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The 11 best Instagram accounts for a healthy life

The 11 best Instagram accounts for a healthy life

April 2, 2024

Enjoying good health both mentally and physically is key to be happy and feel good . Our habits influence how we feel and, therefore, we can take actions that help us improve our well-being.

Thanks to new technologies, there are many Instagram accounts that give us advice and knowledge that will help us be better both emotionally and in terms of our physical condition.

Best instagram accounts for a healthy life

In our article "The 10 types of Social Networks and their characteristics" we are already talking about the different types of Social Networks and how they influence our life. One of the most popular is Instagram, which allows you to share stories with visual content.

Some of these accounts are intended to improve the health and well-being of their followers . In the following lines we show you the best in this regard.

1. Psychology and Mind

Psychology is closely related to the emotional well-being and mental health of people . According to the ranking Alexa, Psychology and Mind is the most visited health website, with more than 9 million visits per month. In your Instagram account you will find tips that will help you improve your quality of life and your emotional health, key for you to be happy and live a full life.

If you want to know more about the science of behavior, the founders of this platform are authors of one of the best books on Psychology, as you can see by clicking on this link.

2. Sascha fitness

Physical exercise brings many benefits, not only for our body but also for our mind, as we explained in our article "The 10 psychological benefits of practicing physical exercise."

Sascha Barboza, has a most successful Instagram account with 2.5 million followers . His popularity is such that he has published two books: The recipes of @saschafitness and The secrets of @saschafitness. Sacha is a personal trainer with studies in sports nutrition, which combines nutritional advice as well as physical exercise and sports training. With Sacha you will learn to eat healthy and to train with guarantees. It offers hundreds of easy-to-prepare recipes.

3. Tell me a lot

Marta Simonet, thanks to her blog Mésame mucho, was considered the best female gastronomic blogger . In your Instagram account you will find thousands of quick ideas and simple and healthy gastronomic options so that your palate will delight while the health of your body benefits. With this blogger you will be able to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack between meals in a healthy way. Essential.

4. Sprouted Kitchen

As in the previous account, Sprouted Kitchen is a great option if you want to eat healthy . Created by Sara Forte, it has more than 170,000 followers. Rich salads, energy breakfasts, healthy and delicious and light dinners ... all this and much more you can find in Sprouted Kitchen. Eating healthy was never so easy.

5. Real Psychology

Almost 90,000 people follow the Real Psychology account , which aims to inform and at the same time entertain on the science of behavior. It is not associated with any blog, so it is not possible to read article from this account. Now, share many inspiring photographs and messages.

6. Rodrigo de la Calle

The author of this account is a renowned chef who owns a Michelin star in his restaurant . His concern for new technologies and green and healthy cuisine led him to enter the world of Instagram. At present it has 12,000 followers.

In his "stories" he explains his travels through China, South America, and France, where it is possible to find good vegetarian recipes.

7. Amanda Bisk

A whole woman earthquake. Amanda Bisk is a dancer, yoga teacher and loves to share her experiences and knowledge about healthy life and the world of physical exercise. Its goal is that you can enjoy your "Insta" account while also improving your health.

8. Veggieful

This account is interesting for vegan and vegetarian people . Now, even if you are not, you can also benefit from the delicious and healthy recipes that are published. A very worked Instagram, that surely you will like it. It has 25,000 followers.

9. Equinox

Equinox is a gym that has an Instagram account with 164,000 followers , that will help you stay motivated when practicing exercises. Offer tricks, exercises and motivating quotes to achieve the goals you set. Now, it's an account in English.

10. Sisy Garza

There are many individuals who open an Instagram account to influence others One of these characters is Sisy Garza , a Mexican, pilates instructor and functional training. She bases her experiences on her daily life, where she presumes to be married and have three children, whom she adores and participates in her routines. It not only provides advice on physical exercise, but also recipes for a healthier diet.

She is the mother of three children, a wife and she bases her experiences on daily life and on her exercise routines (in which her children sometimes participate). It has recipes and many tips.

11. 1 minute recipes

Food is an important part of our physical but also psychological well-being, as you can see in our articles "Psychology and Nutrition: the importance of emotional feeding" and "Nutrition psychology: definition and applications". As for physical exercise, it improves sports performance and favors recovery. That is why it's good to be well nourished and eat properly, and Instagram accounts like 1 minute recipes make it easy for you .

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