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Ludwig van Beethoven's 32 Best Phrases on Music and Life

Ludwig van Beethoven's 32 Best Phrases on Music and Life

September 24, 2022

When we speak of geniuses of music, it is likely that one of the first names that comes to mind is that of the great Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827).

Born in Bonn, Germany, he is considered one of the most influential classical musicians with an extensive work as a composer, conductor and pianist.

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Famous quotes from Beethoven

An indispensable musician of Romanticism, Beethoven made music lovers of his time vibrate with his symphonies.

In the closing stages of his career, he lost his hearing and transcended popular culture that composed one of his most famous works, the Ninth Symphony, guided only by his instinct, but he could never listen to his musical composition.

In today's article let's get to know Beethoven's best quotes , as well as his famous quotes that have come down through the centuries.

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1. The genius is composed of two percent of talent and ninety-eight percent of persevering application.

It is not only necessary to have a good inspiration, but to start it with perseverance.

2. Act instead of pleading. Sacrifice yourself with no hope of glory or reward! If you want to know miracles, do them before. Only in this way can your peculiar destiny be fulfilled.

Another phrase of Beethoven that stimulates us to strive every day to the maximum of our possibilities.

3. The barriers that they say to the genius have not yet been lifted: "You will not pass from here".

Nothing more indestructible than the creative mind of a genius.

4. Do what is necessary to achieve your most ardent desire, and you will eventually achieve it.

Motivating phrase like few that exhorts us to reach the end in every purpose that we have.

5. Making other men happy: there is nothing better or more beautiful.

On its greatest reward: the recognition of the public.

6. Never break the silence if it is not to improve it.

A famous famous quote coming from a genius of sound like Beethoven.

7. There are times when it seems to me that language still does not work at all.

Human communication is sometimes so complex ...

8. Music should make blood flow from the heart of man, and tears from the woman's eyes.

A somewhat sexist Beethoven phrase about the emotions that music should awaken according to the sex of the spectator.

9. An affable word makes nothing lose.

Good forms always have a reward.

10. Architecture is a music of stones and music, an architecture of sounds.

Curious parallelism that explains his vision on these two artistic disciplines.

11. I will seize fate by grabbing him by the neck. It will not dominate me.

A test of its tremendous vitality.

12. Recommend to your children that they be virtuous, only virtue can bring happiness, not money.

A life teaching of the German genius.

13. Consider difficulties as stepping stones to a better life.

Another reflection in an optimistic and vital tone.

14. The only symbol of superiority that I know is kindness.

A paradox that reveals good work in their personal relationships.

15. Let friendship, together with good, grow as the shadow of night until the sun of life is extinguished.

One of those phrases of friendship that can help us to reconcile with the world.

16. Resignation! What a sad word! And, nevertheless, it is the only refuge that remains.

A famous quote from Beethoven that he pronounced when he could no longer hear his own melodies.

17. You are a prince by chance, by birth; As for me, I am for myself. There are thousands of princes and there will be, but Beethoven there is only one.

A show of pride for some; of challenge to the status quo for others.

18. Do not trust your secret or your closest friend; You could not ask for discretion if you did not have it yourself.

Certainly, if we are not able to keep discretion, it will be difficult for others to do it for us.

19. Music is a revelation higher than any philosophy.

His concept of musical art, at the top of the pyramid.

20. Friends are not only united when they are next to each other; Even the one who is far away is still present in our thinking.

Nice phrase to reflect on friendship, even when there is distance in the middle.

21. For you, poor Beethoven, there is no happiness in the world, you have to create it in yourself. Only in the ideal regions can you find friends.

In a letter to Gleichestein, Beethoven expressed his feelings.

22Divine Creator, you who can look into the depths of my soul, know that there lives the love towards man and the desire to do good.

A thought directed to God.

23. Everyone who works righteously and nobly can, for that very reason, cope with misfortune.

A life ruled by ethics is always happier than opulence achieved on the basis of moral misery.

24. It is the same rain that in the uncultivated land makes brambles and thorns grow, and in the gardens, flowers.

A very clarifying metaphor, which can be applied, for example, to the world of education.

25. With men who do not believe in me, I can not and do not want to associate with me.

On trust and how to build any business possibility in it.

26. It is curious to see how, as theoretical freedoms increase, practical freedoms diminish.

Reflection in a pessimistic tone about the political and normative changes of his time.

27. With whom should I fear measuring my strength?

Another phrase of Beethoven in grandiloquent tone.

28. Rossini would have been a great composer if his music teacher had given him a good spanking in the ass.

A scathing comment towards another composer of the time.

29. Beethoven can write music, thank God, but he can not do anything else on earth.

About himself, in a show of humility.

30. Those who think or say that I am malevolent, obstinate or misanthrope, how much they are wrong about me.

Another phrase by Ludwig van Beethoven in which he reflects on his public image.

31. It is ignoble man who does not know how to die. I've known him since he was fifteen.

Reflection on dignity, especially in the last moments of life.

32. But how is it possible to play for such spoiled children?

On his null predisposition to interpret music for people who were not to his liking.

Beethoven: 32 Variations in C Minor, WoO 80 (Perahia, Mustonen, Kissin) (September 2022).

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