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The 10 best sunscreen creams on the market

The 10 best sunscreen creams on the market

November 27, 2021

We are already in summer, and for those who can enjoy the holidays is the best time of the year. The main tourist destinations at this time are the sun and beach, and thousands of people move to coastal areas to enjoy the heat, the sea and the summer atmosphere that is breathed.

There are many individuals who go with the intention of tanning, and for this it is necessary to be well protected and in this way not expose the skin to possible risks .

The best sun creams on the market

Because of the importance of being well protected, In this article we have prepared a list with the best sun creams on the market . All of them with factor of protection 30, because the experts advise that less is dangerous and more is excessive. For those who do not know, the protection factor is an index that indicates how long we can expose our skin to the sun without burning.

Below you can find the ranking of best sun creams, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).

1. Roche Posay Anthelios Confort (71 points)

This cream was rated with 71 points . It is a cream that offers a high, broad and photo-stable UVA / UVB protection, with an extra reinforcement against UVA radiation thanks to a new filtering system called Mexoplex. It has a great resistance to water and is easily applied to dry skin.

2. Garnier / Delial Hydrating Protective Milk 24 hours (71 points)

One of the best-known and also the most expensive brands . A 200 milliliter bottle is cost between 10.30 to 16.50 euros. Like the previous one, it is a water resistant cream, and it presents photostability of the highest quality together with UVA / UVB protection of guarantees. Its manufacturer is L'Oreal, and it contains perfume and allergenic fragrances.

3. Apivita Suncare. Solar milk for face and body (71 points)

It is a light texture solar lotion formulated with sea lavender and propolis . Its content is mostly natural products, in 83% of its ingredients. A high quality cream that protects against aging and free radicals, regulates fat, protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

4. Nivea Sun Protects & Hydrates (71 points)

Nivea is one of the best known brands in the market , and one of the best of this brand is the Nivea Sun Moisturizing Sun Lotion 30 Alta. It is evaluated with 71, so it is a cream of good quality. The 200 milliliter bottle costs between 8.49 and 13.60 euros. It is highly protected UVA and UVB, five stars, and has great resistance to water. It has perfume and allergenic fragrances.

5. Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light (70 points)

In the fifth place, we found a great cream, the lotion Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light SPF30 . Water resistant, gets five stars in UVA protection and photostability; however, in the UVB protection four. The manufacturer is the same as the previous cream, and its price per pot of 150 milliliters ranges between 19 and 21.90 euros. It has perfume but no allergenic fragrances.

6. Avène Lait-Leche (70 points)

It has 70 points, well deserved . It is the best, although its price is expensive. A 100 milliliter can is priced between 14.25 and 21.10 euros. However, the quality is also maximum, although less than the previous ones. It presents five stars in the photostability, resistance to water have five stars, four in the UVB protection and three in the protection. Its manufacturer is Pierre Fabre. It has perfume but not allergic fragrances.

7. Biotherm Lait Solaire Hydratant (70 points)

This cream, with 70 points, is considered good . It has good UVB protection and good UVA protection, although the latter only has three stars. Photostability has four, but it is not a water resistant cream. Also, its price is expensive for these scores. A 200 milliliter jar costs 18.40 to 31.10 euros. Its manufacturer is L'Oreal. It has perfume and also allergenic fragrances.

8. Vichy Idéal Soleil. Moisturizing milk (69 points)

Vichy is one of the most prestigious brands in the cosmetics industry , and has high quality products. One of them is this cream, fine to the touch, which is absorbed very well by the skin. It is punctuated with 69, has an average quality, and a bottle of 300 milliliters costs between 16.60 and 27.95 euros. UVB, UVA protection and water resistance have only three stars. Its manufacturer is L'Oreal. It has perfume but does not contain allergenic fragrances.

9. Nivea Sun Protects and Tans (65 points)

Another Nivea cream on the list, in this case the cream Nivea Sun Protects and Tances Solar Milk 30 High , which has a score of 65. Its price is economical, and ranges from 9.13 euros to 13.99 per boat. Your protection is of the highest quality. Its manufacturer is Beiersdorf. It has perfume and allergenic fragrances.

10Hundred (Lidl) Milk Solar Classic (64 points)

Lidl is one of the best-known supermarkets, and many of its brand's products are of high quality . Its quality is good, but its price is better. A 250 milliliter bottle costs only 4.99 euros. It has five stars in photostability and three for UVB protection, UVA and water resistance. It has perfume and also allergenic fragrances.

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