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The 10 best webs of online courses

The 10 best webs of online courses

February 8, 2024

The new technologies have brought important changes for our society and for the lives of people, also in the field of education and training. In this sense, there are many virtual platforms that offer courses and online training programs .

And it is the possibility of learning from home about specific contents related to what is sought.

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The best webs of online courses

In the following lines you can find a compilation of the best websites to study online courses.

1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most popular courses websites, in which the selected courses are taught by prestigious universities, generally North American. The courses can be free or paid, and this website was developed by academics from Stanford University. It began its journey in 2011.

The courses are through videos, and the themes are varied: programming, company, marketing, human resources ... You can find interactive quizzes and exercises to perform on the platform. Undoubtedly, the educational variety is very large, and the options of finding what you are looking for are very high.

2. Miriada X

Miriada X is one of the most popular education platforms in Spain, where you can find hundreds of MOOC courses, and boosts knowledge in Higher Education in Ibero-American countries .

It has the collaboration of Telefónica Learning Services, which develops the learning process in people and companies; and with the support of Universia, a portal in which Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking universities participate. It contains a search engine that allows you to filter the educational and thematic centers of the courses. Among which are health and wellbeing (psychology, medicine, education), business, marketing and even politics. It is a free website.

3. Tutellus

Another well-known collaborative learning platform is Tutellus, which has many courses in Spanish. With this website we can not only learn new things, but it is also possible to make other people learn them as well by sharing knowledge, since there is the option to become virtual professors . There are more than 60,000 courses in audiovisual content of different topics and levels.

New technologies, business, languages, cooking, social sciences, natural sciences, among other topics, are part of the content of their courses. With the payment option, you can sign up for as many races as you want with a flat rate. There are more than 30 to choose from.

4. Udemy

Udemy allows you to learn about technology, business and personal development with affordable prices. And, in fact, it counts has many offers so you can benefit from their promotions and so learn new things and grow as a person. The contents are varied: courses in photography, programming, personal development, design, etc. And the web offers an easy-to-use interface. The courses are free and paid, but the latter are of higher quality. The search engine is very useful to find what we want.

5. edX

A web of courses that is in English. It was founded by Harvard University, and offers courses from different institutions of the world. The design of the web is very well worked to allow the user to enjoy the best educational experience. The topics of the courses are varied , and you can find from training in English to introduction to computer science. If we want to obtain the title of the course it is necessary to make a payment.


The UNED (National University of Distance Education) is one of the most important universities in Spain, which has grown from 126,500 students enrolled in grades in the 2012/2013 academic year to 150,000 in the 2016/2017 academic year. This institution offers both degrees and postgraduate degrees from different disciplines.

Now, the UNED also has a wide range of courses, and a great offer to start the one you like the most. If you want to know more about this center, you can read the article "Study Psychology in the UNED: 10 reasons that can motivate you".

7. Khan Academy

This website is named after its founder Salman Khan. It began its journey in 2006, with the idea that anyone could study online for free regardless of its location. To be able to access the web it is necessary to register and have a wide variety of content. This platform indicates the progress of each of its users. He is strong in subjects such as science and economics.

8. UCV

Some prestigious university centers have also created their own online course platforms to give access to those who wish to study from their own home. An example is the Catholic University of Valencia, which created the UCV platform. In this platform, quality exceeds quality.If you are looking for the best content on the web, this is one of the most interesting options to study.

9. UniMOOC

UniMOOC is a web of courses in which there is no need to pay, so anyone can use it. It is in Spanish, and offers courses for all levels .

The variety of courses is wide, so you may find what you are looking for. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, because the training programs are directed in that line. You can use this platform from anywhere and at the time you need it.

10. Galileo Telescope

It is a modest website created by the University of Guatemala, which offers different courses in Spanish for free. Offers reinforcement training plans, but also pre-university and university courses. Of particular note are the programming courses , although you can also find other formations, such as mathematics or engineering.

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