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Marketing for Psychologists: the 'Psychology and Mind' team at the service of your clinic

Marketing for Psychologists: the 'Psychology and Mind' team at the service of your clinic

July 14, 2024

'Psychology and Mind' is a website created 3 years ago by a team of young psychologists from the University of Barcelona. During these three years of life, the community has grown to more than 1,000,000 followers on Facebook and more than 14 million monthly visits.

Is this coincidence? Absolutely not . From the beginning, the creators of 'Psychology and Mind' decided to train and educate themselves in different areas, such as the audiovisual product, communication and digital marketing. This expertise has meant that, nowadays, the project has a team of 12 professionals who develop and manage projects under the umbrella of the leading company in the sector .

We have worked with clinics, platforms and leading professionals in the field of mental health: Mensalus, Rey Juan Carlos University, TherapyChat, El Prado Psychologists, INESEM, IL3 / Universitat de Barcelona ... and many more.

Marketing for psychologists: we help you grow your clinic or your query

If you are a professional that you manage a private consultation, or if you are the manager of a psychotherapy clinic, this may interest you. 'Psychology and Mind' is a pioneering company in the field of marketing for psychologists and clinics . Through years of experience and a young and decisive team, we are able to take digital communication from your clinic to the next level.

Because, as you may have noticed, potential patients rely on the digital world to decide which therapist can best adapt to their needs. Whether you search on Google or browse social networks, those particular clinics or psychologists that have greater visibility and better branding are the ones that arouse the most interest. Do you want us to help you strengthen this essential aspect in your Psychology center?

How we work?

The world of digital marketing is especially complex and changing. What is effective today may not be tomorrow. From 'Psychology and Mind' we play with advantage: we have been the most visited Psychology portal in Spanish for more than three years . This gives us some unique knowledge that allows us, if you want, to take the digital communication of your center to a very high level.

However, What exactly do we do to get results?

1. Branding

Our team has design professionals . But not only that, but we are also psychologists. That is, we know exactly which brand image will be effective in each case. Our services, of course, are fully customized to the needs and characteristics of your project.

2. Social networks

If you are not in social networks, you do not exist . In the digital world, visibility equals power. If your clinic falters in this aspect, our professionals can take charge of managing your communities and achieve results: increase of followers, reach, management of Facebook and Twitter Ads, creation and diffusion of contents ...

3. SEO

'SEO' stands for Search Engine Optimization. Does your clinic have a website, or a blog? You need to master SEO to appear in the first search results in Google. In a time when the Internet has become the main source of information to which we go to consult anything, being well positioned on the first page of the search engines is crucial. If you do a good SEO, it is possible to be receiving traffic week after week passively (without having to work on it every day). Simply, visits to the website of the brand (or the product or service to promote) arrive alone.

If someone searches for you on Google and you do not appear in a good place ... it is likely that you hire the services of another professional. But calm, because we are experts in this subject.

4. Audiovisual

We have a team dedicated to creating and producing high quality audiovisual content . If you need a memorable corporate video, tell us your idea and we will get the most out of it.

5. Blogging

Content marketing is one of the most profitable investments currently . Through blog articles, your potential patients know you and generate empathy with you. It is a way to make yourself accessible and show a professional and friendly face. Do you want us to give you a hand in this?

Keys to develop brand image in the psychology sector

Beyond the more technical aspects that have to do with marketing for psychologists on the Internet, there are other key ideas that should be applied to the brand image in general. That is to say, in the way of expressing the underlying philosophy that guides the way of practicing the profession, in dealing with the client, with collaborators, etc.

Several of these key ideas to apply in the field of marketing are the following.

1. Find a consistent tone in the way you communicate

It is important that the way to communicate with others, whether from the web page, from social networks or through in-person treatment, is consistent and has no discontinuities. For example, if the blog uses a very neutral and impersonal style and in social networks, it uses a rather familiar and informal tone, it is generating a degree of ambiguity that breaks with the brand image .

2. Transmit values ​​in positive

In the field of health and clinical psychology, and even in education, it is common to talk about the services provided by formulating the existence of needs to be covered, in negative.

For example, the emphasis was on how bad it would be to leave certain behavior dynamics unattended, leaving no room for proposals for action on what can be done about it, posed in positive .

This way of posing the professional function can be used in special contexts, such as articles whose function is essentially informative, but in content related to the marketing of a psychology service, transmits pessimism. It is better to avoid it.

3. Do not put extreme examples

When it comes to attracting the attention of potential clients, it is often resorted to putting fictitious or real examples. Keep in mind that most people who doubt about whether to treat a certain problem going to the psychologist do not see themselves as "patients" with a serious disorder to treat and surely it is true that many of them do not have, of fact, no disorder.

Therefore, it is preferable to use other references If what you want is to achieve identification between the potential client and the person who sets an example as a treatable case in consultation.

4. Do not bargain

The pressure produced by a market in which there is a lot of competition can lead to taking unorthodox measures to have new customers or to preserve existing ones. However, there are limits that should not be crossed, and haggling with the price is one of them. This practice reinforces the idea that the value of the services of psychologists is something very relative , partly because apparently much of this work can be superficially summarized as "talk".

Given that there is this risk of offering a devalued image because of the relative scarcity of material resources necessary to perform a good part of the work, it is advisable to avoid falling into negotiation dynamics that give reason to the idea that if psychology is not free it is because of a whim.

5. Betting on a comfortable work space

The majority of professionals in the service sector who serve clients directly give importance to the space that the latter will see when receiving the attention of the professional team. However, in the case of psychologists, this is also important for another reason: patients or clients should feel that they are in a safe and welcoming place . A space in which you can forget everything that is not to direct your attention to the therapeutic or learning objectives.

Other key ideas to make the business prosper

These are ideas and reflections to consider that can serve so that the marketing initiatives of psychologists reach a successful conclusion .

1. Assume that it is a paid job

Many people start their psychology training careers with the aim of helping people in the abstract, but it must also be clear that for this service to be of quality, it must be profitable.

Therefore, take the time to ensure that the efforts invested in the project make it compensate, it should not be something taboo . It is part of the professional's job.

2. Networking is important

In such a changing environment as that of psychology, it is crucial to have allies . That's why webinars and networking contexts in general can help a lot.

3. You have to update

Not only is it important to be up to date so that our training is not outdated. In addition, it must be done to keep abreast of changes in legal issues, market dynamics, etc.

Our professionals

If you decide to work with us, we set up several departments so that your clinic stands out above all others. Do you want to know who we are?

► Bertrand Regader (Digital Marketing, SEO and Product)

Bertrand is a psychologist (Universitat de Barcelona) and is the general director of 'Psychology and Mind' . He is also director of R + D + I in the hotel chain Iberostar. Passionate about digital communication and the management of start-ups, he is one of the biggest experts in SEO and Inbound Marketing in Spain (you can check with this ranking developed by Sistrix). He is co-author of "Psicológicamente hablar", a book published with the publisher Paidós.

► Jonathan García-Allen (Digital Marketing, Key Account Management)

Jonathan is a psychologist (Universitat de Barcelona) and Master in Human Resources . He is the communication director of 'Psychology and Mind'.Multi-talented and sportsman, García-Allen has developed his professional expertise in the field of digital and commercial communication. He works as Key Account Manager with the main clients of the company. He is co-author of "Psicológicamente hablar", a book published with the publisher Paidós. He is an expert in Inbound Marketing and Branded Content.

► Adrián Triglia (Content creation, Branding, Creativity)

Adrián is a psychologist and publicist (both from the University of Barcelona) , co-author of "Psychologically speaking." He is the main editor and creator of SEO content in 'Psychology and Mind', holding the position of editorial director of the brand. Creative and thoughtful, he prints his personal mark on each job, taking the digital communication and the branding of each clinic to a higher stage.

► Christian Lobo (Audiovisual)

Christian is an audiovisual producer and image retoucher . He has worked in large publishing and advertising companies, such as RBA, Iberostar and Privalia, for which he has a distinguished career as a creative in all imaginable facets of video and image. It is able to get the most out of the advertising campaigns of clinics and private professionals. Turn your idea into a video that transmits the best of you or your business.

Someone else?

We also have a team of software and web programming, web and corporate design, writing, technicians in online and offline marketing ... We have everything you need to highlight .

See you soon

Now that you know a little more about what we do and who we are, we just have to say hello and invite you to meet us personally.

Each project is a world, so if you think we can help you grow, do not hesitate to contact us and explain what you have in mind. We treat each project in a personalized and unique way.

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Master Marketing Class for Therapists (July 2024).

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