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The 10 best psychologists in Valencia

The 10 best psychologists in Valencia

January 25, 2022

Valencia, together with Barcelona and Madrid, is one of the most important cities in Spain. In the capital of the Valencian Community we can find professionals of Psychology who do an excellent job and guarantee psychological assistance to their patients in an environment of trust, safety and efficacy.

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Best psychologists in Valencia

Maybe the fact of living in a big city, What are the best psychologists in Valencia? In the following lines you can find a list of the most important psychotherapists in this city.

1. Nacho Coller

Nacho Coller is one of the most important psychologists in Valencia, and his more than 20 years of experience in the psychotherapeutic field guarantee his great professional career. He is a psychologist specializing in the treatment of depression and various anxiety disorders, but also offers his services as an expert in personal growth and development and as a sports psychologist.

Is one of the professionals in psychology with more presence in social networks , because it has a successful blog:

Her presence in the media is also highlighted on the radio, since she is a collaborator in the program La Tarde at COPE Valencia, and has written in media such as BuenaVida and SModa, both magazines of the newspaper El País. In addition to clinical psychologist, he is a lecturer and professor of post-graduate training.

2. Iván Claver

Iván Claver He is a psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy , recognized for its effective treatment in problems of anxiety and phobias.

He has his own practice, in the center of Valencia, where he attends daily, together with two psychologists, to patients with various problems (anxiety, depression, phobias, sexual and partner therapy, self-esteem ...) using the techniques that have shown the greatest scientific validity, with a very remarkable quality and treatment to the patient.

He is also a trainer psychologist, giving multiple workshops and is also dedicated to sports psychology, maximizing the performance of all those who practice a sport.

To see the contact details of this professional, click on this link.

3. Estefanía Jail

One of the most well-known and outstanding sanitary psychologists in the field of mental health in Valencia is Estefanía Cárcel. He is a specialist in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and has a long career as a psychotherapist. It has helped many people with depression, anxiety disorders, sexual disorders , lack of social skills or self-esteem to regain their well-being, as well as many couples to find balance in their lives and to reestablish the bond that united them after moments of crisis.

In addition to being a psychotherapist, she is also director of training for the European Institute for the Training of Trainers, and participates as a professor in the Master in Clinical Practice , taught by the AEPCCC in Valencia. In 2015 she was appointed vice president of the Spanish Association of Health Psychology AEPSIS.

4. Marta Marín

Marta Marín is a well-known psychologist in Valencia for the effectiveness of her therapy, especially in cases of people with low self-esteem and in problems of emotional dependence .

In addition to individual therapy, he regularly conducts highly successful group workshops and is a judicial expert, collaborating with the administration of justice, especially, conducting expert reports on custody and / or visitation. On the other hand, collaborates with various media outlets.

It has its own therapy center where, together with two other psychologists, they also deal with problems of anxiety, depression, couple's therapy and personal crises.

You will find the contact information of this psychologist in this link.

5. Azucena Soriano

It is located in the heart of Valencia, where you have private consultation. Works from the cognitive-behavioral therapeutic side along with the motivational interview.

She is a psychologist specialized in Toxic Addictions (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, etc.) and Behavioral (pathological gambling, sports betting, videogames, new technologies, etc.). Its passage by the UCA (unit of addictive behaviors of Paterna - The coma) has allowed him to specialize in other disorders such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Personality limit, etc. She also has experience in gender violence, emotional dependence and couples.

It not only addresses clinical issues, but also deals with problems of a psychosocial nature ; school problems, family, couple and work, complicated duels, low self-esteem, social skills ...It also advises the parents of children who present toxic consumption or addictions to new technologies and impart talks and courses to quit smoking, managing addicted family members, children with problems of drugs and children and new technologies.

Their professional objectives are focused on the integral recovery of the person by improving their quality of life and well-being. He also performs group therapies in adolescents and adults.

She is specialized in legal and is a forensic psychologist with experience in the realization of expert reports of disability, incapacitation, sexual abuse, families, etc. It has a website ( and a blog that you will find on this page. The website is complemented by social networks Instagram and Facebook.

6. Alberto Soler

Alberto Soler is a young psychologist but with great experience in the field of psychological therapy, with more than 8000 sessions of psychotherapy. He combines his work in consultation lectures and conferences dealing with parenting and education. In this sense, also does advice for parents .

He is a regular contributor to audiovisual and written media. It offers services of psychology for adults and infantile therapy, reason why it evaluates, diagnoses and treats mental upheavals in these zones of age, but also it is expert in therapy of self-knowledge and personal growth.

7. Angharad Albiach González

Angharad Albiach González, is a clinical psychologist who enjoys great popularity in Valencia. She is a psychologist by vocation, and since she started her professional career she has specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Angharad began his professional career in a CEEM, serving people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia . He collaborated for more than 10 years in the Intermutual Hospital of Levante, treating different problems related to mental health. Nowadays it has its own psychotherapy center, where it has helped many people to recover their well-being and their quality of life.

8. María Pérez Conchillo

María Pérez Conchillo is a renowned psychologist and sexologist, and is the director and founder of the Espill Psychology and Sexology Center, a clinic specializing in the treatment of psychological and sexual problems.

In addition to her work as a psychotherapist, Marí Pérez Conchillo teaches postgraduate studies and president of the Spanish Academy of Sexology and Sexual Medicine (AESyMES) and Vice President of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS). Director of the Psychological Attention Service to Minors Victims of Sexual Abuse and Minor Perpetrators of the Ministry of Social Welfare of the Government of the Valencian Community and director of the Educando en la Concordia program of gender, for the prevention of Gender Violence in the Schools of the General Directorate of Women.

9. Amparo Calandín

Amparo Calandín is a health psychologist who, in addition to her great work, has become known because she participates in numerous publications in digital magazines. He has worked in several prestigious Psychology clinics, such as the Tempus Center, considered one of the best psychotherapy clinics.

He now performs therapy in his own psychology center, where offers therapy services for adults and children's therapy in Valencia . In addition, she also works as a forensic and legal psychologist carrying out expert reports in cases of separation, mobbing, mistreatment, etc.

10. Nayra Santana

Nayra Santana is a psychologist from Valencia who is currently working in her private practice. In addition, he studied business and practiced in the banking sector and worked in different multinationals for 12 years.

In addition to his work as a psychotherapist, teaches self-esteem and social skills workshops for women , and coordinates support groups for women who suffer gender violence.

Psychotherapy in the Valencian Community

If you need psychological therapy, any of the professionals we have selected is a good option. They are psychologists of proven track record who can help you if you think you need psychological support.

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