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Psychology and Mind, speakers at the III Conference on Research and Business at the University of Barcelona

Psychology and Mind, speakers at the III Conference on Research and Business at the University of Barcelona

November 15, 2023

This past May 3, the founders of Psychology and Mind were invited to participate in the session of "Young Entrepreneurs" organized by the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona within the framework of III Conference on Research and Business .

The people in charge of representing this house were Bertrand Regader and Adrián Triglia, and there, in addition to recalling old anecdotes about our passage through that same faculty not so long ago, we had the opportunity to put their two cents in talks made in a format similar to that of the round tables in which the guests debate relaxedly on certain topics.

In addition to explaining our project over and tasting the canapés (whose presence in this type of event is especially valued by the people who are now our age), we were able to exchange opinions with the attending public and with the rest of the invited participants about a topic that is gaining more importance: What is entrepreneurship and what kind of challenges are associated?

Seguim in second round of the day parlant d'emprenedoria jove #RiEPsicoUB

- Psicologia UB (@FacPsicoUB) May 3, 2016

Entrepreneurs: the only way out of a gray work environment?

These are some of the conclusions that we draw about the labor issue and the new paradigm of entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurship is not a panacea.
  • Entrepreneurship is not the solution to all our ills, but it is a very suggestive option, especially taking into account that unemployment among psychologists in Spain is higher than the average of the total population.
  • Entrepreneurship can be many things.
  • Although the word "entrepreneur" tends to be associated with young people who decide to start from scratch projects related to the Internet and new technologies, there is no reason to limit the concept of entrepreneurship to this type of case. Which brings us to the next point.
  • Work on personal projects illusion.
  • Pose this type of challenges carries relatively high risks and failure is very common, but the fact that the only thing that limits the room for maneuver of one is the resources that are counted makes the experience tends to be satisfactory.

The enterprise is very mythic

The idea of ​​entrepreneurship is quite idealized because of the connotations of freedom and time flexibility to which it is associated, but not only because of that. Large companies are interested in having the productive muscle of young people determined to take risks that they would otherwise have to assume.

Psychology and Mind, speakers at the III Conference on Research and Business at Univ de Barcelona @FacPsicoUB //

- Psychology and Mind (@psicologiamente) May 5, 2016

You have to work with passion while keeping a cool head

Pulling forward personal projects requires transforming the passion that turns into them in productivity, but it is also good to maintain high doses of realism to know what works and what does not, but also to avoid that work invades our entire personal life.

Entrepreneurship is not a solution at the political level

The spirit of the entrepreneur (that system of beliefs and values ​​so mythified of which I have spoken before) is closely linked to the idea of ​​the man made to himself and that each person has the power to prosper if he uses enough effort in it. However, this can not be the case on a planet where the place where one is born is one of the best variables to predict life expectancy. The people with possibilities of creating successful projects are a privileged minority .

From here we send a greeting to the people of Psycogaming (whom we already interviewed previously), Ilusiona Psicólogos and Tiendeo, who shared a table with us. We also want to thank again the efforts of the people who organized the event, in particular Angela Castrechini, professor of social psychology and who was in charge of moderating the round table, and Maria Palacín, secretary of organization of the Faculty. Thank you very much for the kindness of having invited us as speakers.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences of #emprendeduria @PsycGamer @Ilusiona_Psi @psicologiamente @Tiendeo @FacPsicoUB

- Angela Castrechini (@AngelaCastrechi) May 3, 2016

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