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Photoreport: Meet Mariva Psychologists

Photoreport: Meet Mariva Psychologists

July 19, 2024

In the center of Valencia, in the Plaza de España area, we find Mariva Psicólogos, a psychology center formed by three psychologists specialized in different areas of mental health .

One of its strengths is that they share the same way of working, that is, from professionalism and using the most effective techniques with scientific validity (cognitive-behavioral perspective), all three agree on the need to work with vocation, in their empathy and closeness But they differ in other aspects, especially in the areas of specialization. For this reason, they form an effective team when it comes to covering different specialties.

Mariva Psychologists professionals have extensive experience, training and all the requirements to be able to attend to the patient from the premise of offering the highest quality.

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The Psychological Psychology Center Mariva

Its center is cozy and has everything you need to make your visits to it comfortable and comfortable.

When a person comes to the consultation, the first thing they do is perform a psychological evaluation . That is, they find out what happens to that person, why does that happen to him, why is that problem being maintained, and finally how can we help him? After this, they begin to work according to the objectives of each patient, offering personalized attention and treatment.

The team

On the one hand, we find Iván and Marta, focused on the psychology of adults, and on the other hand, Leticia, the child psychologist at the center.

Iván and Marta daily help people suffering from anxiety in its many aspects , such as panic attacks, phobias, fears, agoraphobia ... They also have a large influx of patients who come to their center to improve their self-esteem.

In addition, they are specialists in couples' therapy, sexual problems, as well as treatment to overcome ruptures and, the increasingly recurrent, emotional dependence.

The most common is that people go to their center to overcome situations that with their own tools are not able to solve, which generates discomfort. It's saying, they come for problems that we can call "everyday" and for the suffering that they generate .

On the one hand, Ivan deals with the area of ​​sports psychology and offers the possibility of therapy being conducted in English.

Marta, on the other hand, deals with clinical psychology and health and the area of ​​legal psychology, especially making expert reports on custody and visitation.

The child psychologist, Leticia, takes care of help both children and young people overcome their daily difficulties , as well as learning.

Treats from fears, phobias, jealousy, anxiety ... going through problems in toilet training, sleep and eating disorders, aggressiveness ... to reach the difficulties in social relationships, self-esteem and emotional problems. To this is added treatment in cases of failure and bullying, and in children with high abilities, dyslexia, dyscalculia and various cognitive disorders.

In addition, Leticia is a specialist in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, specific language disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger's syndrome. Do not forget that there are problems that arise at any age, such as phobias, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem ... and, something that is detected more and more, the addiction to new technologies.

Your collective work in mental health

In addition to individual therapy, the three of them carry out various group workshops, both at the children's level (such as emotional intelligence workshops for children) and for adults (workshops on self-esteem, emotional dependence, positive thinking ...). These are a way to get psychology to people and that attendees benefit from the advantages of group therapy.

In short, regardless of the problem, Mariva Psychologists try to provide tools to those who come to your center to learn to think in a more adaptive way, to behave in a way that generates greater well-being, to control physiological reactions that are derived from psychological problems and, ultimately, to improve their quality of life.

Do not forget that therapy requires a personal effort; the psychologist will help you and give you everything you need to get your change, but this change does each one personally, and most importantly, this therapy seeks to generate a definitive change, that you achieve your goals and that this improvement is maintained .

Fortunately, It is becoming more common and less taboo to go to the psychologist , and what is "crazy" is not taking advantage of the fact that there are professionals who can really help you achieve greater well-being.

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