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Take ESO online: advantages and disadvantages

Take ESO online: advantages and disadvantages

October 5, 2022

ESO, Compulsory Secondary Education in Spain , is a four-year academic period that includes the ages of 12 to 16 years, according to Spanish educational legislation (LOGSE). It is composed in those four courses that will allow us (or not) to access the Baccalaureate cycle.

However, not all spheres of society have had the opportunity to carry out such studies. For this reason, and thanks to the technological revolution, the internet offers the opportunity to those people to resume what they could not finish. Nowadays, taking ESO online is a reality.

Take out the ESO, a pending subject

Currently there are specialized educational centers to take preparatory courses to register for the ESO exam, whose longevity varies depending on the candidate, but usually last 1 academic year.

These centers are the Centers of Education for Adults, the CEPA , which is where most of the interested parties go. On the other hand, we find a wide range of private centers such as the CEAC or the CCC with the option of attendance in person or at home.

How to get the ESO online?

The alternative that every time takes more impulse is to go to the centers authorized by the Ministry of Education, are the INAV centers that offer the possibility of granting the official certificate of the ESO in an academic course for adults, although occasionally for minors also .

There are already two promotions in total that the INAV centers have achieved through the online service , that in addition to offering their courses in national territory, there is the possibility for students residing abroad.

The methodology of the INAV centers

As we have pointed out above, INAV centers are especially dedicated to conducting their classes exclusively online, and is designed for anyone who needs to combine work with taking the ESO degree.

The contents are available virtually in a portal of easy access, the teachers are qualified professionals in secondary education and provide an almost personalized follow-up for groups of students. Even if it is distance learning, occasionally, face-to-face seminars are held before doubts or complications.

At the end of the academic year, users will be able to choose between two modalities to take the final exam: online mode or classic classroom mode. The virtual option is done with a computer from anywhere, through a computer program of facial recognition (checked by the user's webcam, even if it is off) and which monitors the student's movements during the exam, thus avoiding misconduct.

The profile of the students

The profile of students seeking to obtain the ESO online degree is very varied, although they mostly comply with several common requirements. A large number of candidates are between twenty and thirty years of age, work full-time or part-time and have family obligations they can not avoid.

Consequently, candidates are not only released to obtain the ESO degree, but also have the intention to pass to higher levels of education such as the Baccalaureate , FP or other degrees of more degree. In some cases they even consider accessing the university with another bridge course to present themselves to the selectivity.

Why choose the online format?

The online platform offered by the INAV centers is advantageous for those who in their day, for whatever reason, could not proceed to finish the ESO studies.

Only a few years ago, the fact of failing in ESO severely affected those who later wanted to make up for lost time.

But now, technology and necessity come together to "give" to those eager to give a boost to their academic life . Thanks to the tablets, mobile devices with wide screen or ultralight laptops, students can take their school materials with them everywhere, with a student portal that is as innovative and comfortable as possible.

As if that were not enough, the statistics claim encouraging figures when opting for the online method, and that in about 70 percent, students manage to pass with good grades the academic year and pass the online exam, compared to 30 percent who continues to suspend in obtaining the ESO degree in person.

All those who failed in compulsory secondary education have a new opportunity before their eyes to be redeemed, as well as older people who need this title for work reasons.

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