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The 10 best coffees you can buy in supermarkets

The 10 best coffees you can buy in supermarkets

December 4, 2020

There is no doubt that the consumption of coffee is a kind of tradition that is part of society on a day-to-day basis. According to some reports, the average number of coffees consumed by the Spanish citizen is 2.5 cups a day. Usually in the morning and late in the afternoon. But, How to know which are the best coffees in the supermarkets?

As with most food products, the taste becomes subjective. There is someone who likes bitter, sweet, intense, decaffeinated, etc. For this, in this article we will use a list of the 10 best coffees that can be found in the supermarket based on consumer data, taking into account the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) association.

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The 10 best coffees in the supermarket

There is an exaggerated amount of premium brands and so-called white brands that can be found in major Spanish supermarkets such as Mercadona, Lidl, Carrefour or Eroski.

Next, we will see the most recommended brands.

1. Bellarom, by Lidl

It is the exclusive brand of the German supermarket and which is consumed the most in Spain. Curiously, It is not an exclusive brand of the coffee sector, rather it is on the white label . Its price is very cheap, to be about 3 euros per 100 grams.

2. Bonka, from Nestlé

The company specialized in producing all kinds of chocolate products, of Swiss capital, is also the second most consumed brand in our country. There is a small negative point: its price . It costs almost twice as much as its competitors, about 7 euros for 100 grams.

3. Day, Day

It is another brand of the Spanish supermarket chain Dia, famous for its good value for money in all its products, and coffee could not miss. According to the score given by the users, it is very close to the first two .

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4. Alipende, by Ahorramás

We find this mark in the fourth place because of an important peculiarity. And is that its presence is scarce throughout the State . Ahorramás supermarkets are present only in the Autonomous Communities of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha. In those same provinces, it is the leading brand.

5. Allied, of the English Cut

In the fifth place we have another national brand and own brand. The shopping centers of El Corte Inglés are not only famous for their fashion and electronics department stores, but also They have a gourmet supermarket section that has a wide range of food products .

6. Hacendado, of Mercadona

Mercadona coffee is another white brand that embodies our list. It is curious how this type of products dominate the first positions in consumption of this drink. Farmer it is own brand of the Valencian chain , at a good price, in addition. One of the best coffees for those who usually go to supermarkets.

7. Eroski Basic, by Eroski

Eroski also has its own brand of coffee and is among the 10 most recommended of all supermarkets. Unlike its rivals, this brand is its price well below previous ones. Some consumers consider it somewhat bitter.

8. Nespresso, from Nestlé

Surprisingly, the brand that the famous actor George Clooney bears is not on the podium of recommendations to buy in supermarkets. Some consumers have alluded to the loss of flavor when coming in capsules format (plastic) and not ground, and this is one of the reasons why it is not better valued.

9. The Star

Interestingly, it is the brand less known by users. It is not usually found in common supermarkets. Not in vain, they have been producing coffee uninterruptedly in Spain for more than 120 years , offering multiple varieties to satisfy all tastes.

10. Marcilla, by Julián Marcilla

Another of the emblematic national brands. Founded as a family business in 1907 by Don Julián Marcilla, this coffee has earned a place among the 10 best coffees that can be found in supermarkets throughout the country. However, you get the last position for a simple reason, and that is the most expensive brand of the entire list exceeding 10 euros each per kilo.

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