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The 10 best short poems for children

The 10 best short poems for children

June 14, 2024

Children's poetry is an artistic expression adapted to the language and understanding of children . In general terms the reading of poems allows children to acquire knowledge about themselves and their environment in an entertaining way.

Not only that, but it allows them to acquire or reinforce many other skills. For example, it helps to develop imagination and at the same time emotional and artistic sensitivity. On the other hand, it increases your vocabulary and reinforces the link with the reader. It can also help develop verbal expression skills, including complex ones such as oratory.

In the following text you will find several short poems for children written by different authors , which can be very useful to take advantage of leisure time and at the same time reinforce several learnings.

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10 short poems for children

In general, the poems for children are short. This is because this allows them to maintain attention during periods appropriate to their development, as well as to retain different knowledge in a simple way.

In other words, this activity can reinforce learning about different content , according to the poem addresses issues related to values, nature, links, and so on. We will see some examples below.

1. Caracola, by Federico García Lorca

They have brought me a conch. Inside he sings a sea of ​​map. My heart fills with water with little fish of shadow and silver.

The sound that is heard inside the shells can give a lot of creativity, and these verses are an example of this.

2. A white rose, by Amado nervo

I grow a white rose in June as January for the sincere friend who gives me his outspoken hand. And for the cruel one who tears out my heart with which I live, thistle or nettle cultivation; I grow the white rose.

A philosophy of life based on forgiveness .

3. Everything is round, by Gabriela Mistral

The stars are children's round Playing the earth spying Wheat are girls' sizes Playing ripple ... rippling Rivers are rounds of children Playing to meet in the sea Waves are rounds of girls Playing the earth to embrace

Elegant metaphors in which the smallest are the protagonists .

4. No, by Gloria Fuentes

No to sadness No to pain No to laziness No to usury No to envy No to ignorance No to violence No to injustice No to war Yes to peace Yes to joy Yes to friendship

The transmission of values It can also be produced through these simple short poems for children.

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5. April, by Juan Ramón Ramírez

The chamariz in the poplar. -And what else? The poplar in the blue sky. - And what else? The blue sky in the water. - And what else? The water in the new leaf. - And what else? The new leaf in the rose. - And what else? The rose in my heart. - And what else? My heart in yours!

Enchanting poem with which to create a dialogue based on verses.

6. The toys are for playing games, Gloria Fuentes

Not to Play to Kill (lying) The guns (or water) The revolver (or joke) The shotgun (or touch it) Toys for everything And weapons for nothing.

A defense of nonviolent games .

7. Pegasos, cute pegasos, by Antonio Machado

I knew as a child, the joy of spinning around a red steed, on a night of partying.

The candles sparkled in the dusty air, and the blue night burned all the stars.

Childish joys that cost a copper coin, cute pegasus, wooden horses!

Verses about the childish illusion with which one goes to the merry-go-round .

8. Verses of the earth, Javier Luis Taboada

The Earth is a top that does not stop spinning. Although it seems round, do not be fooled. It is a little flattened above and below. It's like a peeled tangerine marking segments. The Earth when it moves, turns on itself and around its sun, without destroying the chrism.

Poem for children that besides being fun serves to learn about our planet .

9. Sweet orange (Anonymous)

Sweet orange, split lemon, give me a hug that I ask. If they were false my oaths soon, very soon they will be forgotten.

A children's poem based on the sensations .

10. Song of the elephant cradle, by Adriano del Valle

The elephant cried because I did not want to sleep Sleeping my little elephant that the moon is going to hear you Elephant is near you hear in the Mangrove your mooch Sleep my little elephant that the moon will hear you The elephant cried and raised its trunk to the wind it seemed that in the moon wiped its nose.

Simple narration focused on the story of an elephant .

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