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Research: 3 out of 4 women are lesbians or bisexuals

Research: 3 out of 4 women are lesbians or bisexuals

October 1, 2022

A controversial study that has been published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology concludes that The vast majority of women are not heterosexual, but are attracted to other women .

In this way, the investigation puts in doubt the sexual tendency that has traditionally been assigned to women and the correspondence between gender and heterosexuality.

Women are lesbian or bisexual, but almost never heterosexual

If you are a woman, this research will make you reflect on your sexual tastes. If you are a man, this study will change your life because Maybe your partner is lying to you .

This study, carried out by the University of Essex, seems to indicate that women are lesbian or bisexual, but rarely heterosexual. Obviously these data should be confirmed by other studies, butThe results obtained in this research have caused a great impact worldwide .

According to the study's author, "Although most women identify as heterosexual, our research clearly demonstrates that, as far as sexual arousal is concerned, they are lying. They are lesbian or bisexual, but almost never heterosexual. "

The data of the controversial study

The research was directed by Dr. Geru Rieger from the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom. The study included a sample of 345 women, and initially aimed to find a relationship between male sexual and non-sexual behaviors of lesbian women.

It was found that some lesbian women were more masculine in their sexual arousal and others in non-sexual characteristics, but mostly there is no connection between both indicators, since Non-sexual traits of lesbian women and their sexual arousal are influenced by independent factors .

Rieger explains that "there are women who can dress in a masculine way but they do not necessarily show masculine sexual behaviors", and adds that "this informs us that although some women can appear in public with a very masculine attitude, in the intimacy it is known if they will also have male sexual behaviors. "

The majority of women are bisexual

For the study, the subjects were shown videos of naked women and men and sand recorded different indicators of the level of sexual attraction such as dilation of the pupils or genital arousal.

The results showed that 82% of participants were aroused with both sexes, so the vast majority of women are bisexual. In addition, of the women who claimed to be heterosexual, 74% were aroused with both sexes . The majority of women who claimed to be lesbians were only aroused by videos showing naked women.

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More studies with similar results

There are other studies that show similar results, that is, that confirm that most women are attracted to other women. An investigation carried out by the State University of Boise (United States) in 2011 affirms that 60% of women who claim to be heterosexual are attracted to other women s .

Another study conducted by the University of Montreal in 2014 also found that: "although many women claim to be heterosexual, they are attracted to the same sex." 36.9% of the sample of 718 women who claimed to be heterosexual had fantasized about having sex with other women.

Other research claims that women are attracted to both men and women ... as well as chimpanzees

Possibly one of the most striking investigations in this line of research is the study conducted by Meredith Chivers.

After analyzing the data, it was concluded that women are even excited to see two chimpanzees performing the sexual act . For the study, Chivers used vaginal photoplethysmographs, a device that is able to collect the blood supply in the vagina, and concluded that women get excited when they watch videos of both people and animals masturbating or making love.

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