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The 10 best cough syrups (dry and with snot)

The 10 best cough syrups (dry and with snot)

June 14, 2024

There are many situations and diseases that make us cough. This body reaction is often annoying or even painful depending on its intensity and its characteristics, being necessary or advisable the use of some type of drug to alleviate it.

With this objective, a great amount of syrups have been generated throughout history, with different components and characteristics. In this article let's see some of the best cough syrups .

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What is cough?

All or almost all of us have coughed on occasion, but the truth is that it is something that we usually do not stop to think about what is or why it is produced. Therefore, we are going to make a brief definition.

We call cough to a corporal reaction that our body carries out in those situations in which our airways are obstructed. It is a defensive mechanism that aims to the expulsion of those bodies or elements that obstruct or irritate said ways .

It is a healthy and habitual act that appears in situations in which foreign bodies (smoke, earth or water for example) enter us in the pathways that go to the lungs, or when we suffer from some disease (usually respiratory infections) in which microbes or mucus hinder the passage of air. The act of coughing, usually involuntary although it can be done consciously, supposes at first an inhalation to exhale with closed glory , expelling in it as much air as the irritating or blocking elements of the respiratory tract.

It should be noted that there are several types of cough, being mainly two the best known: dry or with mucus. The dry cough arises in response to the irritation generated by germs or external irritants, expelling only air. The other main type of cough is mucosal or phlegmatic , in which mucus or phlegm are expectorated that prevent or partially block the passage of air.

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The best cough syrups

Next we will see some of the ten best cough syrups of the present, being some of them highly known and others less mentioned in the day to day. It must always be taken into account that these drugs have specific doses according to age and that they can generate side effects. As well It is very important to consult the doctor and read the leaflet before taking them , since many interact with other drugs.

1. Bisolvon antitussive

This well-known brand of antitussive specializes in the treatment of mucous-type cough, typical of diseases and problems like colds . Its expectorant action weakens the snot by making them less viscous and facilitating their expulsion.

It is considered as the best or one of the best to treat broncho-pulmonary diseases.

2. Histiacil

This brand is known for its quick effects when it comes to treating coughs of all kinds, although it is considered the best when it comes to treating dry cough. Also has a version without sugars for diabetics, as well as a children's version .

3. Mucosan

Another of the great brands and one of the best known, Mucosan cough syrups are very useful for the treatment of cold or liquid cough typical of the cold in older than two years of age. However, it often has some mild side effects.

4. Flutox

An antitussive especially useful for the treatment of dry cough in people older than two years of age, inhibiting the cough reflex .

5. Hylands

This brand has among its antitussive products especially dedicated to babies, although it is necessary to consult a pediatrician first to assess its adequacy. It also has a version for older children.

6. Sensibit XP

This brand seems to be one of the best at the time of treating the cough derived from the presence of allergies , having an expectorant effect and at the same time antihistaminic.

7. Tukol-D

This brand has expectorants of great utility for the treatment of respiratory infections, facilitating the decrease in the viscosity of the mucus. It should not be administered before age 12 unless we are talking about your child's version.

8. A. Vogel Broncosan

One of the best brands made with natural products, and also help to fight the typical cough of respiratory infections slightly increases the defenses. The one that stands out is made from products like pine . However, its taste is not excessively pleasant.

9. Iniston

Very useful when we are facing a type of allergic type dry cough, contributing to soothe throat and respiratory tract irritation .

10. Vick-44

This brand is very useful for all types of coughs, although it is usually more suitable for the treatment of dry cough. Relieves congestion and allows the mucus to expel more easily. Of course, like the rest has contraindications such as diabetes or liver problems.

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