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The 10 benefits of Coaching (keys for your personal development)

The 10 benefits of Coaching (keys for your personal development)

January 22, 2021

Coaching brings many benefits. If in another article we talked about the types of coaches that exist and their different functions, today we delve into what the presence of a Coaching professional can bring to our lives.

Discovering the benefits of Coaching

For some it is only a passing fad, but those who have tried it agree that it is a process beneficial for your wellbeing . Together with the coach, a person can work on any aspect of their personal, sports or work life . In recent years different types of coaching have emerged, some as striking as the Coach Fitness or Nutritional Coaching.

Whatever the type of coaching, this practice is intimately related to the change : analyzes the present state to set the objectives and create an action plan that allows achieving the goals in a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and in a specific time (objectives SMART ).

The figure of the coach accompanies the coachee (the "trained" person) throughout the process and guides him to exposes r all its potential . To achieve this, it is necessary to create a relationship of trust and commitment among the actors involved in this process. If coaching is effective, it will be positive for the coachee both personally and at work.

To know what are the advantages of this process, here is a list of the many benefits of coaching.

1. Help to define the objectives

As we have already mentioned, coaching helps to define the objectives Realistically . One of the benefits of coaching is, basically, that it helps to establish priorities and to define the way to reach the goals.

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2. More creativity

The environment of the coachee during the coaching process favors learning. In addition, the coach encourages the discovery of new alternatives by the coachee, it helps you to connect with the emotional side and allows you to unlock the mind to generate new ideas that lead to change. Creativity implies change also because it transforms one reality into another.

3. Greater flexibility and adaptability to change

Coaching is transformative, and its essence is steeped in the spirit of change. One of the benefits of coaching is that makes the coachee responsible of your own decisions and allows you to better adapt to the environment.

4. Improvement of relationships

Coaching is applied to improve the results that a person obtains in the relationship with his partner, with his family, with his boss, with his subordinates, with the management of conflicts, with negotiation, etcetera. In addition, another of the benefits of coaching is that it improves communication and interpersonal skills. In other words, it helps connect with other people.

5. Empowerment

One of the benefits of coaching is that it helps you lead with one's own life of the coachee, that is, to empower oneself. Thanks to the coaching process, the coachee learns to decide on its own and to assume its own responsibilities.

6. Reduce stress and help manage time

Coaching helps the coachee to organize and to select achievable goals . Poor planning generates unnecessary stress that is detrimental to the sufferer. A good strategy, the necessary motivation, responsibility, effort and discipline allow achieving the objectives set in an ecological way.

7. It is motivating

Coaching helps discover the true motivations of the person, what you enjoy doing . In a systematic way the coachee reaches to understand the true priorities in his life. There is nothing more motivating than fighting for what one really wants.

8. Work well-being

The path of personal development is neither more nor less than the path towards well-being, towards the place where one wants to be. To achieve this, however, there is only one way: to do what gives meaning to the life of each one .

Although the reflection towards personal development could seem easy to the naked eye, there are many people who go to coaching professionals to unlock. The coach helps to connect with desires and emotions, and although reflection may seem like an intellectual act, it is an emotional act: detachment plays a determining role when it comes to growing as individuals. One of the benefits of coaching is, without a doubt, the change in search of well-being.

9. Help to get further

Coaching allows changing limiting beliefs by empowering beliefs . If the limits are set by the mind, that means that the mind itself also helps to go further, to overcome barriers.

10. Self-knowledge

To be able to mark objectives coherent with the priorities of each one, the coach causes the coachee to reflect and know yourself.It's about touching your intimate emotions, your own essence. Knowing oneself is the first step to change, that is, for one's personal growth.

Benefits of Personal Development Coaching (January 2021).

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