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Tantra: discover the art of conscious love

Tantra: discover the art of conscious love

April 19, 2024

"Tantra and Neotantra is a spiritual path of evolution and consciousness."

"Tantra helps us to move and channel our own energy, awakening our consciousness, in order to become more balanced, present and able to integrate any experience as part of our experience."

Discovering Tantra

This week, Amerai Carrera , facilitator of tantra and therapist collaborator of the Center of psychology, coaching and personal growth Mensalus , presents Tantra as a path of personal growth that goes beyond sexual practice.

What doors do the art of Tantra open for us?

Tantra is an integral and holistic path that helps us to bring attention to our interior instead of getting lost in what happens around us.

This interesting practice helps us to move and channel our own energy, awakening consciousness, in order to become more balanced, present and able to integrate any experience as part of our experience. Tantrics we seek happiness, harmony and liberation through daily spiritual practice .

This meditative practice helps us to find peace and the disidentification of the ego, leaving behind old patterns, healing wounds, unblocking the body and freeing the mind from those beliefs that limit us. We use sexuality beyond enjoyment, self-pleasure and the pleasure of the other. Sex develops deep facets of affectivity and personality awareness.

Learning the art of transmuting sexual energy requires open-mindedness and breaking with what we have learned or taught us until now. It is not an easy job, but the reward, without a doubt, is worth it.

Is this holistic path only related to sex?

Not really . It is true that most people use this term to refer to the activity related to sex, but Tantra goes much further. However, it is true that it is a way of surrender and that, unlike other spiritual paths, it does not renounce sexuality.

What is the role of sexuality in Tantra?

Sexuality is very important in our life: it is the motor and source of energy . We can live it as something boring, routine and empty, or we can experience it as something natural, beautiful and creative. From Tantra we consider it as a practice that impels us to evolve and to celebrate life in a state of fullness and joy. In short, all this work gives us a greater knowledge of ourselves and gives us greater awareness to live in freedom and grow in love.

So that, Can we say that Tantra is a tool that facilitates personal growth? Actually, it is much more than a tool. The way of Tantra is a path of unlimited growth, a deep and constant awareness of the here and now. Tantra proposes as a challenge to be the spectator of your daily film and, at the same time, the director of it. With Tantra we understand that the "how" is more important than the "what" of the things we do and live.

To whom are the Tantra workshops you conduct directed?

The Institut Mensalus workshop is aimed at men and women who are in search of a better mental, emotional, energetic and physical balance.

People who want to learn to feel, love, meditate and transmute sexual energy. In our sessions we discovered that, in the context of relationships, sexuality and joy are portals for spiritual awakening and for the expression of love. There are many who can ask themselves: "Is that it? Is sex over here?" All right.

In the workshop we learn the secrets of conscious love that enrich sexuality and relationships , thus offering an answer to said emptiness. In short, the attendees discover the art of Tantra through a journey to the depth of their heart, feeling and putting more presence into each act of their life, transforming the sexual act into a constant gesture of love and gratitude.

What would you say to all those people who are reading this interview?

I would ask you the same question that I ask the workshop participants: how much time do you have for yourself? How much time per week do you have for your relationship? The answer is a starting point to decide if it is time to look for new tools that facilitate both connections.

When one begins to invest time and energy in self-discovery and in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-empowerment, it is when, little by little, is able to feel and understand what true love is and where it is . To finish, I would like to remind you that sexual energy is creative energy, it is transformative, healing, liberating and does not have to be only located or focused in the genital area.

If we stop to think, the origin of our existence is born of this wonderful energy. So, why is there so little interest or education in learning to manage and channel it properly? From the art of Tantra we learn, without a doubt, to get the party it deserves.

Tantric Love Making & Conscious Orgasms (April 2024).

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