Finding the love of your life is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences you can experience. Having someone to trust, spending incredible moments by your side and, of course, having intimate relationships with that person makes life worth living.

However, there are situations in which, for different reasons, lovers must separate. In these cases… Is distance the forgetting? Is it possible to make the couple work in this situation? In the following lines we will reflect on love from a distance and propose some tips that can make the relationship at a distance work.

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Is love possible from a distance?

Answering the question of whether it is possible to love at a distance is complicated. On the one hand, it is essential the intensity of the feeling experienced by the lovers, the patience that the people involved have and the mentality they adopt, since communication and trust are essential more than ever.

It is also very different to have a relationship with thousands of kilometers (if there are no opportunities to see each other more than once a year) than to live hundreds of kilometers away, when there is a possibility of staying on weekends. Being apart can be difficult, but it can also be an opportunity to know what one person feels for another. If the distance is exceeded, the chances of love coming out reinforced are many .

In addition, it is necessary to understand that there are very different situations from one couple to another, and sometimes, the impossibility of a reunion means that forgetfulness manifests itself. As some experts say, when a couple separates and a few months pass, the feeling is intensified by what is known as the "Romeo and Juliet effect", but if many years pass, the neuronal circuits weaken and individuals tend to rebuild their lives without the other person.

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Communication and trust: key elements

All those who have experienced this situation will know that, many times, the imagination flies when the other person is not around. Lack of physical contact is not the only handicap of this type of love.

The intensity and emotion of the principle often has nothing to do with the final outcome, because the importance of maintaining rationality and being aware of the reality that surrounds the situation can determine the success or failure in this type of relationship. Communication is key when you are far from your lover. Nowadays, luckily, it is possible to have conversations with the couple by phone, chat and video call at a very low cost, so communication can be fluid despite the distance.

However, Trust is vital in this context, since some individuals may become "paranoid" by not having the person close by . Many discussions can appear for insignificant things or removed from place, and in distance relationships, unlike close relationships, there is no physical contact, nor is it possible to talk to the person face to face. Many times, a simple kiss or a passionate night to solve some insignificant conflicts, something that does not happen when the other person is thousands of kilometers away from us.

Problems that may arise in the distance relationship

Succeeding in a relationship at a distance is not easy, and there are many obstacles that can appear in the path of lovers. The most frequent problems with which they are found are:

  • Jealousy: distance makes the imagination fly, and this can harm the stability of the couple. This can happen because the communication is often not completely fluid and the person covers the gaps with the imagination.
  • Uncertainty : imagination can often make pessimistic thoughts appear, especially when there is not enough confidence.
  • Lack of compromise : the distance can cause one of the members to feel a lower commitment than the other party.
  • Difficulties when spending time together Sometimes, the agendas of the lovers are not compatible, which can cause problems for the relationship.
  • Lack of physical contact : one of the main problems of distance relationships is the lack of physical contact.
  • Infidelity: lack of physical contact can lead to infidelity. Although this often depends on the values ​​of each individual.
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How to make a distance relationship work

When the distance relationship is inevitable, Is it possible to make love far away work?

This depends on both members of the relationship, but it is possible to follow some advice so that the relationship stays healthy despite the miles that separate the couple.

1. Communication

As I explained in the previous lines, communication is a key factor. In fact, communication is key in any couple relationship, but at a distance it is important to maintain a fluid communication and be very clear in what we say, because distance can lead to misunderstandings.

2. Space

Although physical space does not exist in the relationship at a distance, the psychological space does exist . That is why it is advisable not to be constantly contacting the couple and it is essential to let them do their lives normally and without harassment.

3. Trust

I have also said earlier that trust is key. As in any couple relationship, without trust it is not possible for it to work . In this context it is necessary to give a vote of confidence to the couple so as not to provoke difficult conflicts to solve.

4. Put on your part

Will is key in this type of situation, therefore, be patient and Putting each one on your part will help keep the relationship despite the kilometers of separation.

5. Common objective

Having a common goal makes the couple motivated . That is to say, it will help the couple to remain together despite the obstacles that may appear as a result of distance.

Are long-distance relationships healthy? (July 2024).

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