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The 10 best psychologists in Zaragoza

The 10 best psychologists in Zaragoza

September 8, 2022

With more than 700,000 inhabitants, Zaragoza stands as a key point in Spanish geography . Resting on the banks of the Ebro, the "mañica" capital keeps a great cultural heritage in it, not to mention its well-known gastronomy.

But despite being the treasure that is, in Zaragoza, as in any other place in the world, its inhabitants may need professional psychological help to deal with their emotional problems. In the next lines we will see a selection of the most recommended psychologists in Zaragoza to attend therapy in the Aragonese capital.

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The best psychologists in Zaragoza to go to therapy

Fortunately, Zaragoza has great professionals in psychology to deal with them. Here we will see some of them.

1. Jacobo Sánchez Gracia

Graduated from the University of Salamanca and with a master's degree in Psychology Research, Jacobo Sánchez Gracia is known for his natural and simple way of doing therapy.

Specializing in anxiety disorders, depression and doing cognitive-behavioral therapy, Jacobo is used to treat addictions, stress and hypochondria, among other common alterations . It is one of the best psychological values ​​of the Aragonese capital, with a proven track record behind it.

  • Offers therapy in: Plaza España 5 (4ºC), Zaragoza

2. Ana Portera Gómez

Starting from the premise of giving an individualized attention and a close deal, Ana Portera is a specialist in Zaragoza of adolescent psychotherapy, psychological intervention and psychotherapy for adults . In addition to all her years of experience, Ana Portera is aware of the most current problems, and that is why she also deals with the dependence on new technologies as well as being an expert in more timeless subjects such as relational problems and stress.

  • Offers therapy in: Paseo de Sagasta 17, 2nd Right B, Zaragoza

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3. Manuel Olalla Pinilla

A graduate of the University of Salamanca and with a master's degree in General Health Psychology, Manuel Olalla is one of the great professionals of Zaragoza.

Specialist in anxiety disorders and depression, also offers cognitive-behavioral therapy, treating well from suicidal behaviors to couple crisis . Good psychologist who likes to adapt to the rhythm of his patients.

  • Offers therapy in: Plaza de España 6 (4º C), Zaragoza

4. Mª Pilar Serrablo Sebastián

Mª Pilar Serrablo enters our selection of best professionals in Zaragoza. His method of work is based on three basic pillars; Trust, commitment and personalized treatment.

She is specialized in anxiety disorder, in problems with children and adolescents and in clinical psychology. She is used to dealing with addictions and stress, as well as other more specialized topics such as bullying and mourning processes . A great option if you are looking for psychological therapy in this city.

  • Offers therapy in: Paseo Pamplona 17, Pral dcha., Zaragoza

5. Marian Gil

With more than 20 years of experience in psychological intervention, Marián is used to treating both adults and adolescents. One of his specialties, among many others, are the sexual disorders of couple .

Also, among the diseases he treats are eating disorders, low self-esteem and mourning. No doubt a great psychologist, resident of Zaragoza and licensed in Barcelona.

  • Offers therapy in: P ° Gran Vía, 5, right mezzanine, Zaragoza

6. Carla Román

Carla Román is a young psychologist with a degree in Psychology from the National University of Distance Education who offers her psychotherapy services in the heart of Casco Viejo de Zaragoza. It works both in the public sector and in the private sector, and is specialized in the stages of childhood and adolescence , especially important in the life cycle, as well as in persons and families in a situation of special vulnerability (victims of gender violence, patients with disabilities, etc.). She also works at UNED as a tutor for professional internships.

She works by intervening in grief, sexual abuse, anxiety problems, treatment of depressive symptoms, family crises, among other common reasons for psychological consultation.

  • Its location is: Calle Jussepe Martínez 17 4 A / B, Zaragoza

7. Marta Onion Usón

After realizing that advice is not always enough, Marta Cebollada Usón decided to study psychology with the aim of helping others .

She is a specialist in sports psychology, this professional also covers the fields of child and youth psychology as well as eating behavior disorders. Great value of psychology in the vast territory of Aragon.

  • Offers therapy in: Calle Estébanes 9 dpdo 2º A, Zaragoza

8. Antonio Escartín Olivan

With the recognition granted by being a member of the SEIC (Spanish Society of Criminological Investigations), Antonio Escartin is an authority as a forensic psychological expert.

Licensed in 1985 in the psychology faculty of San Sebastian, this psychologist He is a specialist in clinical, forensic and legal psychology . In addition, it also treats diseases such as agoraphobia, psychosomatic disorders and panic attacks, among others.

  • Offers therapy in: Av. Gómez Laguna, 82, Zaragoza

9. Beatriz Serrano del Cerro

Beatriz Serrano has been offering her services since 2002 when she graduated from the Rovira i Virgili University. Two years after getting the degree, Beatriz finished her master's degree in Clinical and Health Psychology.

She is a specialist in the treatment of disorders of anxiety and depression, this great psychologist is also an expert in sexual and couple problems, as well as being used to treating stress, phobias and agoraphobia.

  • Offers therapy in: Calle Alfonso I nº28 (local), Zaragoza

10. Marisa Hernández Torrijo

A graduate of the UNED and with a master's degree in Forensic Psychology in her curriculum, Marisa Hernández stands as an authority of the cognitive-behavioral therapy , treating duels, phobias and anxiety disorders. In addition, this excellent psychologist practices as a forensic psychologist and knows what it is to collaborate with the media. Undoubtedly a psychologist who must be kept in mind.

  • Offers therapy in: Paseo Independencia Nº8, 7ºE, Zaragoza

We all go to therapy. (September 2022).

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