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Our first book goes on sale! «Psychologically Speaking»

Our first book goes on sale! «Psychologically Speaking»

June 25, 2022

We had something quiet, but the three creators of the digital magazine Psychology and Mind We have been quite busy during the first months of this year.

  • By courtesy of El Jardín del Libro, you can get the First Chapter of the book by clicking on this link.

The project that we had in our hands was nothing more and nothing less than the elaboration of our first book about psychology. His name is «Psychologically speaking: a journey through the wonders of the mind » , has been edited by Ediciones Paidós, signature of the communicative holding Planet Group , and is on sale both in Spanish bookstores and right here.

  • To buy the book comfortably through Amazon, do it through this link.

«Psychologically speaking»: an introduction to psychology

We wanted that Psychologically speaking be an introductory book to psychology where you start to explain things from scratch, that is, a book suitable for all kinds of curious people not necessarily informed about the subject.

In the first pages we talk about basic aspects about what psychology is, what topics are studied from it and what it is for, while then we review its history and the leap into the scientific world, we talk about the functioning of the brain and ends by talking about several of the most relevant studies, researchers and discoveries in psychology and neurosciences.

In short, we have imagined Psychologically speaking as a complete book, shorter than the classic manuals of more than 600 pages and more enjoyable than most of them. A real work of synthesis: we have condensed the highlights of the science of behavior in this book which, by the way, you can also acquire from Amazon (follow the link)

From that idea we have put hands to work joining our words with the illustrations of Javier Pérez de Amézaga Tomás. We believe that the result you may like a lot, since it offers a panoramic view of what is and what has been psychology and at the same time presents these varied contents ordered and related to each other so that it is difficult to get lost. After all, books on psychology can be of interest to all kinds of people, and it is good to make it easy for everyone without being content with explaining little.

The creation process

In Psychology and Mind We know that psychology is a discipline that covers many areas and topics. You can talk about the history of psychology, the discoveries that have been made from its field, the relationship it has with the neurosciences, what it teaches us about mental processes and our way of relating and making decisions, etc. It is also interesting to talk about the philosophical subjects on which the different historical currents of psychology are based, and to see to what extent they are forms of science or not.

All this makes it not easy to explain what psychology is . You can not talk about a more or less fixed sequence of important discoveries that have accumulated on top of each other, as in the natural sciences, because psychology is a bridge between them and the social sciences. That means that there have been few unique investigations that "demonstrate" ideas: in this science, in order to progress, it is necessary to test the same theory many times.

In addition, as in psychology there is no unified theory, virtually all the results obtained in an investigation can be interpreted in radically different and conflicting ways.

This means, basically, that the most difficult thing to carry out in this project has been the principle: how to order so many ideas and make them a whole with meaning . After thinking and modifying texts a lot, we decided that the best thing to do is to start from the basic definitions at the beginning, to go on to the description of the historical roots of psychology later on, and then to tackle different relevant issues separately on the basis that has been established.

A book to have a clear picture of this discipline

So that, Psychologically speaking It is not just a book in which interesting ideas are presented. It is also an effort to sort out this apparent chaos and give a comprehensible and structured picture of psychology.

We hope you like it and that you learn through its pages .

How to acquire "Psychologically Speaking"?

Very easy. We provide you the link to Amazon. Simply pay with your credit or debit card and you will receive it at home in a few days.This is the complete link: //

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