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The 10 best psychologists in Alicante

The 10 best psychologists in Alicante

May 18, 2024

Thanks to its people and its gastronomy, Alicante is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. In addition, seeing the entire Mediterranean Sea from the Santa Bárbara Castle is truly a unique experience that no one should miss.

That yes, although this city is so pleasant for the senses, its inhabitants can get to have psychological problems. Next we will review some of the best psychologists in Alicante with which to face these problems through therapy.

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The best psychologists offering therapy in Alicante

Alicante has great professionals in the field of psychology. Here we will see some of them.

1. Lourdes Patricio

Lourdes Patricio graduated in Psychology from the Pontifical University of Salamanca in 2004 and has since obtained 2 master's degrees; one is learning difficulties in Valencia and another in infant and juvenile clinical psychology in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thanks to this formation Lourdes Patricio is specialist in adolescent psychotherapy, psychoeducation and psychology intervention , being able to treat problems such as behavior disorders, dyslexia, enuresis or hyperactivity disorders and attention deficit (ADHD).

2. Elena Manzanera Esteve

This psychologist, licensed in the Valencian Community in 2005, has a postgraduate degree in clinical neuropsychology and it is thanks to this training that Elena Manzanera is able to treat multiple cases of disorders and mental disorders or personal relationships. Among these are Social phobia, low self-esteem, panic disorders and couple crises .

In addition, Elena Manzanera is a specialist in therapies to treat anxiety disorders, perform psychotherapies for adults and cognitive psychology.

3. Paula Bonal

Paula Bonal is another highly recommended psychologist from the city of Alicante. This is supported by its three masters, one in clinical and health psychology, another in psychological therapy with children and adolescents and another in conflict resolution.

Paula, also, is a specialist in anxiety disorders, treating depression and performing psychotherapy for adolescents . This is why this psychologist deals with problems of low self-esteem, stress, asperger syndrome and hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders (ADHD).

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4. Concepción Torregrosa Najar

Concepción Torregrosa Najar has a degree in Clinical Psychology and has a practice in the outskirts of Alicante, in San Vicente del Raspeig. Being a specialist in treating cases of anxiety disorders and depression, this psychologist is an expert in clinical psychology, psychotherapies focused on solutions and psychotherapy for adolescents.

In addition, Concepción Torregrosa Najar offers assistance to women victims of gender violence .

5. María Teresa Aguirre Bonnet

María Teresa Aguirre Bonnet is a licensed psychologist at the University of Murcia in 2005. With a master's degree in clinical and health psychology, María Teresa Aguirre is able to treat mental problems and alterations such as phobias, enuresis, suicidal behaviors as well as other disorders such as psychotic behaviors and alcohol dependence.

It is worth mentioning that María Teresa is also a specialist in anxiety disorders and sexual and couple disorders .

6. Isabel Muñoz Peñalver

Isabel Muñoz Peñalver is another of the best psychologists in Alicante. In her private practice located on the outskirts of Alicante, Isabel Muñoz Peñalver has 3 master's degrees. One psychology of sport, another in updating in psychological intervention and evaluation and another in legal psychology and psychological forensic evaluation.

Thanks to this training, Isabel is able to deal with cases of social isolation, low self-esteem problems and psychotherapies in situations of grief and couple crisis .

7. María Carolina Salinas Jauregui

María Carolina Salinas Jauregui is another psychologist with two private consultations in the center of Alicante . Licensed in psychology in 1993, María Carolina Salinas is a specialist in psychotherapy for patients with anxiety and depression disorders.

Thanks to this training, this psychologist has experience in cases of phobias, duels, psychoses and obsessive-compulsive disorders, in addition to others such as parental-child abuse or anxiety disorders.

8. David Busto Caviedes

With a query on San Fernando Street in Alicante, David Busto Caviedes is a great psychologist in Alicante.Psychotherapist by vocation, David Busto Caviedes is a specialist in anxiety disorders and anxiety cases, in addition to performing psychotherapies for couples who are in crisis.

Thanks to his training, this psychologist is able to treat mental problems and alterations like stress, aggression, agoraphobia and anxiety disorders .

9. José Javier Rodríguez Cerdá

José Javier Rodríguez Cerdá has a degree in psychology and a master's degree in clinical psychology. This psychologist in Alicante is an expert in treating anxiety disorders and is also an external tutor at the Miguel Hernández University.

José Javier Rodríguez Cerdá is also a specialist in treating mental disorders as common as panic and agoraphobia, depression, generalized anxiety and hypochondria .

10. Laura Asensi Pérez

Laura Asensi Pérez is a psychologist in Alicante specializing in clinical psychology and has more than 25 years of experience behind her. She is a professor at the University of Alicante and among the services she offers are cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and interventions in legal and forensic psychology .

In addition, Laura Asensi, thanks to her training and experience can treat cases of anxiety, stress, phobias and psychosomatic disorders.

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