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The 10 best mineral water brands in the market

The 10 best mineral water brands in the market

December 5, 2021

Water is an essential component of our body and plays an important role for our health and to keep us alive.

It is essential for the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, excretory and nervous systems, together with the metabolic reactions, the maintenance of the skin components and the prevention of a series of disorders.

The benefits of water

Water is the most abundant compound on our planet, and all living beings require this component to perform for their metabolic activities. Therefore, it has a vital role for our body and it is impossible to imagine the existence of an individual without water.

Water is part of 70% of the weight of the human body: blood, muscles, brain and bones ... they all contain water.

The health benefits of this substance are essential for the balance of pH, body temperature, metabolism and respiration. As well as for the prevention of constipation, heartburn, migraines, gastritis, ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular problems, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain and osteoporosis, etc.

Pregnant women require larger amounts of water, which is also important for kidney function and skin tone.

Best mineral water brands

When we go to the supermarket, it is common to find different brands of water on the shelves, all with different prices. That is why the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has decided to elaborate a ranking of better waters.

This organism emphasizes that most of the names of bottled water coincide with that of the spring, and stresses that if this is not the case, the name of the spring must appear on the label, with a larger dimension than the commercial name. It is also necessary to indicate the municipality and province of said spring.

The OCU reminds us that some brands contain water from different springs, and some springs bottled water for different brands.

However, What are the best brands according to the OCU? In the following lines you can find the list prepared by this institution.

1. Veri

Veri water is considered the best, along with two other brands . It has its origin in the Aragonese Pyrenees, specifically in the spring of San Martín de Veri (Huesca). It is characterized by a weak mineralization and good scores in the studies on polluting remains.

It is a very popular water, and is one of the ones with the lowest sodium content.

2. Light Source

Fuente Liviana shares the podium with the water Veri and the next water in the list . Its average price is 26 cents, a cost suitable for all pockets but not at all low. Like the previous water, it is of weak mineralization, reason why it can be used for the elaboration of infantile foods.

It is bottled in Cuenca, in the Huerta del Marquesado. The notes of this water, taking into account the evaluation criteria, are very good.

3. Aquadeus

It is obtained from the Masegoso spring (Albacete) , and together with the previous ones, it is considered one of the best waters in the market, mainly due to the relationship between its quality and its price.

The price per liter is lower than the previous ones, only 16 cents. Also of weak mineralization, it is a water with good scores due to its great agreement with mineralization and low levels of pollutants.

4. Solán de Cabras

This water is one of the best known, in large part because of the quality it offers . It is more expensive than the previous ones, with a price of around 40 cents per liter. Comes from. spring of Beteta in Cuenca and the results obtained in the valuation are excellent. It is weak mineralization.

5. Fuenteblanca

It is the Carrefour water and it is of Andalusian origin, since it comes from Jaén, from the Sorihuela del Guadalimar spring . Its value for money is excellent, and it has one of the lowest prices compared to the competition. Only 14 cents a liter. In all the sections they have very good grades. It is of weak mineralization, like the great majority of waters of this list.

6. Font Vella

Possibly the most famous water in Spain, thanks to its marketing campaigns and its role in television since the 70s. It is a quality water, with a price of around 30 cents a liter. It comes from Gerona.

7. Cuevas Water

It is a little known water; however, it has excellent results in the valuations . It comes from Asturias, from the spring that is in Felechosa. Its average price per liter is 30 cents and it has a high quality, although it can be improved in some evaluation criteria. It is weak mineralization.

8. Monte Pinos

It's the water of El Corte Inglés, and it's in this ranking because it's a big water . Its average price is 26 cents per liter.Regarding its score in the concordance of its mineralization and the contaminants section, the results are excellent. It is obtained in Soria, from the Almazán spring.

9. Naturis

It is the water of Lidl and, like most products of this brand, its price is economic: 19 cents per liter . An excellent water in relation to its quality and its price. Some parameters of the evaluation can be improved, but it is good water. It's perfect for all ages, and it's from Albacete, from the Masegoso spring.

10. Fontecabras

To close the list, we have Fontecabras water, which is considered good quality , and excellent in its relation quality price. In fact, the price per liter is only 12 cents. It is of medium mineralization and it is obtained from the Jaraba spring in Zaragoza.

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