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The 10 best poems by Mario Benedetti (full of inspiration)

The 10 best poems by Mario Benedetti (full of inspiration)

September 23, 2022

The name Mario Benedetti is known as one of the best-known Uruguayan writers, dramatists and poets of recent times, being the author of both literary works such as "The truce" and beautiful poems about love and other topics, including something as mundane as the life of the middle class.

Died in 2009, this author who is part of the generation of 45 and enjoys international recognition has left us a lot of works that can make us reflect and peek at his way of seeing and feeling in the world. Specifically, in this article we will see a short selection of poems by Mario Benedetti to see the best of this author.

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A selection of poems by Mario Benedetti

Next we will see a total of ten of Mario Benedetti's poems, on topics such as love, non-surrender, melancholy, politics and human nature.

1. Let's make a deal

Companion, you know you can count on me not until two or even ten, but to count on me.

If you ever notice that I look into your eyes and a vein of love recognizes in mine do not alert your rifles or think what delirium despite the vein or maybe because you exist you can count on me.

If at other times you find me sullen without reason, do not think how lazy you can count on me.

But let's make a deal, I'd like to have you. It's so nice to know that you exist, you feel alive and when I say this, I want to say even if it's up to two, even if it's five, not so that you come hurriedly to my aid but to know for sure that you know you can count on me.

One of the most popular and popular love poems of the author, expresses in a few lines that the appreciation towards the beloved person is unconditional and whatever happens, he will always be able to count on us.

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2. Practical semantics

We know that the soul as the principle of life is an outdated religious and idealistic conception but that it has validity in its second meaning or is hollow of the gun barrel.

We must recognize however that the popular language is not rigorously up to date and that when the same student who read in Konstantinov that the idea of ​​the soul is fantastic and naive kisses the naive and fantastic lips of the compañerita that does not know the second meaning and in spite of it tells you I love you with all your soul it is obvious that you do not try to suggest that you want it with all the hollow of the cannon.

This short poem makes a small reflection about the soul and its meaning, focusing on its romantic and spiritual use .

3. Moods

Sometimes I feel like a poor hill and sometimes like a mountain of repeated peaks. Sometimes I feel like a cliff and in others I feel like a blue but distant sky. Sometimes one is a spring between rocks and sometimes a tree with the last leaves.

But today I feel just like an insomniac lagoon with a jetty without boats; a green lagoon motionless and patient according to its algae its mosses and its fish, serene in my confidence.

Trusting that one afternoon you approach and you look, you look at me.

Poem that tells us how the mood of the author is changing over time, oscillating over time and hoping to find love.

4. When we were children

When we were children, the old ones were about thirty in a puddle, it was an ocean, plain death did not exist.

Then when the old boys were forty people a pond was an ocean death only a word.

When we got married the elders were in the fifties a lake was an ocean death was the death of the others.

Now veterans have already reached the truth the ocean is finally the ocean but death begins to be ours.

This poem makes a brief reflection on how things change, our knowledge, vital positions, opinions and expectations, as we get older .

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5. Do not save

Do not stay motionless at the edge of the road not congeles the joy you do not want to reluctantly do not save yourself now or ever.

Do not save yourself, do not fill yourself with calm, do not save the world, just a quiet corner, do not let the heavy eyelids fall as judgments, do not stay without lips, do not sleep without sleep, do not think without blood, do not judge yourself without time.

But if in spite of everything you can not avoid it and you freeze the joy and want with reluctance and you save yourself now and fill yourself with calm and reserves of the world only a quiet corner and let the heavy eyelids drop like judgments and you dry without lips and you fall asleep I dream and you think without blood and you judge yourself without time and you stay motionless at the edge of the road and you get saved then do not stay with me.

This poem expresses the need not to flee, to stop escaping and to find a place in which to merely survive. The poem asks us to fight, face what life has done to us and live as we want to do it, with enthusiasm and seeking to achieve our goals.

6. Man who looks at his country from exile

Green country and wounded comarquita de veras poor homeland. Country hoarse and empty grave girl blood on blood.

Country far and near the executioner's best chance to the stocks. Country violin in bag or silence hospital or poor artigas.

Country shaken fist and letter dungeon and grasslands. Country and you will arm yourself piece by piece town my town.

This poem refers to the moment of his life when a coup broke out in Uruguay , something that would end up causing the author to go into exile.

7. Report on caresses

Caress is a language if your caresses speak to me I do not want to be silent.

The caress is not the copy of another distant caress is a new version almost always improved.

It is the party of the skin the caress while it lasts and when it moves away it leaves without shelter to the lust.

The caresses of the dreams that are prodigy and charm suffer from a defect has no touch.

As adventure and enigma the caress begins before becoming a caress.

It is clear that the best thing is not the caress itself but its continuation.

These verses tell us about the power of caresses in both love and sex.

8. All greenness

All greenness will perish, the voice of writing said as always implacable.

But it is also true that any new greenness could not exist if the pervasive greenery had not completed its cycle.

That is why our greenness, that somewhat strange conjunction of your spring and autumn, surely reverberates in others, teaches others, helps others rescue their greenness.

Therefore, although the scriptures do not say it, all greenness will be reborn.

This poem tells us about the past and about the future, about what there was and what will be. It tells us about the important role of our predecessors as guides for us to emerge, and also about our future role for future generations. It also lets you see that nothing dies forever , since what, although everything has to end, will resurface again.

9. Still

I do not think so you're still coming to my side and the night is a bunch of stars and joy

Palpo gusto listen and I see your face your long step your hands and yet I still do not believe it.

Your return has so much to do with you and with me that I say it by Kabbalah and in any doubt I sing it.

No one ever replaces you and the most trivial things become fundamental because you're coming home.

However, I still doubt this good luck because the heaven of having you seems to me fantasy.

But you come and it is safe and you come with your eyes and that is why your arrival makes the future magical.

And although I have not always understood my faults and my failures, I know that in your arms the world makes sense.

And if I kiss the audacity and the mystery of your lips there will be no doubt or remorse, I will love you even more.

The longing and the illusion of seeing the beloved again is what the author expresses in this beautiful poem.

10. I love you

Your hands are my caress my daily chords I love you because your hands work for justice

If I love you it is because you are my love my accomplice and everything and in the street side by side we are much more than two

Your eyes are my spell against the bad day I love you for your look that looks and sows the future.

Your mouth that is yours and mine your mouth is not wrong I love you because your mouth knows how to shout rebelliousness.

If I love you it is because you are my love my accomplice and everything and in the street side by side we are much more than two.

And for your sincere face and your vagabond step and your crying for the world because you are the people I love you.

And because love is not halo or naive moral and because we are a couple who knows that she is not alone.

I love you in my paradise is to say that in my country people live happy even if they do not have permission.

If I love you it is because you are my love my accomplice and everything and in the street side by side we are much more than two.

Let's finish this small selection of poems with a beautiful love poem in which the author expresses what the beloved person means to him .

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