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Singles are happier than married people, according to science

Singles are happier than married people, according to science

July 23, 2024

We live in a society that practically forces us to be married . Having a partner, getting married and then having children is considered the normal pattern of behavior.

When someone does not have a partner (and also does not need to be fulfilled) the people around them begin to question the reason for this fact: "Why are you single? Why do not you want to be with anyone?"

Well, according to scientific studies, single people enjoy greater well-being and emotional balance than people who are married . In this article we explain it to you.

There are more and more divorces ...

Much is said today about the amount of divorces that exist today and that fewer and fewer people want to get married in these times. According to Eurostat (the European statistical office), in Spain there are fewer and fewer marriages, as they have fallen to 56% in the last 50 years . This shows the complexity of romantic relationships.

If we look around us, I'm sure we all know people who are in a relationship and unable to spend time with themselves. They seem to panic to be alone.

A few months ago I met a person who confessed to me that since he was 16 he had always had a partner and that, despite having several relationships, he recognized that he had not developed a series of skills necessary to be happy. He was afraid of uncertainty, he needed to know that someone always expected him and, in other words, he did not have enough leadership capacity or the ability to empower himself in front of life and he did not have the self-confidence necessary to overcome the challenges without the help of anyone. . Something that made me think about whether getting married has negative consequences for ourselves.

Since then, I have observed that many people have the same problem. In fact, in extreme cases this requires psychological assistance, is what is known as anuptaphobia (or anuptaphobia), irrational fear of being left alone.

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Science confirms that singles are happier than married

And it is that, many times, the social pressure that marriage demands and having children, the fear of being labeled as "bachelor" or "spinster" or the emotional dependence that leads people to be together with another person forces you to have a partner. Many individuals think that they will be happier, when in reality it is not like that. At least that's what a recent study seems to indicate.

The research was carried out by Bella DePaulo, a doctor of psychology at the University of California. For his study, he had data from more than 800 researches of the last 30 years, with the conclusion that singles possess a greater sense of self-determination, which is essential for their own personal development.

Data presented at the APA annual convention

These results were presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association (APA), and they go against the popular belief that getting married makes you happier and that is what many people pursue.

As Bella DePaulo explains to the newspaper "The Independent", "Research shows that singles feel more self-actualized on a personal level and self-sufficiency and self-determination is beneficial for them because they experience less negative emotions and are mentally and emotionally stronger" .

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Study data

This study is a compilation of different researches carried out in the United Kingdom, as people who have chosen to stay single in this part of the world have increased by 25% in 14 years.

Although some experts warn of the dangers of giving everything to one person throughout life, DePaulo concludes that "singles are often discriminated against and are victims of certain prejudices regarding singleness and marriage." Prejudices that are wrong , because as you see, scientists say that a life in marriage does not make you happier, rather the opposite.

Benefits of being single

The benefits of being single are many. By not having to share your life with someone, you also have more time to invest in yourself. If you are smart enough to realize that marriage is no more than a social imposition and that you can enjoy your life in single life, your quality of life can increase considerably.

In summary, the benefits of being single are the following:

  • It allows you to know yourself : Many people who are in a couple depend so much on their relationship with each other that they do not take the time to enjoy who they really are and the great potential they treasure to do what they want. That is not being selfish, it is having self-love. In fact, there are many people who are in pairs and all they want is to change the other so that it is as he wishes. Is not that more selfish?
  • Perfect to know the world : It may happen that you feel the need to explore the world, but someone ties you. It is ideal if the other person also wants to do it, but that is not easy to find. When you are single you go to the places you want to go without having to explain to anyone.
  • You invest time in yourself and seek your self-realization : You have time for the person who loves you the most, yourself. Nothing prevents you from being who you want to be.
  • You do not have continuous discussions : If you argue with someone, it's with yourself. If you do not have a partner you can not discuss your needs and your motivations with another. You decide what and when you will do it.
  • You enjoy more friendships : Some studies show that single people have more friendships and relate more with other people.
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This does not mean that you should remain single forever, to avoid unhappiness . It simply refers to the fact that being single has its virtues. Everyone is free to make the decision they want, and it is possible to be happy as a couple. According to this study, however, many people leave aside a part of themselves to satisfy their partner, something that in the end seems to make them less happy.

You can be in pairs if you are not really afraid of being single and have found someone who complements you and who respects you as you are. That is what is known as mature love. To delve into this topic, you can click here.

Study Claims Single Life Beats Married Life (July 2024).

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